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U. S. Studies II Chapter 25 Review Game PowerPoint Presentation
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U. S. Studies II Chapter 25 Review Game

U. S. Studies II Chapter 25 Review Game

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U. S. Studies II Chapter 25 Review Game

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  1. U. S. Studies II Chapter 25 Review Game

  2. Required employers and educational institutions to give special consideration to women, African-Americans, and other minority groups. Affirmative Action A1

  3. Favoring one group over another group on the basis of race or gender. Reverse Discrimination A2

  4. Scorpion King A3

  5. Late 20th alliance of conservative special interest groups concerned with cultural, social, and moral issues. New Right A4

  6. Programs that provide guaranteed benefits to particular groups. Entitlement Program A5

  7. Political alliance of religious groups that condemned liberal attitudes and behavior and raising money for conservative candidates. Moral Majority A6

  8. In regards to Civil Rights, what concerned many Conservatives in the 1980s? Even though they agreed with Civil Rights policies, many did not want forced busing for their kids. A7

  9. ____ is an example of a result of an Entitlement Program. Social Security A8

  10. LOST A9

  11. During the early 1980s, Conservatives objected to what they believed were excesses in: Government Regulation A10

  12. According to the theory of Supply-Side Economics, __ is the first step toward creating a healthy economy Cutting Taxes B1

  13. Strategic Defense Initiative was extremely costly: Missile Defense System B2

  14. What negative impact did the tax cuts have on the Federal Budget in the 1980s? Increase in the National Debt B3

  15. Commando B4

  16. Shania Twain B5

  17. During Reagan’s presidency, federal spending increased most for: Military & Defense B6

  18. The cutting back of federal regulation on industry. Deregulation B7

  19. What impact did the Reagan Administration have on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? Cut the budget, which hurt the EPA’s ability to fight pollution and conserve natural resources. B8

  20. First woman to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sandra Day O’Connor B9

  21. Supreme Court Justice that was surrounded by controversy about sexual harassment after his nomination. Clarence Thomas B10

  22. 40th President of the United States. Ronald Reagan C1

  23. 41st President of the United States. George Bush C2

  24. What affect does the AIDS virus have on the human body? The virus destroys the immune system, thus weakening the body’s ability to fight infection. C3

  25. In the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decided: During the 1st trimester, the woman had a right to privacy in regards to abortion. C4

  26. In the 1980s, reports on education revealed that U.S. schools were: Performing worse than those of most other industrialized nations. C5

  27. If you were Pro-Choice, you would be: Would be a supporter of legalized abortion. C6

  28. What impact did the White Flight have on urban areas inside the United States? As income and taxes left the cities, so did the opportunities for success in the cities. C7

  29. If you were Pro-Life, you would be: An opponent of legalized abortion. C8

  30. Man in Los Angeles that was attacked by police, and the court case surrounding him sparked riots. Rodney King C9

  31. Commando C10

  32. Proposed and failed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would have prohibited any government discrimination based on sex. Equal Rights Amendment D1

  33. The basing of an employee’s salary on the requirements of his or her job alone. Pay Equity D2

  34. How did Native-Americans reorganize their own schools? Organized schools to teach young Native-Americans about their past and culture. D3

  35. During the 1980s, what problems did the Equal Rights Amendment face? Supporters of the ERA failed to get ratification for this amendment. D4

  36. A member of the New Right who objected to Affirmative Action was MOST likely to criticize it for ___. Resulting in discrimination against white men. D5

  37. Like women in the United States, how did both African-Americans and Latino-Americans achieve their most important gains in politics? These groups were able to get people elected or appointed to high offices in the government to represent their interests. D6

  38. President Reagan appointed this man as Secretary of Education in 1988. Lauro Cavazos D7

  39. This woman ran as Vice President in the 1984 Presidential Election. Geraldine Ferraro D8

  40. African-American that ran for Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 1984 and 1988. Jesse Jackson D9

  41. 1st African-American Governor of Virginia. L. Douglas Wilder D10

  42. The last Soviet President that was forced to resign from office in 1991. Mikhail Gorbachev E1

  43. 1st Russian President after the fall of the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin E2

  44. E3

  45. Russian for “openness” and allowed for open criticism of the Soviet Government and encouraged Freedom of the Press. Glasnost E4

  46. Russian for less government control on the economy and the introduction of democratic principles. Perestroika E5

  47. Rebels who fought against the Somoza family and the National Guard in Nicaragua. Sandinistas E6

  48. Chinese Premier responsible for the brutal repression of students at Tiananmen Square. Li Peng E7

  49. Outside of China, what events could of sparked the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in 1989? The fall of communist governments in Eastern Europe, and the weakening of the Soviet Union. E8