sh digraph story
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‘Sh’ Digraph Story

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‘Sh’ Digraph Story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘Sh’ Digraph Story. Caroline Robinson Kingscourt School Catherington Hampshire . ‘Sh’ digraph story. How many words can you hear with the ‘sh’ digraph?.

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sh digraph story
‘Sh’ Digraph Story

Caroline Robinson

Kingscourt School



sh digraph story1

‘Sh’ digraph story

How many words can you hear with the ‘sh’ digraph?

Once upon a time……..there was a little boy called Shaun. He was walking along a beach which was full of shells when he looked out and saw a ship.
‘Shiver me timbers’ he shouted. I have been waiting for

this day for so long I am shivering all over.

He then jumped into the shiny sea and began to swim

towards the ship.

As Shaun swam he passed

some fish . . .. . .also to his amazement a shiny turtle went lazily swimming by, the shell on his back was so big.

All of a sudden the fish and turtle vanished..

All was quiet…..

Shaun became nervous and was shivering as he swam.

He could see a sharp fin coming towards him.

It was a shiny shark.

‘Help’ shouted Shaun.

The ship boy heard Shaun and released a large pointed shell from his belt.

He threw the shell and

hit the shark on its head.

‘Shiver me timbers,

thank you’,

Shouted Shaun.

The ship boy heard Shaun and shouted to him, ‘I recognise that voice, you are

my long lost son Shaun.’

He turned the ship towards

Shaun and shook a rope out for

him to catch.

After celebrating finding each other, they had cooked shark for tea and vowed they would never to be apart again.

  • I cannot quite remember what is the difference between a letter sound and a digraph?
  • What digraph did we learn today?
  • Who can tell me a word with this digraph at the beginning, end, middle? And…..