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STREET LAW- March 20, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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STREET LAW- March 20, 2006

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STREET LAW- March 20, 2006
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STREET LAW- March 20, 2006

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  1. Let’s Get Started! Why do you think gangs use graffiti, tattoos, and different colors to identify them? STREET LAW- March 20, 2006 • AGENDA~ • -Articles • Notes • Gang Signs- graffiti, tattoos, signs • Webquest

  2. Gang Turf • Gangs are Turf oriented • Most gang homicides are the product of fights over turf, status and revenge. • Gang members graffiti their gangs name or logo to identify their turf • While being in a gang is not illegal, many things that gangs do- such as graffiting other’s property is illegal

  3. Gang turf in Hollenbeck This map details the turf claimed by Hollenbeck's 34 gangs, which include 6,756 members and associates, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Locate each gang's turf by finding the corresponding color on the map. Gangs and Turfs

  4. How gangs identify themselves? • Wear gangs "colors“ • Wear certain types or brands of clothing • Tattoos • Imprinting gang marks on their bodies • Certain types of hairstyles • Hand signals • Graffiti- on walls, streets, school, work, and other neighborhood locations

  5. GRAFITI • Graffiti is the most common way for gangs to communicate their messages • Organized graffiti is one of the first signs that street gangs are taking hold in your neighborhood • It is an excellent way to track gang growth, affiliation, and sometimes even provides membership information • Graffiti serves several purposes, all of which is understood by other "gangbangers," even members of rival sets. • Graffiti communicates many messages: • challenges • warnings • pronouncements of deeds accomplished or about to occur. • To fight against gangs many local authorities have procedures to deal with graffiti to show gangs they will not be tolerated. • remove or paint over after it is documented and investigated by the police.

  6. Examples of Graffiti This indicates the name of the gang claiming this territory, usually a neighborhood name. Folks is a reference to the Folk or Hoover Nation gang which is based in Chicago but is popping up all over the South. Sometimes these gang members also are known as Shorty Folks, Shorties, and Black Gangster Disciples/BGD's.

  7. Examples of Graffiti This is the six-pointed star which is the symbol of the Folks. In this example, they have both proudly proclaimed their affiliation and dissed (issued disrespect) to the rival Vice Lords by turning the cane handle upside down (Vice Lords use the upright cane in their graffiti). The Folk Nation pitchfork is upright showing respect. The letters at the six points of the star are symbols of the concepts of the Folk Nation: Life, Loyalty, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. This is considered gang "knowledge" and is only a small part of what gang members must learn. In fact, many gang sets have extensive books, usually handwritten, of rules and regulations and gang history. These rules must be memorized. Often, gangs have set meeting dates and read from their "Book", and discuss gang business. In a strange sort of way, these meetings resemble fraternity or civic meetings. Many gang members have told of being "violated" for not knowing certain portions of their knowledge when called upon by a gang leader to recite it.

  8. Examples of Graffiti This is a warning to Blood gang members, rivals of the Folks as well as the Crips. SLOBS is the "put down" word used by Crips and Folks (who appear to be loosely aligning) to describe Blood gang members. Notice that the B is crossed out. This is another "put down" and warning for Bloods to stay away. Serious gang members will always write in a fashion to dis rival gangs. 187 is part of the California Penal Code number for Homicide and 211 is same for armed robbery. In many gangs, if members use the word Blood or Crip instead of the dis words, Slob and Crab, a violation can be given.

  9. Examples of Graffiti East Coast represents LA gang orientation. "Cuzz" is a term of endearment used by Crips to address each other. Substituting dollar signs for the S's indicates that this gang is selling narcotics. BK stands for Blood Killer. Sometimes you will see CK which stands for Crip Killer. Street names, signature of artists

  10. Examples of Graffiti Typical Vice Lord Graffiti--The pyramid and eye of "Allah". The IVL stands for Insane Vice Lords, a Chicago group. CVL or Conservative Vice Lord graffiti is also sometimes seen. The drawing is said to represent the ancient pyramids and their black builders. Note the number of bricks in the pyramid--21. This has significant meaning to a true People Nation member. Note the similarities to some Muslim symbols. Very few if any local gang members have any connection at all to the Muslim faith.

