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  2. 100 Points Question: These people were the first wave of Africans brought to Spain and Portugal They learned European languages and worked. Alternately they were sent by their parents to learn more about European culture. Answer: Atlantic Creoles

  3. 200 Points Question: Captive Africans were taken from the interior of Africa by Answer: other Africans

  4. 300 Points Question: African leaders rented __________ to Portuguese as a marketplace to sellluxury goods like carved ivory, gold and salt. Answer: factories

  5. 400 Points Question: Enslaved people sent to sugar plantations in the Mediterranean before the 1500s were from Answer: Central and/or Eastern Europe

  6. 500 Points Question: This mechanism used by ships’ crews opened a captive African’s mouth wide enough for food to be forced down his/her throat Answer: speculum oris

  7. 100 Points Question: As soldiers returned to Europe from the Middle East, they brought back spices and ________ which changed international relations forever. Answer: sugar

  8. 200 Points Question: The word “slave” comes from sklavosthe medieval Latin word for Answer: Slav/Slavic

  9. 300 Points Question: The __________ were a series of wars fought over Jerusalem by Christian and Muslim forces Answer: Crusades

  10. 400 Points Question: The ___________ was the process of the Spanish and Portuguese removing Almoravidsfrom the Iberian peninsula. Answer: Reconquista

  11. 500 Points Question: The patron saint of Germany is ___________, a Christian African leader of medieval religious wars. Answer: Saint Maurice

  12. 100 Points Question: Captive Africans were brought out of the interior of Africa in groups called Answer: coffles

  13. 200 Points Question: Before discovery of the New World, sugar was grown on this island of the Mediterranean. Answer: Sicily and/or Cyprus

  14. 300 Points Question: This portal exiting a slave castle was named _________ because no captive Africans who went through it came back. Answer: “The Door of No Return”

  15. 400 Points Question: Sugar cultivation had its origins in Answer: Southwest Asia

  16. 500 Points Question: The oldest slave castle on the western coast of Africa is a structure called ___________ or Portuguese for “the mine”. Answer: Elmina (El Mina)

  17. 100 Points Question: __________ was a method of stowing people aboard slave ships that brought the highest number of people aboard without regard to human safety. Answer: Tight packing

  18. 200 Points Question: European slavers carried on a __________ that began with the transport of European goods to the African continent for people, to the New World for raw goods and raw goods back to Europe. Answer: Triangle Trade

  19. 300 Points Question: Many people aboard slavers died of ___________ the early modern term for dysentery. Answer: “bloody flux”

  20. 400 Points Question: Portugal pioneered navigation of the west coast of Africa by using ____________, small ships created based the Arab dhow. Answer: caravels

  21. 500 Points Question: Sugar and tobacco are two examples of __________, crops that were grown on plantations to maximize the amount of money the landowner will receive. Answer: cash crops

  22. 100 Points Question: Captive Africans were stored in ___________, carved into stone below slave castles. Answer: dungeons

  23. 200 Points Question: Once captive Africans had arrived at slave castles, as they waited to be inspected by Europeans traders, they were held in __________ or temporary barracks. Answer: barracoons

  24. 300 Points Question: The captive African’s trip across the Atlantic was called DAILY DOUBLE Answer: The Middle Passage

  25. 400 Points Question: This sail was paired with a new style of Portuguese ship that made navigation and Atlantic travel easier. Answer: lateen sail

  26. 500 Points Question: Formerly a popular port city to disembark captive Africans, ___________ is called “the Ellis Island of African Americans” Answer: Charleston, South Carolina

  27. 100 Points Question: These ships carried captive Africans from the Old World to the New World. Answer: slavers

  28. 200 Points Question: Captive Africans between the ages of __________ were most popular for enslavement. Answer: 10-25

  29. 300 Points Question: This formerly enslaved man and later, abolitionist, wrote his autobiography detailing the horrors of the Middle Passage. Answer: OlaudahEquiano

  30. 400 Points Question: Captive Africans who arrived in the West Indies were subjected to a period of _________, where they learned basic English, received European names and were taught to do their tasks. Answer: seasoning

  31. 500 Points Question: This Portuguese New World colony was dominated by sugar plantations by the sixteenth century and produced an enormous demand for enslaved labor. Answer: Brazil ,

  32. Final Jeopardy Question: Captive Africans brought to the British North American colonies were sold in a method where potential buyers rushed into a pen to purchase them called a _________. Answer: scramble