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  1. Review Week 1 -12

  2. In an IPv4 environment, what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a router to another?a. destination network address b. source network address c. source MAC address d. well known port destination address

  3. Which portion of the network layer address does a router use to forward packets?a. host portion b. broadcast address c. network portion d. gateway address • Example:

  4. What is the purpose of a default gateway?a. physically connects a computer to a network b. provides a permanent address to a computer c. identifies the network to which a computer is connected d. identifies the logical address of a networked computer and uniquely identifies it to the rest of the network e.identifies the device that allows local network computers to communicate with devices on other networks

  5. When a LAN is connected to a Router, Default Gateway is the address of router interface connected to that LAN. The IP address and subnet mask is on the same network as the hosts on that network Review: Default Gateway LAN Router Router Default Gateway

  6. Select the characteristics specified by 10BaseT. (Choose three.) • twisted pair cable • T style connectors • baseband transmission • 10 gigabits per second data rate • 10 megabits per second data rate decimal encoded data transmission

  7. At which layer of the OSI model do the cabling aspects of a LAN exist? • Transport • Network • Data link • Physical

  8. Rank the following transmission media (optical fibre, coaxial cable and twisted pair according to their channel capacity from the highest to the lowest. • Optical Fibre, Coaxial Cable, Twisted Pair. • Optical Fibre, Twisted Pair, Coaxial cable. • Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cable, Optical Fibre. • Coaxial cable, Optic fibre, Twisted Pair. • None of the above

  9. What topology is illustrated in the diagram below? a Star b Bus C Tree D Ring E None of the above

  10. Which of the following IP Network addresses is a reserved address? a. b. c. d. e. None of the above Also called Loopback Address or local host Address

  11. Which LAN standard has the highest data rate? • 10Base5 • 10Base-T • Twisted Pair Token Ring • FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) • None of the above Unit of data rate ? bps, kbps, Mbps, Gbps

  12. Type of cable 2 Type of cable 1 Topology: Connection between Switch and hosts (2 and 3) Router and Host 1

  13. As a user’s message moves from the lowest layer to the top layer of the OSI Model, protocol headers are: • Added • Removed • Rearranged • Modified • None of the above What is the above process called ?

  14. In the OSI model, which is the fourth layer from bottom. a Session b Transport c Application d Physical e None of the above

  15. 1. How many different networks? 6 2. What is the class of IP Address? Class C 3. What is the default subnet mask 4. How many bits borrowed from host portion to provide required number of subnets? 3

  16. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Which Protocol is this – Identify Stages 1-3 Which layer of OSI model does it work at? What type of cable media does it use?

  17. 3. What layer does it refer to? 1. What are these 2. What is this

  18. Which is a Class C Address? • For a given IP address and mask, answer the following: • What is the subnet IP address? • What is the broadcast IP address? • What is a valid range for a hosts IP addresses