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Navy Expeditionary Combat Command C4ISR Requirements for the Expeditionary Warfighter Mr. Bill Sympson N6 ACOS C4ISR

Navy Expeditionary Combat Command C4ISR Requirements for the Expeditionary Warfighter Mr. Bill Sympson N6 ACOS C4ISR. 8 December 2009 THIS BRIEF CLASSIFIED: UNCLASS / FOUO. UNCLASS/FOUO. NECC At A Glance. UNCLASS/FOUO. 53 percent of NECC Forces are Reserve Component.

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Navy Expeditionary Combat Command C4ISR Requirements for the Expeditionary Warfighter Mr. Bill Sympson N6 ACOS C4ISR

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  1. Navy Expeditionary Combat Command C4ISR Requirements for the Expeditionary Warfighter Mr. Bill Sympson N6 ACOS C4ISR 8 December 2009 THIS BRIEF CLASSIFIED: UNCLASS / FOUO


  3. NECC At A Glance UNCLASS/FOUO 53 percent of NECC Forces are Reserve Component

  4. Building partnerships Building Partner Capacity Train / Advise / Assist Relief Operations MCO Forcible Entry Hybrid Peace Enforcement Show of Force NEO COIN Combating Terrorism UNCLASS/FOUO NECC capabilities shaping Smart Power Right Force, Right Place, Right Time

  5. Riverine Unit of Action • Operational Effects • Maritime security and interdiction along 6,000 km of the Iraqi inland waterways • Critical infrastructure protection • Executed ~ 2,300 total missions during initial (5) squadron deployments • Stability Operations • Registered nearly 1,000 Iraqi boats • Trained 778 Iraqi security forces personnel • Force Structure • RIVGRU Total PERS: 729 • RIVRON Total PERS: 224 • Total Force: 729 • Echelon IV Command • RIVGRU Little Creek, VA • Echelon V Commands • RIVRON 1 Little Creek, VA • RIVRON 2 Little Creek, VA • RIVRON 3 Yorktown, VA UNCLASS/FOUO Maritime Security in the brown water

  6. Naval Construction Force (NCF) Unit of Action Unit of Action Underwater formwork Water well drilling Construct boat ramp • Operational Effects • Re-establishing Iraqi self governance and security through infrastructure support • Joint Support • Greater than 1,000 projects completed throughout Iraq and Afghanistan ISO the Joint Services • 17% of deployed units in direct support to SOF • Provide construction, inspection, and repair of ocean facilities such as wharves, piers, underwater pipelines, moorings, and boat ramps • Stability Operations • Executed 131 HCA projects valued at $4.8M across all theaters ISO GFS/TSC • CONUS/OCONUS DR Response • OIF/OEF KIA: 15 UNCLASS/FOUO • Force Structure • 9 AC / 12 RC NMCB; 2 AC UCT • NMCB Total PERS: 587 • UCT Total PERS (3 UCT Dets/Team):77 • Total Force: 15,339 (6394 AC/8945 RC) • Echelon IV Command • 1NCD Little Creek, VA • 1NCD FWD Pearl Harbor, HI • Echelon V Commands • AC Gulfport, MS • AC Little Creek, VA • AC Port Hueneme, CA • RC Various, CONUS We Build, We Fight

  7. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) • Force Structure • EOD PLT Total PERS: 8 • MDS Co Total PERS: 16 • Total Force: 2590 (2300 AC/290 RC) • Echelon IV Commands • EODGRU 1 San Diego, CA • EODGRU 2 Norfolk, VA • Echelon V Commands • Concentrated San Diego, CA/ Norfolk, VA • FDNF EODMU 5 Guam • EODMU 8 Sigonella, Sicily, IT • MDSU 1 Pearl Harbor, HI • Operational Effects • Combating asymmetric threat in Iraq and Afghanistan • Defeating the device (EODMU6 Deployment Apr – Oct 09) • 1,166 combat missions • 502 IEDs found and cleared • Defeating the network • 24% of deployed units in direct support to SOF • Expeditionary salvage, battle damage repair on ships, and force protection dive support. Harbor clearance and de-beaching. Program lead for the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). • Stability Operations • Transitioning the capability • Training the Iraqi security forces – Iraqi Army bomb disposal company and Iraqi police counter explosive teams • CONUS/OCONUS DR response • OIF/OEF KIA: 13 UNCLASS/FOUO Unit of Action Unit of Action Enabling safe and secure access

