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New Horizon College English
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New Horizon College English

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  1. New Horizon College English Book 1 Unit 7

  2. Pre-reading Activity • 2. While-reading Activity • 3. Post-reading Activity

  3. Background • Pre-reading Activity Lead-in Activity

  4. Background Information Online learning 1. KFC: Kentucky Fried Chicken, known as KFC in the US, is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. The company originated and still has its headquarters in the US. It now has more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide. For more information, check out KFC's homepage at

  5. 2. 911: This is the emergency telephone number in the US and Canada for contacting the police department, the fire department or medical emergency services.

  6. 3. Blake's Thames: Blake, William (1757 - 1827) was an English poet and artist whose best known books of poems are Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. The quotation used in Passage A comes from the first verse of a poem called "London." More information about William Blake can be found from links at . Collections of his works can be found at

  7. 4. The Thames is the main river flowing through London, and England's most important river. For more information, check out the website at .

  8. Lead-in Activity • How many things did the thieves steal • from the man? What were they? • 2. What saved the man's life? • 3. What is the raging river? • (10 minutes’ group work or pair work)

  9. 2. While-reading Activity Words and Phrases

  10. 1. cautious a. taking great care to escape possible danger十分小心的,谨慎的I'm very cautious about expressing my opinions in public.我对公开发表意见十分谨慎。My brother, intensely cautious, never makes a decision lightly. 我弟弟特别谨慎,从来不轻易作决定。

  11. 2. exception n. a person or thing that is not included 除外,例外,除外的人或事Most of his songs are awful but this one is an exception. 他的歌大多数很糟糕,但这首歌是例外。There's an exception to every rule. 每条规则都有例外。

  12. 3. polish v. 1. make something smooth and shiny by rubbing 擦,擦光,擦亮She polished her shoes. 她擦了擦自己的鞋。2. improve 使完美,改进I need to polish up my Chinese before we go on vacation. 我需要在我们度假前提高一下自己的汉语

  13. 4. Span span n. the full time for which anything lasts 一段时间,持续时间Seventy or eighty years is the normal span of a human life.七十岁或八十岁是一个人的正常寿命。

  14. 5. additional a. extra 额外的,另外的There will be an extra charge for any additional passengers.任何额外的乘客都需另外付费。additional cost 额外费用additional problems另外的问题

  15. 6. rather than instead of; less likely而不It's the managers that are at fault rather than the workers. 是管理人员的过错, 而不是工人们的过错。I think I'll have a cold drink rather than coffee. 我想要一杯冷饮料而不是咖啡。

  16. 7. get to one's feet stand up 站起来At the end of game, the whole crowd got to their feet and cheered wildly. 比赛结束时,整个人群都站起来疯狂地欢呼

  17. 8. look through look quickly in; examine or study carefully 仔细检查,浏览I'll look through my notes but I don't think I have a record of his name. 我仔细查看了一下笔记,却发现没有记下他的名字。Look through your examination paper for any small mistakes, before you hand it in.交卷前,仔细检查一下你的试卷,看看有没有什么小错。I looked through the letter again but could find no sign of worry. 我又把信仔细地看了一遍,可没有发现什么让人担心的迹象。 。

  18. 9. be out of control be impossible to deal with or guide 失去控制The revolution was out of control and fighting broke out. 革命已失去了控制,发生了打斗。

  19. Language Point 1 Face to Face with Guns (title)Meaning: Face guns in an encounterface to face: 1) close to and looking at someone or something We were in the downtown area when we came face to face with Jack. 遇到杰克时我们正在市中心。2) no escape from sth. and have to deal with itI was bit by bit being brought face to face with the fact that I had very little success. 渐渐地我得面对这样一个事实:我几乎没取得什么成功。

  20. Language Point 2 Like most city folks, I'm cautious. I scan the street and pathways for anything — or anyone — unusual before pulling into the garage. (Para. 1)Meaning: Like most people who live in a city, I act very carefully in order to escape possible danger. Before I drive my car into the garage to park, I look at the street and pathways very carefully to see whether there is anything unusual or there is any unusual person.

  21. Language Point 3 "Give it up, mother-," he threatened. "Give it up." (Para. 2)Meaning: He asked me to give my money to him or he would do something harmful to me. The word "mother" is used to express a slight with radical anger or annoyance. It is a very rude and offensive word if used in this way.

  22. Language Point 4 "Hey," I said, "just take it." As I spoke, I set the KFC box on the planter beside the pathway, contriving as I did so to toss my house keys into a bush. (Para. 3)Meaning: I asked him to take it. While I was speaking, I put the KFC box on the planter beside the pathway, and at the same time I tossed my house keys on purpose into a mix-up of the whole thing.

  23. Language Point 5 Everything he said during our encounter was repeated; instinctively, I did the same. (Para. 4) Meaning: During our encounter, he said everything twice and by instinct, I said everything twice too.instinctively: ad. without thinking and without having been taught When attacked, he instinctively fought back to defend himself.

  24. Language Point 6 His dark eyes shone like polished glass; his arms and legs moved unexpectedly, as if attached to unseen wires. (Para. 13)Meaning: His dark eyes were very bright; he moved his arms and legs suddenly as if they were connected to hidden wires.polish: v. 1. make something smooth and shiny by rubbing

  25. 3. Post-reading Activity Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and the first letters. 1. C_______a. careful to escape danger or risk

  26. 2. E___________n. a person or thing that is not included 3. I________n. the ability to act or behave in a certain way without having to learn it or think about it

  27. 4. E_________v. to make something larger or become larger 5. O______v. to make someone angry or hurt the feelings of someone; to do wrong

  28. 6. D______n. a single part, fact or piece of information about something 7. f_______n. a basic idea, law, situation etc. something develops from

  29. Writing: 1). Manuscript form (20 minutes) Arrangement Indent Paging Beginning or end of a line Word Division Capitalization Punctuation Handwriting ★ Easy to read ★ Cross out a word ★ Ways of writing letter

  30. Transitional words to show cause and effect Conjunctions: because, for, since, when, as | that, so that Verbs(Verbal Phrases): result from | give rise to, cause, lead to, contribute to, result in, be responsible for Phrases: because of, owing to, due to, for this reason, on account of, thanks to | in this way, as a result Adverbials: therefore, consequently, hence, thus, otherwise, accordingly

  31. Sentence Pattern: 1.There are many reasons for this increase /decline / change in… First…Second… Finally… 2. Why …? For one thing…. For another One reason is…. Another reason is… 3. Thanks to /Owing to /Because of /As a result of … 4. …, partly because…, partly because… 5. …not because …, but because…. Homework: write a composition on the topic Air Pollution in My City by cause and effect.