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How to Use Twitter for your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use Twitter for your Business

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How to Use Twitter for your Business
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How to Use Twitter for your Business

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  1. How to Use Twitter for your Business A Webinar Presented by Webbed Marketing in Partnership with Fahlgren

  2. Introductions - Presenters • Yvonne Rayburn, Webbed Marketing • • @yrayburn • Lara Kretler, Fahlgren • • @LaraK • Rebecca Roebuck, Webbed Marketing • • @dcrebekah

  3. Introduction to Twitter • What is Twitter? • In simple terms – free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows anyone to say anything to anybody in 140 characters or less. • Twitter is a “what are you doing now” type of micro-blogging. • Great way to communicate/network with contacts old and new. • You can subscribe, share, friend or follow as many feeds as you would like.

  4. How to use Twitter • Sign up! • Very painless. Go to • Next step to save yourself time and questions should be

  5. Profile/Twitter Handle • Once you sign up you will get a home page/profile page. • • From your home/profile pages, you can find others Twitter streams to follow and post your own messages. • Your Twitter handle is how others know you on Twitter. • @yrayburn

  6. Why would I use Twitter? • Do you want to connect with others in your industry/who share your views? • Do you want instant access to what is being said about your company/brand? • Would you like a steady stream of ideas, content, links, resources, and tips focused on your area of expertise or interest?

  7. Why would I use Twitter? • Would you like to monitor what is being said about your customers or target audience? • Would you like to extend the reach of your thought leadership? • Are you looking to promote your products directly to a target audience? • Twitter is great for all of these, except the last one!

  8. Why would I use Twitter? • News is happening first on Twitter! • Great way to get the headlines before they even hit the newswires or news about what is happening in your community. • Sometimes, not accurate, as with the death of Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. But, was re-tweeted correctly within minutes!

  9. Who to follow • With Twitter, who you follow is everything • First figure out who is important to you: • People talking about your brand or industry • Prospects • Customers • Influencers • Experts • Resources exist to help you find them

  10. Finding people to follow, – search Tweets for company/industry keywords – search/view conversations by Twitter name, – Twitter business directories – see who’s following you so you can follow back

  11. Following the right way Don’t start following 1,000 people right away Follow those who follow you Start monitoring keyword mentions related to your brand or company or interests Follow others in proportion to who is following you

  12. What do I say? • Follow those who interest you and be of interest yourself so others will follow you • Provide something of value – information, links, tips, humor, personality, humanity • Don’t be a bot or spammer! • Remember to engage in two-way conversation

  13. How Do I Brand & Promote My Business? • Grab branded Twitter name NOW • Even if not ready to use it, scoop it up • Generate website or blog traffic • Showcase your website link in profile • Tweet to promote new blog posts (yours and others of interest) • Feature “specials” for Twitter followers • Don’t over-promote, but do share links and information related to your business

  14. How Do I Brand & Promote My Business? Answer questions, offer advice Provide tips and info related to your brand, company or industry Showcase your expertise and gain credibility Be a good Twitizen – respond to queries about more than just your subject area Add value to gain and keep followers Be a human voice for your brand

  15. How Do I Brand & Promote My Business? Showcase your Twitter @name in offline communications: Advertisements Business cards Email signature Press releases Packaging Web site

  16. Twitter Case Study: Zappos • Zappos Philosophy • Marketing strategy based on positive word-of-mouth and customer retention • Advertising dollars are spent online • Enhance the Zappos customer experience • Encourage an open and communicative company culture

  17. Twitter Case Study: Zappos • Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has been using Twitter for over a year

  18. Twitter Case Study: Zappos • Great feedback and warm feelings toward Zappos from the Twitter community and blogosphere. Zappos gets it!

  19. Twitter Case Study: #dontgo • #dontgo is a Twitter-based effort to force a vote on new oil drilling during the House’s August recess. •

  20. Twitter Case Study: #dontgo • How was the movement successful? • Twitter was used to notify people of a grassroots movement • Members of Congress connected directly with Twitter followers • The story made headlines • The movement has been given the tag #dontgo on Twitter • Members of Congress have joined twitter • • Even the White House is on Twitter •

  21. Companies on Twitter That We Follow • NBC @NBC_4 • CBS @10TV • Experience Columbus @ExpCols • CNN @cnn • Comcast @comcastcares • Dell @RichardatDELL • Whole Foods @wholefoods

  22. More Twitter Resources • Twitter fan wiki: • • Tweetmarks (commonly bookmarked Twitter sites): • • 69 Twitter add-ons: • • 50 ideas for using Twitter for business: •