  8. Maritime Expeditionary Security Force (MESF) • Operational Effects • Enabling safe access into the ports/harbors • Seaward security and point defense • Operation Vigilant Mariner (OVM) • Oil Platforms (OPLATS) • Stability Operations • Seaward/landward security ISO global fleet station initiatives • Unit/Individual MTT support to GFS initiatives in all theater • Hurricane Katrina response/relief • Force Structure • 6 AC/ 7 RC MSRONs • Total Force: 6300 (3500 AC/2800 RC) • Echelon IV Commands • MESGRU 1 San Diego, CA • MESGRU 2 Portsmouth, VA • Echelon V Commands • Various, CONUS • MSRON • 3 BOATDET (54 PERS / DET) • 3 SECDET (75 PERS / DET) • C4I Capability w/in HQ element • (60 PERS / DET) Unit of Action UNCLASS/FOUO Maritime Security Professionals

  9. Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command (NEIC) Unit of Action Unit of Action • Operational Effects • Navy Human Intelligence Teams (NHT) conducting collection operations in support of CENTCOM and AFRICOM force protection and Indications & Warning requirements. • Executed over 1,000 collection operations during this period • Maritime Interdiction Operations – Intelligence Exploitation Team (MIO-IET) conducting intelligence collection operations in support of maritime security operations in EUCOM and CENTCOM AOR’s • Executed over 4,000 missions during this period • Force Structure • 12 Navy HUMINT Teams • 4 MIO-IET Teams • Total Force: 128 (92 AC/ 36 RC) • Echelon IV Command • NEIC Dam Neck, VA UNCLASS/FOUO Providing intelligence support in the Joint Battle Space on land and on the sea.

  10. Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) Unit of Action • Force Structure • 1 AC / 10 RC Battalions • Total Force: 3644 (404 AC/ 3240 RC) • Echelon IV Command • Williamsburg, VA • Echelon V Commands • AC Williamsburg, VA • RC Various, CONUS • Operational Effects • Worldwide expeditionary logistics – Naval Support Element (NSE) • Cargo (containers, vehicles & bulk) • OFFLOADS (Deploy): 84,282 • BACKLOADS (Redeploy): 68,577 • Mobile Air Cargo Handling (MACH) • 10,834,414 pounds of cargo processed • Stability Operations • Multi-annual JLOTS exercises/operations • Unit support to GFS initiatives in all theaters • Logistics support for HA/DR operations UNCLASS/FOUO Key war fighter enabler

  11. Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training (MCAST) Command Unit of Action Unit of Action • Force Structure • MCAT Total PERS: 5 • MTT Total PERS: Variable (2 initial) • Total Force: 299 (172 AC/ 127 RC) • Echelon IV Command • MCAST Command Little Creek, VA • Tasked Forces • 17 AC MCATs • 15 RC MCATs • AC/RC MTTs • Maritime Domain focus • Port Ops • Fisheries • Economic Exclusion Zone • Operational Effects • Providing civil affairs planners ISO NSWGs • Executing civil affairs operations for CJTF HOA and JSOTF-P • Stability Operations • Supporting Global Fleet Station initiatives • GFS SOUTHCOM • Continuing Promise • Pacific Partnership • African Partnership Station • MTTs executed in excess of 98 COIs across 25 countries/partner nations providing tailored instruction for ~2,300 students in CY07/08 • Fundamental foundational support to the Global Maritime Strategy UNCLASS/FOUO Building partnerships and enhancing partner nation capabilities

