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Citing Sources in MLA Style

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Citing Sources in MLA Style - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Citing Sources in MLA Style. The University Learning Center Florida International University Developed by Sam McCool. Citations of Books (MLA).

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citing sources in mla style

Citing Sources in MLA Style

The University Learning Center

Florida International University

Developed by Sam McCool

citations of books mla
Citations of Books (MLA)

When American actress Susan Crane studied under Stanislavski in Paris in 1934, she returned to her preferred method of physical actions (Adler 117-122).

  • Use paraphrase rather than quotes
  • Include author’s last name and page(s) in parenthetical citation
  • Note punctuation: no comma after author and parentheses come within end punctuation
works cited
Works Cited

Adler, Stella. The Technique of Acting. New York: Bantam, 1988.

  • Use full last and first names of author
  • Underline titles of books
  • Use short name of publisher (Bantam for Bantam Books, Inc.)
citations of articles in books mla
Citations of Articles in Books (MLA)

Holmes attributed method acting to the Beat Generation, quipping that “[i]ts actors used the most fluid forms of communicating a scene” (16).

  • Acknowledge source in text whenever possible
  • Use direct quotes only to capture unique expression or ideas from recognized authorities
  • Note parenthetical citation includes only the page number when author is cited in text
works cited1
Works Cited

Holmes, John Clellan. “The Philosophy of the Beat Generation.” The Beats. Ed. Seymour Krimm. Greenwich, CT: Fawcett, 1960. 10-19.

  • Titles of articles, essays, etc. (anything shorter than a book) are enclosed in quotation marks
  • Book titles are underlined
  • The editor(s) are named AFTER the book title
  • The page(s) where the article is located in the book must be listed at the end of the entry
citations of essays in journals mla
Citations of Essays in Journals (MLA)

Hobbs and Johnson say:

Prevalence and incidence rates of both anorexia nervosa and bulimia tend to follow very specific gender patterns. (1273)

  • Extended quotes (40 or more words) are INDENTED (1”) rather that enclosed in quotation marks
  • Acknowledge the use of authorities in the text of essay
  • Follow extended quotes with a brief summary and a detailed explanation of the value of the material
  • Preferred style: Cite author(s) in text rather than in parentheses
  • Parenthetical citation goes OUTSIDE the end punctuation
works cited2
Works Cited

Hobbs, Wendy L., and Cynda A. Johnson. “Anorexia Nervosa: An Overview.” American Family Physician 15 (1996): 1273-1284.

  • Titles of articles, essays, etc. (anything shorter than a book) are enclosed in quotation marks
  • Journal titles are underlined
  • The volume # precedes the year of publication
  • The page number(s) are listed at the end of the entry
citations of essays in periodicals mla
Citations of Essays in Periodicals (MLA)

In addition, the bill would establish incentives to encourage property owners to protect the swampland adjacent to their farms (Bornemeier A3).

  • Using information from newspapers is not an appeal to authority but rather verification
  • Still, acknowledge author in parenthetical citation
  • Note section as well as page location, especially for large papers
works cited3
Works Cited

Bornemeier, Joseph. “Bipartisan Bid to Revamp Endangered Species Act Introduced into the House.” Los Angeles Times 8 Sept. 1995: A3.

  • Periodicals require specific dates—note format
  • Papers are often organized by section—include section and page location
citations of internet documents mla
Citations of Internet Documents (MLA)

He encouraged actors “not to act but to be themselves, to respond or react” (“Method”).

  • Many web pages are published anonymously, so use first word (not “the, a, or an”) of title as citation handle
  • Use quotation marks to enclose handle to indicate title
  • Most web sites do not number their pages, so page numbers cannot be provided
  • If section or line numbers are available use them but indicate their use with “line” or “section” in first citation
works cited4
Works Cited

“Method Acting.” Palace: The Classic Movie Site. 19 June 1996 palace/method.html

  • Web page titles are enclosed in quotation marks
  • Web sites are underlined
  • The web page address is the full http:// path
  • The web site location is the root web location:
  • Use the date found on page following “posted” or “last updated on” headings; otherwise, record the date the page was discovered
the purpose for citations
The Purpose for Citations
  • Verifying & summarizing claims
  • Analyzing & evaluating claims
  • Developing new claims
  • Supporting arguments
  • Providing powerful evidence
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