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Safe trip!

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Safe trip!

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  1. Safe trip! on the internet…

  2. What kind of programs do youuse on the internet?Do youthinkthatthere are risks in using the internet or games? Of whatwouldyouwarnyourlittle sister in using the internet? • Thispresentation is the result of questioningourstudentsconcerningtheiruse of internet andwhattheysee as possibledangers. • Some of the examples are extreme, some are common. • It is astonishingthat most students are notaware of all the privacyinformationthey share andwhich are open to a lot of peopletoread, seeand even edit. • Keywords: bullying, robbery, agression, addictions, gambling, sharing private information, burglary, false information/identityandscams.

  3. Facebook • Friends • Caught in a conflict • ‘Friends’? Results….

  4. 15-year-old girl was stabbedtodeathby 14-year-old boy • reason? Gossiping on facebookaboutsexual escapades of her best ‘friend’ • Punishment: let’s get her killed! • Through facebookconnectedwith a 14-year-old whogets the assignment…

  5. Call of duty is a first-person andthird-person shooter computerprogram. A lot of teenagers are playingthis populair game. Ourproblemandfear is thatsomepeopleloosetheir sense of reality. Results….

  6. The massacre at Alphen aan de Rijn Shoppingmallshooting • The shooter is a 24-year-old boy legally in possesion of 3 firearms , who had a game-addiction • 7 deaths, including the shooter • 17 wounded • Making this the deadliestassault attack in Dutch history

  7. Twitter is an online socialnetworking service thatenablestheir users tosendtext-basedmessages up to 140 characters. Alsoknown as’”tweets” • Most of the tweets are public • There are a lot of sweetandfunnywaystouseTwitter • If I’m the reason for your smile, you’ll never get a reason to frown#loveyou • WARNING: the consumption of beer may make youthinkyou’rewhisperingwhenyou are not…#cheers • Unfortunatelythere are alsowaysto bully andshowing disrespect topeoplebyusingTwitterResults…..

  8. Some teenager managedto hack the twitteraccount of a classmate. In his name he posted a painfulldisrespectingtweetreferring the useless dead of a linesmanwhodiedenduring a soccergame. This linesman was beatento dead bysometeenage boys. • The wrong boy (the onewhich account was hacked) was threatenmanytimesbylots of people. He had tohidehimself in a safe house. Tweet: FREE FLOWERS!! YOU CAN PICK THEM UP AT SOCCERCLUB ‘BUITENBOYS’ MAIN FIELD they are lying on the ground…

  9. Be aware… @everyoneYeah!! On my way to Paris for a long romanticweekend#love @everyoneJust gotmy new I-Pad, in love#allnightlong @everyone Look at my new bikini#readyforsummerinstantgram @everyonehappyhappyhappy!Booked a trip toIbizaleaving tomorrow#2 weeks On behave of allburglarsandperverts…. thankyouforsharingthis information ;-)

  10. Don’t trust anyone… Hello, my name is Brad Pitt, I’m 26 yearsoldandi’mgeorgeous…wanna date?? Hi, my name is George Clooney, I’m 18 yearsoldandI’mto die for…When do we meet?? Let’s keep thisbetweenus….don’ttellanyone….especiallyyourparents