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Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels

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Gulliver’s Travels

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  1. Gulliver’s Travels A Voyage to Lilliput By Jonathan Swift Jessica Magbee, Lauryn Dilkes, Michael Billings, Anya Saretzky and Noah Ballard

  2. Chapter One • Tells of Gulliver’s childhood and young adulthood • Takes a voyage on the Antelope, is shipwrecked • Wakes up on the the Island Lilliput • Is a captive of the Lilliputians, people who are six inches tall • Is taken to the capital city and housed in a temple

  3. Chapter Two The Emperor visits Gulliver and makes decisions for the captive’s future Gulliver is shot at by Lilliputians He shows his clemency by scaring his attackers but letting them go unscathed, impressing the Emperor Intellectuals of the island are appointed to teach Gulliver the local language The contents of Gulliver’s pockets are examined and recorded The examiners confiscate some of his possessions including his weapons

  4. Chapter Two Continued The political allegory of England between 1708-1715 begins Gulliver represents the leaders of the Tories, Oxford and Bolingbroke The search of Gulliver’s possessions is symbolic of The Committee of Secrecy’s investigation of Oxford and Bolingbroke The leaders were accused of favoring France in the Treaty of Utrecht which ended the War of Spanish Succession

  5. Henry Saint JohnLord Bolingbroke1678-1751 Robert Harley 1st Earl of Oxford 1661-1724

  6. Chapter Three The Emperor rewards Gulliver for his good behavior Political candidates perform on ropes to gain favor with the ruler Swift likens this rope-dancing performance to England’s Orders of the Garter, Bath and Thistle Although Gulliver says he has never seen such performances, Swift is quoted saying, “And he who will leap over the stick for the King/ Is qualified best for a dog on a string” The court agrees to set him free with a list terms and conditions Gulliver’s enemy, Skyresh Bolgolam gets the inclusion of unfavorable terms Bolgolam represents the Earl of Nottingham, who tried to restrict the Tories’ power

  7. Daniel FinchSecond Earl of Nottingham1647-1730

  8. Gulliver visits the city of Mildendo which represents London Reldresal, the Principal Secretary explains the politics of Lilliput The opposing parties are the Tramechsans and Slamecksans who represent England’s Tories and Whigs The Lilliputians are involved in a war with Blefuscu representing France in the War of Spanish Succession They are warring over which end to break eggs which satirizes the conflict of Catholics and Protestants, England and Rome or the English Civil Wars Gulliver pledges his allegance to the Emperor in fighting the Blefuscuians Chapter Four

  9. Chapter Five • Gulliver swims to Blefuscu • Under attack, he steals their entire fleet of ships • Gulliver is made a Nardac, the highest Lillipution honor • Gulliver protests the court’s plan to conquer the Blefuscuians • The Blefuscuians arrive to negotiate peace and Gulliver promises to visit their country • This visit is frowned upon as Bolingbroke’s visit to France was • The empress’ apartments in the palace catch on fire • Gulliver is summoned for help, putting out the fire by urinating on it • Although he saves the palace, the Emperor does not approve of how he went about it while the Empress vows revenge • This may refer to the Treaty of Utrecht which stopped the warquestionably

  10. Chapter Six The author describes Lilliputian culture This society values morals over ability when appointing public servants Gulliver notes that the Lilliputians differ from the English in that they use rewards as well as punishment to keep society in order A description of the Lilliputian education system is given The government is described as somewhat Socialistic Males and females interact in an animalisitic manner

  11. Chapter Six Continued Gulliver describes his treatment: food and clothing The author is accused of misconduct with a respectable lady This incident relates to the infidelity of Catherine Shorter, wife or Sir Robert Walpole a Whig leader Walpole is represented by Filmnap the Treasurer

  12. Chapter Seven Gulliver learns that the government has turned against him He is accused of high treason The emperor is persuaded that Gulliver should be blinded instead of killed This reflects the impeachment of Bolingbroke and Oxford where is was suggested they only be accused of misdemeanors rather than treason Gulliver flees to Blefuscu where he is welcomed Like Gulliver, Bolingbroke feared he wouldn’t receive a fair trial and escaped to France

  13. Chapter Eight The author discovers a damaged boat off the coast of Blefuscu The locals assist him in acquiring and refurbishing the boat The Emperor of Lilliput calls for Gulliver’s return but is snubbed politely by the Blefuscuian Emperor Gulliver is given permission to leave the island

  14. Chapter Eight Continued After a month’s preparation, Gulliver departs with food and animals for propagation He is picked up by an English vessel, his heart swelling with patriotism at the prospect of returning to his homeland In England, he sees his family and displays his miniature farm animals Finally he sets off for another most excellent adventure

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