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Name ______________________________. Wild Shots, They’re My Life By Tui De Roy From Ranger Rick Magazine Prediction

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Presentation Transcript

Name ______________________________

Wild Shots, They’re My Life

By Tui De Roy

From Ranger Rick Magazine



Author’s Purpose

inform persuade entertain


Wild Shots, They’re My Life

  • Focus Skills:
  • To summarize author’s purpose
  • To read and understand a magazine article
  • To compare magazine articles
  • To use singular and plural nouns correctly
  • Genre
  • Magazine Article- a short piece of text that is published in a magazine
  • Summary
  • A wildlife photographer describes how she took some of her favorite photos. Find out the skills that are essential to her job.
  • Reading Strategy
  • Using Text Structure and Format
  • Writers of nonfiction sometimes include special features such as headings and photos to help readers understand important ideas. Paying attention to the way a selection is organized can help readers understand it.


  • *Who have always been the author’s best friends?
  • Why do you think the author tells readers that her best friends have always been furry, feathered, or scaly?
  • How is the author able to get up close and personal with wild creatures?
  • How do you think the author feels about wild creatures? What details help you figure this out?
  • *What does the author describe on pages 212 and 213?
  • Do you think it is easy or hard to get photos such as the ones you see here? Why?
  • Why do you think the author spends so much time telling readers about how she gets her photos?
  • *The author gives a lot of details about how she took the picture of the iguana. What do you think she wants readers to understand?
  • A human swimmer gets banged up by the waves and rocks, but an iguana doesn’t. Why is this?

Think and Respond

  • How is the author able to take close-up photographs of animals?
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Some words in this article are in color. How do these words help the reader?
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Why does the author say that wild shots are her life?
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • How would you feel about getting very close to a wild creature, as the author does?
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________