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A Book About Horses

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A Book About Horses. By Layla Bellissimo. Dedications. This book is dedicated to my best friends Avery, Shea, Kate, and Lily. They all love horses like me .

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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A Book About Horses

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a book about horses

A Book About Horses

By Layla Bellissimo

  • This book is dedicated to my best friends Avery, Shea, Kate, and Lily. They all love horses like me.
  • I also dedicate this book to my best friends who might not like horses so much but helped my along the way. My friends Talia, Lauren, Jordyn, Anna, Kate, Dhara, Caroline, Emma, Leila, And Molly.
  • The next people I dedicate this book to is my whole family, (even the ones who aren’t bellissimo’s) for giving me the chance to go and met horses for the first time.
about the author
About The Author
  • Layla lives in BeverlyHills, Michigan. She loves horses and goes to a horse camp in the summer called Black River. She loves to ride and knows all the stuff about horses. She told herself that in the future she would buy a ranch and own a horse. She likes to play tennis and sing to. She now is 11 and wishes to work in the yard to earn money to buy a horse. She also really hopes you enjoy her book!
information page
Information Page

Copy Right

Published in 2011

By Mrs. Cook

Author Layla Bellissimo.

Suffer 2 years of Federal Prison if copied by whomever.

Most pictures from Google images.

chapter 1 from sprinky to jack
Chapter 1-From Sprinky To Jack
  • “Oh my god” I screamed as I saw that ad in the paper. The ad was for a 2 year old horse. A black Stallion named Sprinky. “Man that name really stinks” I frowned. “Don’t worry we’ll see if he’s still for sale right now”. My dad exclaimed. Later at about 10:00 we went to the owner’s house to see if Sprinky was there. He sure was! My grandma Ruth came down state to help me pick out a horse. “Yeah he sure looks mighty fine” said my grandma “you should get him…. but change the name” She whispered. My dad talked to the owner and she said she’ll give the trailer for free and all the other stuff today and Sprinky too.
chapter 1 cont
Chapter 1-Cont.

We were driving back up north with Sprinky in the trailer. We were driving grandma back to her home and all the sudden I found a name. A new name for Sprinky that is. “Black Jack”! I hollered, “Black Jack”! “I’ll call him Jack for short”. I said a little softer. “You can ride him on grandma’s field” My mom offered, a little frazzled. “YEAH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “To break him into riding” I said to have some reason to go outside. Once we got there I hoped out of the truck and took jack out onto the field. I did some lunging (on the ground controls using a rope) to watch Jack’s skills. He was pretty good for a horse that just learned!

chapter 2 horse show
Chapter 2- Horse Show
  • Another time I was with Jack was for a show. Jack and I were there at the show and I started. The jumps were raised up so it was hard to get over them. First jump flowerbox. The flowerbox is the jump that has water by it so it makes the horses want to refuse the jump. “Go jack” I said as I counted strides in my head. “Yes” he did it! “Good Boy” I eased. Next jump 3 rails one. Jack cleared it by a mile. Next jump, Hay bale. A hay bale jump is 2 or more hay bales stacked on top of each other. Jack made it over without hesitation. I told him that he was doing a good job and we got trough the rest of the course in the nick of time. Jack and I finished in… FIRST PLACE the leader board said next to my name. My name next to the first place! Yes I had done the intermediate show! Next up advanced. I screamed to my friend Lily and we had a great day grooming our horses Jack and Well-wisher.
chapter 3 get real
Chapter 3- Get Real

As you know if you really want to have a horse you have to learn how to take care of it. Some basics we’ll cover are:

  • Food
  • Stables
  • Daily Riding
  • Grooming
  • Water
  • Tack

These things are in a daily life of a horse. You probably want to learn how to do this stuff.

chapter 3 get real c ont
Chapter 3- Get Real Cont.

