cyntrx eld pro compliance simplified n.
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CyntrX ELD Pro: Compliance Simplified PowerPoint Presentation
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CyntrX ELD Pro: Compliance Simplified

CyntrX ELD Pro: Compliance Simplified

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CyntrX ELD Pro: Compliance Simplified

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  1. CyntrX ELD Pro:Compliance Simplified

  2. ELD Mandate Overview: On December 10, 2015, FMCSA announced its final rule requiring the adoption and use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by all drivers currently required to complete paper records of duty status (logs) The device must by “fixed” to the unit The device must be able to print or display in the CMV The regulation applies to all CMV’s required by HOS >10,000 lbs. GVWR

  3. CyntrX Overview: CyntrX now offers an ELD service Complies with December 2017 ELD Mandate Operates on common mobile platforms Integrated Electronic DVIR Simple application download and setup

  4. What is Needed: “I currently have CyntrX GPS installed in my truck, how do I get ELD?” - To get CyntrX ELD service, you will need to install an additional device (ELD) in your truck. You will receive a device from CyntrX with all required hardware. Simple installation requires the device to be plugged into the diagnostic port. “I do not have any services with CyntrX GPS, how do I get set up with ELD?” - Option 1: You will need both GPS and an ELD device installed in your truck. You will then have access to CyntrX telematic services, along with all ELD amenities. - Option 2: CyntrX can provide you with our Flex device. This single device application will allow you to access just the ELD service if needed. It is portable, and ideal for a rental fleet.

  5. What is Needed: Customer is responsible to bring their own device (BYOD: Phone/Tablet) Phone/Tablet connects to ELD via Bluetooth Supports Android devices • iOS available August, 2017 Simple application download and setup, CyntrX ELD Pro App • Application Space < 50mb, Average Monthly Data Usage 500mb Solution on smart device works with Wi-Fi Only or Data Plan • Wi-Fi Only, driver needs ability to log-in/log-out to app when in Wi-Fi area. If not, data will not sync back to portal.

  6. What is Included: Driver Mobile Application Fleet Manager Website BTLE Accessory Activation Training Software Updates CyntrX Support - CyntrX gives you the ability to create, view, edit, sign, print, and email logs and inspection reports in compliance with all FMCSA guidelines – right from a smartphone or tablet. Our solution is fully compliant with existing regulations and will remain a compliant solution as the industry transitions to ELD.

  7. CyntrX Compliance Contact Chris Moureau 920.338.0479