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the Graduate Sports Administration Programs at WELCOME TO Background of Sports Administration Ohio University, 1966 – first graduate program St. Thomas (Biscayne College), 1973 – started the first undergraduate program, a B.A. in Sports Administration

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welcome to
the Graduate Sports

Administration Programs


background of sports administration
Background of Sports Administration
  • Ohio University, 1966 – first graduate program
  • St. Thomas (Biscayne College), 1973 – started the first undergraduate program, a B.A. in Sports Administration
  • STU’s M.S. in Sports Administration was first offered in 1977.
  • In 1994, we offered the MBA and in 1996, the BBA.
  • In 2000, we began the Joint J.D./M.S. in sports administration
  • In 2006, we began the Joint J.D./MBA in sports administration
sports administration program approval
Sports Administration Program Approval
  • Today, according to the NASSM (North American Society for Sport Management) website, there are 123colleges or universities offering some type of master’s degree in sports administration or sport management.
  • Of those 123 schools, only 27 have attained the NASPE/NASSM Program Approval – St. Thomas is one of the 27 approved programs. (<25%)
  • www.nassm.com (February 20, 2007)
graduate programs offered in sports administration
Graduate Programs offered in: Sports Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (42-45 hours)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) (36 hours)
  • Joint J.D. / M.S. with the Law School(27 hours plus the law degree)
  • Joint J.D. / MBA with the Law School(33 hours plus the law degree)
  • Graduate Certificate(12 hours)
spo ad graduate students at stu
SPO AD Graduate Students at STU:
  • Most come from somewhere other than South Florida.
  • Have a variety of backgrounds, experience, and undergraduate majors.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to get sports (related) experience while taking their classes.
  • Are quite diversified as is obvious via their gender, race, color, national and ethnic origins.
because of these factors

Because of these factors,

Most graduate sports administration students at St. Thomas enroll as full-time students.

(Law school students usually take 1 course per term depending on desired courses and their availability. Each course meets one night per week for four hours.)

course offering timeframe
Course Offering Timeframe

Graduate courses in accounting, business, management and sports administration are offered in 5 nine-week termsduring a calendar year

5 term calendar

IF you apply, get accepted to master’s in spo ad program, and complete year one of law school in good academic standing, you begin in:

  • A3 (summer) = mid-May -> mid-July and continue into
  • A6 (first half of Fall) = mid-August -> mid-October, etc.
  • A7 (second half of Fall) = mid-October -> mid-December
  • A1 (first half of Spring) = early January -> early to mid-March
  • A2 (second half of Spring) = mid-March -> mid-May


  • A3 (summer) = mid-May -> mid-July
with this 5 term academic calendar
With this 5-term academic calendar:
  • Classes will meet a maximum of 9 times.
  • Some holidays, breaks and vacations that the Law School takes are not recognized in the School of Business.
  • For example, graduate business, accounting, management and sports administration programs hold their classes during spring break, on President’s Day, etc. (Monitor the academic calendar carefully.)
what we offer
What we offer:
  • Business Courses with an application to sports.
  • Opportunities to getexperience through volunteer work and internships.
  • Access to professionals in the industry who serve as adjunct professors, guest lecturers and mentors, many of whom are our alumni.
  • Access to classmates who are working in the industry and bring their experiences to class.
how is it a joint degree
How is it a JOINT Degree?
  • The M.S. degree is reduced from 36 to 27 hours using 9 hours of law school credit to make the 36 hours.
  • The M.B.A. degree is reduced from 42 to 33 hours using 9 hours of law school credit to make the 42 minimum number of hours.
  • 9 hours of Law School course substitutions are:

1. LAW 745, Sports Law, for SPO 719, Legal Aspects of Sports Administration

2. LAW 850, Professional Responsibility, for Man 510, Management Ethics, or SPO 510, Sports Ethics

3. LAW 812, Federal Income Taxation, for SPO elective

  • The number of hours in the J.D. is reduced as well by using Sports Administration courses to substitute for those hours.
where students get experience locally
Where students get experience – locally:
  • Florida Marlins, Florida Panthers
  • Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins
  • St. Thomas University, University of Miami, FAU, FIU, MDC, etc.
  • South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee
  • McDonald’s Air & Sea Show
  • CA Championship at Doral (PGA)
  • Sony Ericsson Open – Tennis Tournament
  • Homestead Miami Motor Speedway
  • Orange Bowl Committee
  • Baseball Winter Meetings (not local, but), etc.
concluding remarks
Concluding remarks . . .
  • Keys to getting a job in sports
    • Knowledge– through classes
    • Experience – announced opportunities
    • Networking base – via interaction from the above as well as the STU alumni network
  • Our Motto is:


why a joint degree
Why a joint degree?

Think about it.

Isn’t there a legal connotation to just about every facet of sports?

The question then should be: