Routines and procedures for ms wahl s grade 5 class
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Routines and Procedures for Ms. Wahl’s Grade 5 class. Each morning…. 1. Agenda open on desk. 2. Bell work. Attention!. Class, I need your attention please. Eyes front! Lips zipped!. Agenda/Homework. Check the screen for the plan for the class.

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Each morning l.jpg

1. Agenda open on desk

2. Bell work

Attention l.jpg

  • Class, I need your attention please.

  • Eyes front!

  • Lips zipped!

Agenda homework l.jpg

Check the screen for the plan for the class.

Write down homework/reminders in your agenda at the end of each class. Your parent/care-giver must initial the agenda every night, and I will check for those initials every morning.

Dismissal l.jpg

I will dismiss the class…

…not the bell. Please keep working until told to do otherwise!

Bring all materials to class l.jpg
Bring all materials to class.

If your pencil breaks during class,

raise your hand (pointer finger) and

borrow one from the supply counter.

Please do not sharpen

pencils while the teacher

is talking!

Name date class l.jpg
Name, date, class

Ms. Wahl

Sept. 2, 2008

Math 5












Raise your hand l.jpg
Raise your hand…

Question or relevant comment…

Need supplies…

Need to leave the room (washroom

or drink—don’t forget to sign out/in)…

Changing classes l.jpg
Changing classes

Single file, quiet as a mouse.

Row leaders hand out collect l.jpg
Row leaders hand out/collect

If someone is absent,

please put hand-outs

in an Absent Folder

on their desk. (in the rack

by the door)

Hand in assignments to baskets l.jpg
Hand in Assignments to Baskets






Is your name, date and class on it????

Is it in the right basket????

Absent l.jpg


…your file

…the board

…with the teacher

If the teacher is called to the door or the phone l.jpg
If the teacher is called to the door or the phone…

…keep working, or if the teacher was giving instructions…



What s allowed l.jpg
What’s allowed…


Only at recess!

Those are the expectations don t worry we ll practice until we get them right 100 of the time l.jpg
Those are the expectations.Don’t worry, we’ll practice until we get them right 100% of the time.

Together we’ll learn lots, and have an awesome year!