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Rapid eLearning: Disintermediate or Die! PowerPoint Presentation
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Rapid eLearning: Disintermediate or Die!

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Rapid eLearning: Disintermediate or Die!
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Rapid eLearning: Disintermediate or Die!

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  1. Rapid eLearning: Disintermediate or Die! Presented @ Online Educa Berlin December 2005 Ted Cocheu, CEO Altus Learning Systems http://rapid-learning.blogspot.com/ ted@altuscorp.com Altus Learning Systems 61 E. Main Street Los Gatos, California, USA 95030 http://www.altuscorp.com 408.395.9154

  2. Summary • The world has changed and learning must change with it. • Most adult learning involves building on what we already know—knowledge transfer is often sufficient. • Reducing time and cost of learning content, while increasing the volume, is essential. • We must disintermediate—create the shortest path between experts and learners. • “Googlizing” organizational knowledge is key • Rapid eLearning works!

  3. Disintermediation • Definition from Wikipedia • In economics, disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: cutting out the middleman--schnitt aus dem Zwischenhändler. Producer Middleman Consumer • Benefits • Reduced time and cost, increased efficiency/capacity • Greater customer intimacy, increased authenticity

  4. Why Rapid eLearning? • Trends • The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman • Speed is king • Knowledge is exploding • Budgets are limited • Courseware is increasingly not scalable • Other Facts • Workplace learning is informal • People forget • Most critical business knowledge is proprietaryand much is inaccessible

  5. Most Adult Learning Is Informal

  6. Two Meanings • Rapid Course Development • Doing the same thing more quickly • Streamlining the process for developing courseware/formal training • Focus: Formal Learning/Training • Rapid eLearning • Doing things differently • Disintermediating the process—transferring knowledge more directly from those who have it (experts) to those who need it (learners) • Focus: Informal Learning

  7. Rapid Course DevelopmentGoal: Streamline course development process Weeks/Months Experts Analysis Design Devel./Test… Learners Rapid eLearningGoal: Disintermediate knowledge transfer process Hours/Days Experts Learners Doing Things Differently

  8. Time toKnowledge Volume ofKnowledge High Time to ChangeApproach Low Past Future When Change is Needed

  9. RapidDevelopmentZone Disintermediation Zone Time toKnowledge Volume ofKnowledge High FormalizedTrainingZone Disintermediation Zone Low Past Future

  10. E-LearningCoursewareand Labs RapideLearning Collaboration Where Rapid eLearning Fits

  11. The Universe of Knowledge Sales, Tech Sales Technical Support Resellers, Distributors RemoteTeams End Users Audiences Purposes Sources/Settings Prod. Training/Updates Meetings Technical Updates Classes/Seminars Sales Updates Conferences RapideLearning Virtual Help Desk Conference Calls Reference Web Conferences Formats Uses/Methods Presentations Training Demonstrations Performance Support Conversations Documentation Delivery Methods Intra/Internet Wireless Connected Disconnected

  12. Presentations and Lectures Software Demonstrations PhysicalDemonstrations It Can Take Many Forms

  13. 20% spent seeking info <50% successful 10% of payroll spend seeking successfully 10% of payroll wasted seeking unsuccessfully Often working without needed knowledge Challenges: search time  search success Effective Search Is The Key

  14. Search Results: Search Presentation Course Topic/Slide Transcript Assets/ViewingOptions “Googlize” Organizational Knowledge

  15. People Use It Avg. 20% per Quarter Growth for Last 10 Quarters Number of Content Uses 1Q03 2Q03 3Q03 4Q03 1Q04 2Q04 3Q04 4Q04 1Q05 2Q05 Quarters 1Q03 – 2Q05

  16. People Love It From: Field Engineer Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 6:10 PM To: vportal_support@altuscorp.com Subject: This is incredible! I just wanted someone to know that I think this is one of the most important and useful sites for an FE that I have ever encountered. I just want to thank everyone who assembled this project. This is incredible. I now have the capability to train myself better than I ever have before. I am one happy FE today!!!! Field Engineer Leading Networking Company