  11. Examples of Graffiti Vice Lord marker and hand sign, sometimes drawn, sometimes used as a hand signal. The five-pointed star is used by the Vice Lords and Bloods in the Little Rock area

  12. Examples of Graffiti Put down to rival BGD six-pointed star saying the five points of the Vice Lord star is 5 popping (shooting at) the BGD six-pointed star. It should be noted that in some instances, numbers will appear rather than letters in the drawings or graffiti of "bangers". Usually, this is a fairly easy code to break because gangs simply use the number which corresponds to the place the letter falls in the alphabet as in: .7.4 = B.G.D. = Black Gangster Disciple 12.12.12 = L.L.L. = Love, Life, Loyalty

  13. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS Lower left forearm, the word "Crab" upside down. Crab being the disrespect term for Crips. The "A" is replaced by a 5 pointed star.

  14. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS Blood clothing, note the red shoe laces in his right shoe and the Chicago Blackhawks jersey. In Minnesota most blood sets represent to the right since Vice Lords wear similar colors and represent to the left.

  15. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS Blood clothing, note the right pant leg pulled up representing to the right.

  16. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS RBD for Red Blood Dragons, left forearm, old english script.

  17. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS RBD for Red Blood Dragons, left forearm, with "Blood" underneath it.

  18. Gang Tattoos- BLOODS “Blood" on right hand.

  19. Gang Tattoos- CRIPS Right chest, "WS", West Side, in this case a WS Tre-57 Crip. Left chest, nickname, "Jess-C-James". Crips may frequently include "C" in street names.

  20. Gang Tattoos- CRIPS Upper left arm, W/S RAC 120, West Side Raymond Avenue Crip, 120th St. Most Crips in Minnesota represent to the left as the Gangster Disciples represent to the right.

  21. Gang Tattoos- CRIPS Typical Crip colors. This Gangsta is Crippin "L.A. Style," meaning he is representing to the right. Note the right pant leg rolled up. Crips that represent to the left are Crippin Minnesota style.

  22. Gang Tattoos- CRIPS Oriental Loks are affliated with the Crips. Note the Old English Gothic script tattoos.

  23. Gang Tattoos- CRIPS Oriental Loks are affliated with the Crips. Note the Old English Gothic script tattoos

  24. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right chest, 5 pointed star with a number "5" in center. Above the star the words, "All is one." Left chest, bunny head with nickname above.

  25. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Close up of previous picture.

  26. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE VL shaved into left eye brow and a 5 point star under left eye.

  27. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Street name and tattoo.

  28. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right hand, bunny head and Old English "COB." COB is a "People" affiliated gang like the Vice Lords.

  29. Gang Tattoos- VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right wrist, "COB".

  30. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Right upper arm, 6 pointed star with pitchfork up to the right and cane down to the left.

  31. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Upper right arm, 6 pointed star with pitchforks up and canes down. Large "G" in the center, numbers correspond to letters in the alphabet.

  32. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Til Da World Blo", with pitchfork up

  33. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Street name "J-bone" with a 6 for GD.

  34. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Tattoo from a GD. Skull with a top hat to disrespect Vice Lords.

  35. Gang Tattoos- GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Right forearm, large GD with pitchfork up and cross down, "people".

  36. Gang Tattoos Ankle, smile now / cry later. A pair of theater faces that help show a mentality common with many gang members. (The tattoo itself may not necessarily be gang related.) These 3 dots are a common gang tattoo found almost anywhere on the body. It means, "My Crazy Life."


  38. Gang Signs The “Primo” Sign Power Number One Victory

  39. Gang Signs Piru Sign: “Blood” Kitchen Crip Crips: “Cousin” Bounty Hunters

  40. Gang Signs Bishop Brims Mafia Crips Athens Park

  41. Gang Signs “C”: Crips “C-C”: Compton Crip “U”: Underground Crip “H”

  42. Gang Tattoos- “E”: East “M”: Mafia Crip “0”: Number Zero “H”: Hoover Crip Black Stone

  43. Remnants of Gang Violence

  44. Webquest Time Take it away Mr. Crabtree!

  45. Websites I used