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GULLIVER‘S TRAVELS. Vendula Šípková. Jonathan Swift , 1726 Book of adventurous travels Written in prose Satirical piece satir e on a human society, he critises government and conditions in England, racionalism The portrait of ideal societ y. The piece consists of 4 books:.

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gulliver s travels


Vendula Šípková


Jonathan Swift, 1726

  • Bookofadventuroustravels
  • Written in prose
  • Satirical piece
  • satire on a human society, he critises government and conditions in England, racionalism
  • The portrait of ideal society
the piece consists of 4 books
The piece consists of 4 books:
  • Briefview to the main character‘s life, Lemuel Gulliver, ship‘s doctor
    • Very educated, smart, studiedmedicine
    • He gotmarried, but he wasunhappywithouttravelling
  • He becamethecaptainoftheAntilopa’s ship
  • He shipwrecked => swam to unknown island (Liliput)=> was captured by Liliputians=> he promised good behaviour => they took care of him, he became favourite
  • Problems with Blefusk => he refused to made it a Liliputian’s colony => was accused from treason => he found out and ran away to Blefusk, finally he got home to England
2 travel to brobdingnag
  • Ship Adventure was chased to unkown island => Gulliver wanted to explore the coast => he found out he is on the island of Giants
  • One Giant’s farmer took care of him, he became popular also by the Royal’s family
  • He spent there 3 years, then eagle kidnaped him and he got back to England
3 travel to balnibarb glubbdubdrib luggnagg a japan
3.) TRAVEL TO Balnibarb, Glubbdubdrib, Luggnagg a Japan
  • His ship was kidnaped by pirates
  • Gulliver saved himself => he got toisland Balnibarbi, above there‘s another, flyingislandLaput
  • Then he gotto Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, Japan and finallyhome
4 travel to the land of hvajninims
  • His last travel
  • A large part of his crewdied, he had to make a newone => they conspired against him and let him on the island of Hvajninim’s
    • Wise, speaking horses
    • there were no lies, pride, thefts etc. in their world
  • Another tribe: Jahuy’s
    • Creatures with human’s characters and bad behavior
    • Gulliver hated them, he recognized himself in them and also others Englishmen who wants just fortune and power
  • He liked it there, wanted to stay forever in this ideal society but he was expelled
closing part
  • When he came back he didn’t want to live with people
  • He became loner, lived alone with his 2 horses
  • His travel took more than 16 years