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World War I Pictures PowerPoint Presentation
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World War I Pictures

World War I Pictures

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World War I Pictures

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  1. World War I Pictures 1914-1918

  2. Map of Europe during WWI

  3. What sparked the beginning of WWI? • The assassination of an Austrian prince Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife. • Alliances (gangs) of countries went to war with each other.

  4. What brought U.S. into WWI? • The sinking of the Lusitania, a cargo ship carrying passengers and weapons to Great Britain. German subs torpedoed the ship and sunk it.

  5. More Lusitania pictures.

  6. WWI was the 1st mechanized war • That means machines were used to fight in the war.

  7. The Lusitania was sunk by a German sub like this one. Unrestricted submarine warfare meant the Germans shot at all ships, not just British and French. America claimed it was neutral in the war, but in reality it was selling weapons to France and Great Britain. Germany knew this and torpedoed ships like the Lusitania. Submarine warfare

  8. Trench warfare • WWI is known for its trench warfare. Soldiers on all sides would dig trenches to protect them from gunfire and anything else.

  9. New weapons from WWI • This is a machine gun from WWI. • If you are in a trench and you are attacked, you will want one of these.

  10. Airplanes • Airplanes were used for war for the first time during WWI. • The most famous pilot of WWI was the Red Baron. He was German.

  11. More airplanes • Airplanes would drop bombs by hand into the trenches. They had machine guns mounted on them.

  12. Zeppelins • Germans used zeppelins to bomb targets from an altitude that WWI planes could not reach.

  13. More Zeppelins! • Often English pilots would pursue the zeppelins across the sky but they had little chance of catching them. The zeppelins would fly very high and as fast as the airplane chasing it. To make matters worse, if a pilot did manage to catch up to the airship, the zeppelins were bristling with machine guns.

  14. How do you successfully fight in trench warfare?

  15. TANKS!!!

  16. More Tanks!

  17. Biochemical warfare • WWI was a rare war where chemical weapons were used. • Mustard and tear gas were used to bring soldiers out of the trenches. • Some gases would blind soldiers.

  18. Total War!! Total war is using your entire economy and resources for the war effort. • It also means purposefully attacking civilians, not just military.

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