so you have a class with giesen n.
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So You Have a Class With Giesen … PowerPoint Presentation
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So You Have a Class With Giesen …

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So You Have a Class With Giesen …

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So You Have a Class With Giesen …

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  1. So You Have a Class With Giesen… Some general logistical things

  2. The Room • 5 refuse receptacles in the room • Recycling: White Paper – Large blue bin in shelf • Recycling: Mixed Paper – smaller-but-taller blue bin • Recycling: PLASTIC bottles –yellow bucket • Use common sense! – if bucket is full, pretty good bet you’ll pass a large coke-bottle-looking container on your way to your next destination after class. Don’t delicately balance things in some ridiculous teetering tower of garbage manner • General Trash (2) – one in front of the room by Giesen’s mobile office, one in back of the room, near the exit

  3. The Room 2 • Desks – be good to them • Giesen’s computer desk (“Mobile Office”) – Please leave it alone unless you have need/permission • Giesen’soffice/pile-of-stuff-closet – it’s a mess. Don’t mess with the mess • Turn-in Baskets – by windows, labeled for each hour. Be conscious of what hour you are and turn things in in the proper basket, please • Staplers/Tape/Scissor/etc. – available as needed

  4. The Teacher • Mr. Giesen is my name – call me pretty much any permutation therein (Giesen, Mr. Giesen, Mr. G, G, etc.) • Mr. Giesen is sometimes cynical and/or sarcastic – I will never intentionally insult/offend you. It might happen by accident. • Offhand remarks, bad jokes, nicknames, etc. • If Mr. Giesen asks you about your weekend, or your dog, etc. he’s not being creepy – just trying build rapport. • If you ask any legitimate question about the material, Giesen will attempt to answer it – I will never intentionally give you bad information, but I MAY accidentally be incorrect.

  5. Emergency Stuff • Fire/Drill • Out the door, turn right, go down Door 1 steps and out Door 1 • Congregate on the sidewalk TOGETHER so you can be counted by teacher (see this pic). Once your presence is established you can mill about and find your friends • Tornado • Down steps at Door 1, head to Band/Choir hallway, duck and cover on the floor • Evacuation • Stay together, evacuate in a calm orderly fashion • I believe our evacuation assembly area is the church to the south of student parking

  6. Speaking of Phones… • Modern smartphones are powerful tools and there are many potential legitimate uses for them in class: • Notes, due dates, test-date reminders etc. • These LEGITIMATE uses are generally acceptable • Phones should ALWAYSbe silent • If you abuse your phone in class, you’ll be asked to give it to me and it can be picked up at the Attendance Office after school. • Don’t want to give it up? Then it becomes an issue of insubordination instead of a simple cell-phone violation • Leave school before 3:03 regularly? Then you’d best not violate cell phone policy

  7. Decorum • Keep in mind that you are in a PUBLIC PLACE • Speak and act in a manner appropriate to that setting • You are all entitled to your opinions, but when you express them you must be respectful of others • This is not just MY school or just YOUR school, it is OUR school. At the risk of sounding cheesy, help me make it a place we’re all proud of. • Monitor yourself and your classmates and stick up for what is right

  8. Do you have any questions??? • Pop a hand up and we’ll see if we can answer them.