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Convert your courses from SCORM to PPT PowerPoint Presentation
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Convert your courses from SCORM to PPT

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Convert your courses from SCORM to PPT
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Convert your courses from SCORM to PPT

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  1. Convert your courses from SCORM to PPT

  2. CONVERT YOUR SCORM TO PPT Convert the courses to different formats is one of the most popular requirements in the eLearning industry. Companies constantly look for providers to help them with that conversion. Recently, a lot of clients have been asking to convert courses from SCORM to PPT. This is a service that very few providers offer. Organizations that have an LMS platform normally create courses in SCORM format, to be able to read them from any Learning Management System that is SCORM compliant.

  3. CONVERT YOUR SCORM TO PPT SCORM is the dominant eLearning standard. It allows you to add interactivity, exams, quizzes and much more inside them to offer the users a complete and dynamic learning experience. There are other formats such as AICC, xAPI, but SCORM is still the dominant one. The conversion to those courses in SCORM to PowerPoint is not that easy. That’s why you won’t find a lot of software companies that do this for you. We do it for you!

  4. HOW THE CONVERSION WORKS? Probably, you have a lot of courses created in Storyline SCORM and you want to convert them into PowerPoint but you don’t know how and you don’t find a provider that does that for you. Let me tell you that you came to the right place. We can help you with that. To get Storyline SCORM files converted into PPT or PowerPoint it is important that you have the Articulate Storyline. With this information we can help you two options: – We can convert your SCORM to PPT with images as slides. This kind of presentation doesn’t let you edit the content on it. You just can change or delete the images. – Editable PPT content: If you need the content to be editable, we can extract the information from the SCORM file, we collect several formats from it (that could be jpg, XLS, HTML, etc), and we put it together to give you a meaningful PPT slides that you can easily edit.

  5. CONVERT YOUR SCORM TO PPT In simple terms, all the encrypted information that you have in your articulate Storyline could be converted in PPT format so you can use it in your classrooms or face to face conferences. You don’t only get all the content in PPT slides, but you also can edit it and add more information if you required it. It is not easy, but we make it easy for you!

  6. About us: Paradiso Solutions is a leading provider of Custom eLearning Solutions. We provide end-to-end eLearning products and services including LMS, Authoring tool, off-the-shelf courses, and course creation services and managed learning services. Paradiso LMS has been consistently ranked among top 3 cloud LMS in the world.

  7. Contact us: United States +1800 513 5902 United Kingdom +44 207 193 4983 India +91 787 584 3886 Australia +61 280 113 942 Mexico +52 55 8421 2474 Bahrain +973 6500 9842 Colombia +57 4 412 973