clinical mental health counseling internship site supervisor orientation
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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship Site Supervisor Orientation

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship Site Supervisor Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship Site Supervisor Orientation. College of Education Counseling and Human Services 2013-2014. WELCOME!.

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clinical mental health counseling internship site supervisor orientation

Clinical Mental Health Counseling InternshipSite Supervisor Orientation

College of Education

Counseling and Human Services



Thank you for accepting our student for a supervised internship experience with your agency. We truly appreciate your willingness to support the growth of our students as they complete the field experience portion of their education. You play a very important role in their development as mental health professionals and we look forward to working with you.

  • This presentation will serve as your orientation to our internship supervision process and answer questions you may have about the process.
  • Should you have any additional questions, need clarification, or desire more information, please feel free to contact the field placement liaison on your student’s chosen campus:
practicum internship handbook
Practicum/Internship Handbook
  • Attached to your welcome email is a copy of Roosevelt University’s Counseling Program Practicum and Internship Handbook. While we invite you to review the entire handbook, this presentation will highlight the sections which will orient you to the internship supervision process and responsibilities of the university, the student, and the site supervisor.
cmhc course objectives
CMHC Course Objectives
  • During the course of their internship, students are required to be enrolled in weekly internship seminar class with a university supervisor.
  • Internship course objectives can be found on page 11 of the Practicum and Internship Handbook.
  • Your intern’s university supervisor will be in contact with you to introduce himself or herself and plan a site visit.
internship hours
Internship Hours
  • CMHC student interns are required to complete a total of 600 internship hours over a period of two semester (fall and spring). Of those 600 hours, 240 hours must be direct client contact. Direct contact hours activities include individual counseling, group counseling, and intake assessments.
internship site supervisors
Internship Site Supervisors
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling internship supervisors must hold a graduate degree in counseling, psychology, or social work, be licensed to practice independently, and must have a minimum of two years of pertinent professional experience.
    • LCPC
    • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    • LCSW
site supervisor responsibilities
Site Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Site supervisors should provide the student intern with an orientation regarding your site’s mission, objectives, standards, administrative practices, and policies.
  • Site supervisors should provide audiotape, videotape, and/or direct observation experience for student interns on a regular basis.
site supervisor responsibilities1
Site Supervisor Responsibilities

The site should provide the student with an opportunity to deliver direct counseling services consistent with the student's capabilities. These activities may include but not be limited to: individual counseling, group counseling, marital/family counseling, intake interviewing, career counseling, administration and interpretation of tests, consultation, psycho-educational programs, and workshops.

site supervisor responsibilities2
Site Supervisor Responsibilities

The site should provide to the student the opportunity to observe and participate in supportive services and activities. These may include but not be limited to: record keeping, program development, referral information, assigning the use of professional literature (including non-print media, computer resources, etc.), research opportunities, participation in staff meetings and case conferences, and development of collegial staff relationships.

site supervisor responsibilities3
Site Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Site supervisors should meet with their student interns a minimum of one hour per week for supervision of counseling activities and should be a resource for additional consultation as needed.
site supervisor responsibilities4
Site Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Near the end of each semester, site supervisors will be asked to complete an online evaluation of their student intern. An email with the link to the evaluation will be sent by the university supervisor. The university supervisor is responsible for assigning a grade for the student. The final grade will reflect the formal and informal evaluations of the site supervisor and the faculty supervisor.
student intern responsibilities
Student Intern Responsibilities
  • Internship students, along with their site supervisor, will plan the goals and activities of the internship experience in line with the requirements of the university program.
  • The student will plan a schedule that will allow him or her to satisfy the requirements of his or her program in a timely manner.
  • The student will be prompt and consistent with his/her agreed-upon schedule at the site and will notify the site supervisor of any expected or unexpected schedule changes.
student intern responsibilities1
Student Intern Responsibilities
  • The student will adhere to the policies, standards, and practices of the site.
  • The student is familiar with and will act in accordance with ACA Ethical Standards (2005).
  • The student will keep records and activity logs as required by both the site and the university program. These will include evaluations of the site, the site supervisor, and the faculty supervisor. It is expected that these records will accurately reflect time spent on site and duties performed.
student intern responsibilities2
Student Intern Responsibilities
  • The student is required to obtain professional practice liability insurance prior to the beginning of clinical experience in Practicum and Internship and is expected to maintain this insurance throughout the clinical experience.
site visit
Site Visit
  • The university supervisor will conduct a site visit for each student each semester. He or she will also be available for consultation with the site supervisor on a regular basis. The university supervisor should provide the site supervisor with email and phone contact information at the beginning of the student’s internship experience.
problem resolution
Problem Resolution
  • In the rare event that there are difficulties during the internship experience, the site supervisor and/or the student should contact the university supervisor and the field placement liaison on the students chosen campus immediately.
thank you
Thank you!
  • Thank you for partnering with Roosevelt University’s Counseling and Human Services program to provide excellent internship experiences for our students. The faculty and students in the program look forward to working with you! As a token of our appreciation, upon completion of the semester, site supervisors are eligible to receive a course voucher, good for one three credit course offered at Roosevelt University. Contact your student’s university supervisor for more information.