Jack and I were out on a sunny Saturday. After riding in the blazing sun we decided to go inside. When we got to Jack’s stall we found his water bucket (usually filled by the stable workers) was empty. “What the heck?” I said to myself “The bucket should be filled, I’ll check in with TJ. (By the way TJ is one of the stable workers.) “Hey TJ what’s the problem with the water and the food?” I said to him while he was working. “Oh didn’t you hear the water is out and the truck with the grain foods didn’t come”. “oh, so should I give Jack…” “ The pony nuts right over there”. TJ said finishing my sentence. I grabbed the bucket of new pony nuts. ( Pony nuts is a combination of grass and molasses gross!!) Once I poured the weird looking food in Jack’s food bucket he sniffed it a backed away. “Sprinky!” I said. Since everyone hates his old name I call him that when I get mad. After a while I gave up.Now I know that he really hates Pony Nuts!

chapter 4 stables
Chapter 4- Stables
  • Well to start off you’ll need to have a stable to keep your horse in. There are three types of stables:
  • A stable where they keep your horse but you have to ride, feed, give it drinks, e.t.c.
  • A stable where you do half the work like riding your horse. Then they do the things like food and water.
  • A stable where they do all the daily work for you. So when you come it’s all done.

Those are some of the stables you might want to have.

chapter 4 stables cont
Chapter 4- Stables Cont.

My parents and I were looking for a stable to let Jack stay in when Grandma wouldn’t be able to keep him in her field. We finally agreed on a “Half” stable. (where they do some of the work and you do the other half). I really thought that Jack might be scared to go to a different place other than grandma’s ranch. He would probably miss it at Grandma’s because Jack liked the open space and part of the woods to run in. (which made him good at cross country.) So we let him get used to his new home which was called Sunny Acres Stables.

chapter 5 food vitamins a nd water
Chapter 5- Food, Vitamins, and Water

Once you pick your stable you have to pick some food for your horse. Don’t forget to add any vitamins they might need. Some horses need vitamins because they are sick or have a bad condition. That’s okay it just means your horse is special. Otherwise you might just give them vitamins because they are lazy or need them for the day. Horse food is different. Some horses hate to have grains and other love that; it’s just the way they are. To see what type of food your horse likes you have to check with whomever you bought your horse from or the vet. Don’t forget the salt lick! A salt lick is a rock with salt on it. Horses need salt so remember to put it in the food bucket!

Water is very important. Weather it’s hot or cold outside horses need water. Some lukewarm tap water should do the trick. But BEWARE, after a race a horse needs to be cooled down before they drink. Also, give them lukewarm water so the water isn’t too cold or too hot. Water that is too hot or cold could cause sickness or even death.

chapter 5 food vitamins and water cont
Chapter 5- Food, Vitamins ,and Water Cont.

Jack loves to have vitamins, I really don’t know why. I give him just plain vitamins for energy. Lily once said that horses like the taste of vitamins. So Jack and I went and asked the stable people if we could have some energy vitamins and jack tried them and he loved it! Now he can’t wait in the morning to have some!

chapter 6 daily riding
Chapter 6- Daily Riding

To make a horse feel good and get their exercise you need to take them riding. Horses like to ride. You could also turn them lose in the pasture. But you will need to make your horse lose energy somehow. My advice is if you are sick or don’t feel like riding do lunging. I like to ride and focus in controls when I’m daily riding. It’s a way to let go and care less, plus it’s good for both of you.

chapter 6 daily riding cont
Chapter 6- Daily Riding cont.

Jack likes to exercise in the morning. I remember one time that Jack just sat there peaking his head out from the stall and wining really badly. So I led him outside, he bolted for the field out of my hands. “SPINKY!!!” I yelled at the top my lungs. “Come B-” “Do you mind? Its about 7:00 in the morning and you are just waking up the horses”. Said some man in muddy jeans and shirt. After that Jack was trying to lick me. “Oh stop you caused all of this mess”. I said laughing a bit. I led jack back inside and groomed him. “We’ll try riding after school, buddy.” I told him as I grabbed my backpack and left the stables.