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Hardin County Extension PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardin County Extension

Hardin County Extension

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Hardin County Extension

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  1. Women Grain Marketing Clubs Iowa Hardin County Extension

  2. How it Started Started by a group of women marketers Women decided Agenda Farm Management provide content & tools Hardin County Extension

  3. Expanding the club Start two more groups Provide Annie’s Women Marketing Grain Work with FSA and other groups to identify potential attendees Hardin County Extension

  4. Putting it all together Annie’s offered potential participants education and interest in subject Delivered in August Club meetings are November through April , once a month Hardin County Extension

  5. Study Guide Self-Study Guide to Hedging with Grain and Oilseed Futures and Options Hardin County Extension

  6. Club Meetings Review outlook, reports, options & chapters in the CME study guide Use wireless buttons to choose answers Guest Speaker (sometimes)– local marketsand contracts offered, outlook Market Plans Crop Insurance Review of Commodity Challenge Game Hardin County Extension

  7. Marketing Game Hardin County Extension

  8. NO BOYS ALLOWED!( except Farm Management guys) Totally change dynamics Women shut down With men it’s all about “ who got the best price/bu.” Hardin County Extension

  9. Bringing them all Together Networking meeting in July Combining with existing Iowa Women in Agriculture meeting Allows to see what worked for women and how to improve & expand in years to come Hardin County Extension

  10. Online Component Using Social Media Identify women that will use the online services provided Use of "Adobe Connect" to record meetings and make them available to distant locations What works best and what will women utilize Hardin County Extension

  11. Hardin County Extension

  12. Observations Women like meeting in person Some drive over an hour Dedicated to group & take leadership roles Ask & answer questions Age range from new mom to late 60’s One lead women Facebook is good way to get out info Hardin County Extension

  13. Results – So Far…. Preparation and sharing marketing plans, cost of production, crop insurance, etc. Improved skill in understanding of basis, carry, marketing tools, locally available contracts Developing skills such as negotiating price with buyers, comparing contracts, integrating marketing plan with crop insurance Women expressing specific content they want for meetings Hardin County Extension

  14. What’s Next? Start new club with a livestock focus Having women take lead in meetings, get speaker or content of part of the meeting Utilize internet and social media more Partner with organizations, such as Farm Bureau Young Farmer Committee, to find potential participants for online component Initiate small groups to meet in homes or extension offices and join meetings virtually Begin new marketing game with Farm Bureau for the summer Hardin County Extension

  15. Hardin County Extension