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a teen s personal guide to music n.
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A Teen’s Personal Guide To Music PowerPoint Presentation
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A Teen’s Personal Guide To Music

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A Teen’s Personal Guide To Music
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A Teen’s Personal Guide To Music

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  1. A Teen’s Personal Guide To Music

  2. My Musical Interests • I have been exposed to many different kinds of music which include Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop • My friends have influenced my musical interests • The radio stations that I usually listen to are 92.3, 94.5, 106.3 • I listen to music with my phone most of the time

  3. Future • Future is a rapper • My favorite song by Future is “Used to This” • Future is one of my favorite artist because I his music is catchy and never gets old • Click Here for More

  4. Drake • Drake is also a rapper • Favorite Drake song is “Fake Love” • Drake’s music is fun to listen to and I enjoy listening to most his songs • Click Here for More

  5. J Cole • J Cole is a rapper • My favorite J Cole song is No Role Modelz • J Cole’s music is inspiring to me Click Here for More

  6. Puerto Rican Music • Puerto Rican music is a mix of both Spanish and West African music • Sounds a lot like Caribbean music • Types of Puerto Rican Music include… • Jibaro • Bomba and Plena • Salsa • Raggaeton Click Here for a Link to Puerto Rican Music

  7. Japanese Pop Music • Also known as J-Pop • Japanese Pop music starting showing up around the 90’s • Japanese Pop music is a kind of music with a lot of different instruments being used to make up all the different sounds. Click Here for a Link to Japanese Pop Music

  8. Apps to Use for Producing Music Audiotool Sketch • Audiotool Sketch is a very easy way to make and produce music. • For me, as a beginner, I need an app that is easy to use so I can learn the basics. Click Here for Audiotool Sketch Music Matrix • Music Matrix is a very fun, interactive, and easy app to use. • I like apps that are interactive and I enjoy using Music Matrix. Click Here for Music Matrix

  9. Online and Web Programs SoundCloud • On SoundCloud you can find many songs not just from famous artist but also from just random everyday people. • I like listening to my favorite artists but also a mix of remixes and music made by people who aren’t as famous Click Here for SoundCloud Spotify • Spotify is one of my favorite apps for listening to music on a daily basis. Many people use it and there are many different playlists made by other people who use the app. • I use Spotify a lot whenever I feel like listening to music. Click Here for Spotify

  10. Experience in WebQuest During this WebQuest, I have learned a good amount already about music development on computers using various apps like Audiotool Sketch, and Music Matrix. These apps may be needed for a future project and maybe will come in handy when I need to use them. I also use the apps SoundCloud and Spotify to listen to the music that I like. These apps are my go to apps for listening to any kind of music. I will continue to use all these programs for fun and maybe even projects.