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US-ASEAN Business Council Life Sciences Working Group PowerPoint Presentation
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US-ASEAN Business Council Life Sciences Working Group

US-ASEAN Business Council Life Sciences Working Group

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US-ASEAN Business Council Life Sciences Working Group

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  1. US-ASEAN Business CouncilLife Sciences Working Group Presentation to Thailand Local Area Working Group February 12, 2003

  2. Life Sciences in ASEAN • Life Sciences will be one of the leading industry sectors in the new century, promising significant human benefits and economic growth. • With an effective Life Sciences Value Chain in place, countries are able to make significant contributions to the longevity and quality of life of their citizenry, which recent evidence suggests in turn provides a multiplier effect to the economy. • The strengthening of niche local capacities along the Life Sciences Value Chain further enhances a country’s economy development.

  3. Life Sciences Innovation Value Chain R & D(university and private-industry research labs, hardware/software for testing/analysis) Manufacturing (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Consumer Health Products) Distributors Insurers(governments and private) Professionals(pharmacies, hospitals, medical officers..) Consumers

  4. 3M Abbott Laboratories Agilent Technologies Affymetrix BMS Colgate-Palmolive DuPont Eli Lilly & Co. General Electric IBM Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark Merck & Co. Pfizer, Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers Schering Plough Wyeth Pharmaceuticals USABC Members in Life Sciences

  5. Life Sciences Working Group Mission Statement The Council’s Life Sciences Working Group will discuss policy ideas, share expertise, and enhance the flow of information regarding Life Sciences issues and trends to all relevant public and private sector agencies in the ASEAN countries.

  6. Recognizing & Rewarding Innovation To foster recognition and the social and economic rewards for innovation in the Life Science sector, this coalition of Life Sciences companies will engage relevant ASEAN agencies on a bilateral basis in: • Promotion of the development of innovative Life Sciences goods and services in ASEAN • Introduction of new Life Sciences goods and services • Improvement of patients' access to Life Sciences goods and services in each ASEAN country • Promotion of good clinical practices in the development and use of Life Science related goods, services, information, and technologies

  7. Life Sciences Working Group & APEC The USABC Life Sciences Working Group will seek to promote the shared objectives of the APEC Life Sciences Innovation Forum by focusing on bilateral dialogues and initiatives in ASEAN. These activities will strengthen commitment to APEC LSIF principles while positioning ASEAN to take a leadership role in this sector in APEC.

  8. Thailand Thailand has been selected as the first country of focus for the Life Sciences Working Group for multiple reasons: • Enthusiasm/support from Royal Thai Embassy • Thailand is hosting APEC 2003 • Thailand is eager to begin FTA negotiations with the US • PM Thaksin will visit the US in June 2003

  9. Working Group Plans for Thailand March 3-5: Members of the USABC Life Sciences Working Group will pursue dialogue with Thai officials to introduce their objectives and begin dialogue on areas of mutual interest. Working Group participants will be asked in advance to begin identifying possible targets of opportunity that both capture Thai social and economic interests/plans for this sector while also requiring policy adjustments that may facilitate business for working group members in Thailand.

  10. Going Forward - What is Success? From the March meetings in Thailand, the Working Group will strive to: • Maintain ongoing dialogue w/ relevant officials to identify policy issues that if addressed could facilitate growth in Thai priority areas of the Life Sciences Value Chain • Execute programs/seminars aimed at educating Thai officials on said issues, noting the opportunity presented by showcasing successes with the PM’s visit to the US in June and the launch of the APEC LSIF in October.

  11. ?QUESTIONS? Contact Remy Nathan Director, Life Sciences Working Group US-ASEAN Business Council E-mail: