oncore blueprint the art science of repository creation n.
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OnCoRe Blueprint: The Art & Science of Repository Creation PowerPoint Presentation
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OnCoRe Blueprint: The Art & Science of Repository Creation

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OnCoRe Blueprint: The Art & Science of Repository Creation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OnCoRe Blueprint: The Art & Science of Repository Creation. Susie Henderson Elizabeth Johnson Florida Distance Learning Consortium. Overview. Digital overview Repository overview The OnCoRe Blueprint project Lessons learned Future of repositories How can you become involved?.

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Presentation Transcript
oncore blueprint the art science of repository creation

OnCoRe Blueprint: The Art & Science of Repository Creation

Susie Henderson

Elizabeth Johnson

Florida Distance Learning Consortium

  • Digital overview
  • Repository overview
  • The OnCoRe Blueprint project
  • Lessons learned
  • Future of repositories
  • How can you become involved?
digital in simple english
“Digital” in Simple English:
  • Information stored using a series of 1s and 0s (zeros)
  • Binary system – ON (1s) or OFF(0s)
  • Examples: computers, CDs and DVDs
what is digital content
What is digital content?

Audio, video, information/learning resources, or images that are available for download or distribution on electronic media

what is a digital repository
What is a Digital Repository?
  • A system to store and manage digital resources
    • Content is created 1X, stored 1X, and used or repurposed times
  • Facilitates discovery of resources
  • Contains or reduces costs for:
    • Content development
    • Textbook/s
    • Shipping
  • Offers levels of appearance, content accessibility, and control mechanisms
  • Offers content independence
  • Video….The Orange Grove
which states are developing repositories
Which states are developing repositories?
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
how do you build a repository
How do you build a repository?
  • Where do you start?
  • Is there a guide or a cookbook?

The OnCoRe Blueprint provides: practical how-to information, planning documents, live and archived webinars, research, resources and lessons learned from noted repository projects

blueprint project objectives
Blueprint Project Objectives
  • Gather best practices
  • Discover innovative or unique repository features
  • Create a community of practice
  • Produce OnCoRe Blueprint integrated online resource/s – freely available at www.oncoreblueprint.org
gather examples of best practices
Gather Examples of Best Practices
  • Kentucky business plan
  • Intute harvesting/federating info
  • Standards
    • Metadata
    • Software
wisc online
  • Located at Fox Valley Technical College
  • Funded by:
    • Fox Valley Technical College
    • Wisconsin Technical College membership fees
    • Grants (FIPSE, NSF, & others)
    • Corporate training development
  • Staff = 15
  • Purpose: create learning objects for faculty members
  • Free public access to resources
learning object development
Learning Object Development
  • A faculty member identifies a difficult topic which is:
    • Hard for learners to understand
    • Presents challenges for instructional delivery
  • The instructor creates a content outline and script
learning object development1
Learning Object Development
  • Faculty member works with Wisc-Online development team
    • Instructional designer adapts faculty content for multimedia and Web delivery
    • Technical developer builds the object
    • Reviewers and the editor evaluate the object
    • Faculty member reviews and approves the final learning object to be posted
  • Physically located in United Kingdom
  • Funded by Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), government
  • Database of vetted web resources
  • Web searching for scholarship
  • Resources available at no cost
rice university connexions www cnx org
Rice University “Connexions”www.cnx.org
  • Anyone can contribute resources
  • Free and open access to all resources
  • Liberal creative commons license
  • On-demand textbook publishing
connexions a university press
Connexions – A University Press
  • Re-use or re-mix content to create a book
  • Order it online
  • Delivery options to your doorstep
  • Cost effective
    • reduces the cost of a 300-page hardback engineering textbook from $122 to $22
  • Always up-to-date with the latest material from the global repository.
create a community of practice
Create a Community of Practice
  • No cost to participate
  • Share information
  • Explore issues
  • Provide expert presentations via webinars
  • Facilitate online discussions (blog, wiki)
  • The OnCoRe Blueprint
  • Repository conference preceding MERLOT conference in 2009
oncore blueprint project
OnCoRe Blueprint Project
  • FIPSE funded 2006-2009
  • Website www.oncoreblueprint.org
  • Blueprint Sections
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Sustainability
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Involve state leadership – early – to create champions
  • Planning and policies are key
  • Adequate and sustainable funding are required
  • Distribute workload to institutions to save money and achieve buy-in
lessons learned1
Lessons Learned
  • Content Development
    • Expensive, time-consuming, but cost effective across an entire system
    • Rewarding professional development for faculty
    • Cross-functional team most effective
      • Subject Matter Experts – 2
      • Instructional designer (at least 1)
      • Developer (at least 1)
  • You can’t build all the content your state needs – and - don’t want to!
lessons learned2
Lessons Learned

Repository software must be

  • Simple & easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Customizable
  • Standards based
  • Supports federation and harvesting

It’s difficult to overcome negative perceptions

the future of repositories
The Future of Repositories
  • Textbook publishing
  • Publisher content
  • Integration of LMS and repositories
  • Repositories as portals
  • Repositories support harvesting and open access to content
repository url s
Repository URL’s
  • BC Campus SOL*Rhttp://solr.bccampus.ca/cms2/
  • INTUTE http://www.intute.ac.uk
  • Maricopa Learning Exchangehttp://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/mlx
  • MERLOThttp://www.merlot.org/
  • OER Commonshttp://www.oercommons.org/
  • The Orange Grovehttp://www.theorangegrove.org/
  • Rice University Connexionshttp://cnx.org/
  • Wisc-Onlinehttp://www.wisc-online.com/
questions answers
Questions & Answers

Susie Henderson, Assoc Exec Director

Florida Distance Learning Consortium

Principal Investigator, OnCoRe Blueprint


Elizabeth Johnson

Coordinator, OnCoRe Blueprint