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Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy. 100. The Battle of Trenton took place in which state?. New Jersey. 200. Which tactic did the Colonist use that broke the rules of 18 th century warfare?. They targeted British commanders. 300. What was General Burgoyne’s goal at the Battle of Saratoga?.

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Final Jeopardy

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  1. Final Jeopardy

  2. 100 The Battle of Trenton took place in which state?

  3. New Jersey

  4. 200 Which tactic did the Colonist use that broke the rules of 18th century warfare?

  5. They targeted British commanders

  6. 300 What was General Burgoyne’s goal at the Battle of Saratoga?

  7. To cut off the colonies from New England Stop supply of troops/ supplies would bring a quick end to the war

  8. 400 Why did George Washington decide to fight the Battle of Trenton?

  9. To boost the morale of his soldiers Morale booster for the exhausted, tired, worn men—wanted a successful battle before they stopped fighting for the winter Only 1400 Hessians vs. 2400 of the Continental Army

  10. 500 How did Americans win the Battle of Yorktown?

  11. Sandwiching the British American/ French army sandwiched Cornwallis between French navy in Yorktown peninsula forcing the British to surrender

  12. 600 Why was John Paul Jones known as the “Father of the American Navy”?

  13. He defeated the Serapis He used a tactical victory that showed his perseverance and dedication to the cause of defeating the British navy. He was able to help build up the American navy after this victory.

  14. 100 I was the leader of the Continental Army and brought my men through the Battle of Trenton, Valley Forge, and Yorktown.

  15. George Washington

  16. 200 In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are born equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among this are life, liberty, and…” …what?

  17. The pursuit of happiness

  18. 300 “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of men and women.” Please describe what this quote by Thomas Paine means.

  19. Angry at people jumping off the bandwagon Thomas Paine believed that a person wasn’t a true Patriot unless they were dedicated to the cause unless they were going to stand and fight during the hardest times.

  20. 400 Benedict Arnold was known as a traitor for attempting to give which Patriot fort to the British?

  21. Fort Ticonderoga

  22. 500 Who was the British general who surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown?

  23. General Cornwallis

  24. 600 Which Patriot leader was known as the “Swamp Fox” and used guerilla warfare as a tactic against the British during the Southern Campaign?

  25. Francis Marion

  26. 100 What is the definition of a camp follower?

  27. Women/children/servants They would follow the camps and were there for morale support, nursing, cleaning, and cooking for the troops.

  28. 200 What is a professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army?

  29. A Mercenary

  30. 300 Give two examples of how the Treaty of Paris benefitted the Americans.

  31. Gained independence Fishing lands in Canada Control of the Mississippi

  32. 400 What is the definition of treason?

  33. The betrayal of one’s country

  34. 500 What is an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving?

  35. A blockade

  36. 600 According to the Declaration of Independence, what should be done to a corrupt and unjust government?

  37. The citizens should overthrow the government and start again.

  38. 100 Why did so many African Americans join up with the British rather than the Americans during the Revolution?

  39. They were promised their freedom

  40. 200 In what ways did women participate in the Revolution?

  41. They were camp followers

  42. 300 List two advantage the British had against the colonists at the beginning of the war.

  43. More money More supplies More experienced soldiers

  44. 400 List two disadvantage the Americans had at the beginning of the war

  45. Little experience Low supplies

  46. 500 Why did France decide to send aid over to the Americans instead of the British?

  47. The Battle of Saratoga proved to the French that the Americans were strong fighters and a good bet that they would win. They also hated the British and wanted to use any excuse to get back at them.

  48. 600 How did they Americans win the Revolution?

  49. Lack of faith on the part of British soldiers/ citizens French aid Key battle victories Refused to fight on British terms Britain wasn’t interested in going into further debt

  50. Final Question What are the 4 parts of the Declaration of Independence and what do each of the 4 parts do?

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