  12. Combat Camera (COMCAM) Visual documentation for the joint warfighter • Operational Effects • Operations support • Counterterrorism • Psychological operations • Information operations • Battle damage assessment • Force protection • Public affairs • Medical support • Investigative support • Historical documentation • Intelligence gathering support • Force Structure • Unit of Action: Detachment / Individual • Total Force: 80 (48 AC/ 32 RC) • Echelon IV Command • Norfolk, VA • Combat Camera DET Norfolk - Norfolk, VA UNCLASS/FOUO

  13. Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion (NEGB) SOUTHCOM NECC JTF GTMO Administrative Service Joint Det Group(USA O-6) NEGB(USN O-5) Operational Note: COMNAVREGSEis NJP appeal authority • Provisional Force • In-lieu-of mission ISO US Army • Detainee Operations at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba • Part of JTF-GTMO • 600 guards (all IA/GSA) • Fully trained in • Detainee handling procedures • Detainee cultures • Legal issues • Self-defense • First aid (self-aid and buddy aid) • Non-lethal weapons (pepper spray) • Rifle and pistol qualifications (for external security) • Battalion (HQ + 4 companies) • Mostly Active Component (AC) • Reserve Component (RC) mobilization (approx 14) started SEP 09) UNCLASS/FOUO Safe and humane care and custody

  14. Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) IAs w/ ECRC oversight • Force Structure • 14 AC / 76 RC • Total Force: 160 (70 PCS, 90 IA) • Echelon IV Commands • ECRC Little Creek, VA • Echelon V Commands • ECRC NIACT Ft Jackson • ECRC Det San Diego • ECRC Det NMPS Norfolk • OIF/OEF KIA:14 Mix AC ~ 55% RC ~ 45% In training - 929 GSA On Board - 2,900 Proj Gain - 1,800 • Training Sites • FT Jackson, SC • FT Dix, NJ • FT Lewis, WA • FT Bliss, TX • Camp Atterbury, IN • Camp Shelby, MS • FT Sill, OK • Others Unit of Action As of 16 Jun 09 Phases of the IA Process Mission Overview • Train, equip, deploy, and redeploy IA missions as Individuals or Ad Hoc units • Provide administrative oversight and reach-back functions • Conduit of information for family members • Provide support network • Ensure critical and appropriate training • Warrior transition Pre-Deployment Training BOG Re-Deployment NMPS Training Supported CMD Parent Command Kuw WTP PC NMPS AC Orders RC USA NIACT ECRC PC / USFF / PERS / CNIC PERS/ CNIC/ PC CTF-IA IA Req’s RFF - 5200 JMD - 1700 Serv/Serv - 1100 Mix AC ~ 55% RC ~ 45% Locations Iraq Afghanistan Kuwait HOA, Others IAs are ~60% of Navy BOG • 4 NMPS Sites • Norfolk (Pri) • San Diego (Pri) • Gulfport • Pt Hueneme • Training • ~45% NIACT • ~55% USA Warrior Transition Program Based in Kuwait 600-900 IA /Month UNCLASS/FOUO Taking care of our Sailors and their families

  15. NECC Demand Post OIF/OEFOPNAV N8 Force Structure Assessment UNCLASS/FOUO RIVRON – Riverine Squadron NMCB – Naval Mobile Construction Battalion UCT – Underwater Construction Team EOD Plt– Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon MDS Co – Mobile Diving & Salvage Company MSRON – Maritime Security Squadron NHT – Navy Human Intelligence Team MIO IET – Maritime Interdiction Operations - Intelligence Exploitation Team NCHB – Navy Cargo Handling Battalion MCAT – Maritime Civil Affairs Team MTT – Mobile Training Team NSW – Naval Special Warfare JTFPO – Joint Task Force Port Opening High demand post OIF/OEF

  16. Remaining forward and engagedWhere we are currently & recent past • Rotational Forces • Assure partners through planned and predictable presence • Prevent aggressors from capitalizing on presence gaps • Prompt and credible response capability in areas of interest • Enable rapid response to influence, contain or deter unexpected crises Combatant Commander’s demand fulfilled Individual Unit on mission or exercise UNCLASS/FOUO NECC capabilities on mission meeting most critical Combatant Commander’s demands

  17. UNCLASS/FOUO NECC Battlespace • Civil-military operations • Population engagement • Building partner capacity • Security force assistance • Training • military, security • civilian, governance • Logistical Support • Construction • Littoral, harbor security • Maritime Infrastructure • Point defense • Explosive Ordnance Disposal • Diving and salvage • Riverine capability • NECC Forces • Provide link from sea to land • Provide adaptive, Smart Power • Enable SOF • Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower • Forward Presence • Deterrence • Sea control • Power projection • Maritime security (MDA, MIO, ISR) • HA/DR • Global fleet station • Cooperative relationships Engagement in the Littorals

  18. N6 C4ISR EA C4ISR support disparity for NECC vs. “Platform” TYCOMs Shift C4ISR Resource Sponsor from OPNAV N85 & N4 to N2/6 Migrate C4ISR EA into N6 POR & NNFE Modernization Plan. NECC engage Resource Sponsors, SYSCOMS, OPNAV/NNWC Formalize OPNAV N2/N6 & OPNAV/NNWC C4ISR / Space TYCOM support for NECC. Formalize NECC C4ISR EA Need “same-as” capabilities tailored to NECC’s unique mission OPNAV N2/N6 & OPNAV/NNWC integrate into over-arching Navy EA plan Establish NECC EA Governance Provide NNFE with NECC’s C4I UNS/FCTs NAVFAC shifts NECC C4ISR oversight to SPAWAR OPNAV N2/6 Resource Sponsorship OPNAV/NNWC as C4ISR / Space TYCOM for NECC EA Requirements

  19. C4ISRExpeditionary Variant Scalable, Portable & Mobile (Man-on-the-Move) Deployable COMMS and IP packages 2-4 man teams(NEIC, MCAT, RAVEN, Vehicles..) 5-9 man teams (MCAT, SECDET, MIO, EST, BOATS, MRAP..) 15-25 man teams(MCAT, SENSOR DET, EOD platoon..) 50 plus(C2 CTR, NCF, MSRONs, RIVRONS..) Over-reliance on COTS Lack of equipment standardization & POR stability. Over-reliance on COMMSAT – EXPENSIVE VSAT Systems / INMARSAT (BGAN) Need MILSAT solutions No Major Program Office support compared to “Platform” TYCOMs • Link Back

  20. Expeditionary C4ISR NodesCurrent Non-Enterprise C4ISR 4 nodes + HQ node Nodes on ground HQ nodes Multiple Nodes Intel Team nodes Convoys 4 nodes + HQ node MCATs Multiple Nodes More Nodes

  21. Individual COMM Units/Nodes COMM NODES: - Mobile Teams - Boats - Sensor Dets - C2 Stations - MRAP/HUMVEE TOTAL 564 COMM Nodes Updated Sep 08

  22. C4ISR System Diversity • Same C4ISR needs but in different operational environments • Need scalable, portable & mobile enterprise solutions under POR

  23. New NECC C4ISR Governance SA IG N6 N41 N41 N43 N3 N3 N7 N7 N2 N2 N8 N8 N1 N1 N9 N9 NAVSEA ACOS ACOS 1NCD 1NCD MCAG MCAG NETWARCOM NETWARCOM Echelon IV Echelon IV COMCAM COMCAM SPAWAR 790 SPAWAR 790 NAVFAC NAVFAC NAVELSG NAVELSG EODGRU 1 & 2 EODGRU 1 & 2 RIVGRU1 RIVGRU1 Resource Resource COS/CSO COS/CSO NEIC NEIC Sponsors Sponsors MESG 1&2 MESG 1&2 or or ECRC ECRC ETC ETC Representative Representative

  24. C4ISR Governance • Enable enterprise alignment of C4ISR requirements • C4ISR EA owned by NECC with SPAWAR as custodian • Enables NECC to focus on cost saving: • Life Cycle Management including Procurement, ISEA support, interoperability, training and refresh • Prevent disparate equipment and processes • Most effective use of limited man-power & funding • Supports NNWC UNS & OPNAV POM requirements

  25. NECC Way Ahead Establish C4I Governance, Policy and Requirement process Partner with OPNAV N2/N6, NNWC, USFF N6, 10th Fleet & SPAWAR PMW 790 Establish EA approach for all Expeditionary C4ISR Look at USMC and US Army C4ISR Prepare now for “Expeditionary NGEN” How do we assist your office to make sure Expeditionary Sailors have a system to meet our missions. • Link Back

  26. NECC Tactical Communications at work QUESTIONS?

  27. Mobile Ashore Support Terminal III (inc I/II) AN/USC-60A 2.4 Meter Timeplex Facilities (2) 45KW Gensets (1) Dual 8 Ton ECU (3) Base-X 305’s (1) USC-60 Shelter Camp grounding system Power distribution system • SINCGARS • Havequick II • DAMA • UHF/VHF LOS • UHF SATCOM SHF (C/Ku/X) GCCS-M NAVMACS COMPOSE Networks C2/COP Messaging NIPR/SIPR AN/PRC-117F AN/USC-68 .9 Meter DEXNET-L AN/PRC-150 SHF (Ku) • HF 150/400W Scotty Box Secure & Unsecure VTC AN/USC-54 4 Ch UHF SATCOM MUX CENTRIX Fly Away Kit Coalition Interoperability (CMFP/CFE/K)

  28. River Control Boat (RCB)

  29. Cat 2 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle • Navigation • Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) • Precision location and timing • SAASM • C2 • Force XXI Battle Command • Brigade and Below (FBCB2) • Situational Awareness tool • RF Communications • AN/VRC-103 • (2) AN/VRC-110 • SINCGARS • Havequick II • DAMA • UHF/VHF LOS • UHF SATCOM • AN/VRC-104 • HF/VHF • (1) TOCNET Comms suite

  30. DoD Teleports DISN to the Edge(NECC Forces) SEABEE’s RDSAT/TDN X Band X Band (DSCS) MAST III Ku Band 1 DoD Teleport GIG MESF - DexNet - M Ku Band 2 Ku Band C Band 1 MCAG – CMOC w/DSTB MESF - DexNet - L C Band 2 NCTAMS EOD – JEODNet * SHOWN AS REFERENCE C Band ENOC FT Monmouth

  31. Portable Radio’s • HF radio’s • AN/PRC-150 Man pack • AN/VRC-104 Vehicle • VHF/UHF radio’s • AN/PRC-117F Man pack • AN/VRC-103 Vehicular • AN/PRC-152(V) Handheld • An/VRC-110 Vehicular • AN/PRC-148(V) MBITR Handheld • AN/VRC-111 Vehicular • XTL-5000 • Bridge to bridge • XTS-5000 • Handheld • Satellite • Iridium 9505A • Thrane & Thrane TT-3080A M4 Satellite Telephone

  32. Radar Sonar Surveillance Center (RSSC) Inc II AN/PRC-117F Facilities (2) 35KW Gensets (2) 8 Ton ECU’s (1) Base-X 305 (1) Base-X 103/TSP Camp grounding system • SINCGARS • Havequick II • DAMA • UHF/VHF LOS • UHF SATCOM NAVMACS GCCS-M GDFS Sensor Fusion Messaging C2/COP *CY10/11 AN/PRC-150 AN/USC-67 DEXNET-M SHF (C/Ku/X) • HF 400W

  33. Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below(FBCB2) Blue Force Tracker (BFT)Variants AN/UYK-128(V)4 Vehicular Kit Hybrid Kit in MRAPs/RIVERINE AN/UYK-128(V) TOC Kit

  34. Deployable Site Transport Boundary (DSTB) Fly Away Kit (FAK) Deployed Architecture Bandwidth Of Opportunity “X” Band (MILSATCOM) “Ku” Band (Commercial) BGAN “L” Band (Commercial) COMM Earth Station COMM Earth Station/Gateway HOTEL Broadband TELEPORT/STEP DSTB FAK NCTAMS DISA NMCI Laptops NIPRNet NMCI NOC

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