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Profiling the target audience for Russell’s APSW (account planning school of the web) PowerPoint Presentation
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Profiling the target audience for Russell’s APSW (account planning school of the web)

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Profiling the target audience for Russell’s APSW (account planning school of the web) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Profiling the target audience for Russell’s APSW (account planning school of the web) . Good start. You’ve made me want to read on. Hi. Do you like cheese?. This is good. But you could have done it all with a picture. Who the BRAND is. .

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Profiling the target audience


Russell’s APSW (account planning school of the web)


This is good. But you could have done it all with a picture.

Who the BRAND is.

Finsbury Park Fromageur Shop at 15 Finsbury Avenue (I walk in front of it every day going to school)

Nice, small, cozy cheese and bakery stuffs shop with a dainty black front window coverlet that says “Finsbury’s Fromageur” in Monotype Corosiva cream letters.

Shop is smallish and you have to walk around the middle display piece where the owner puts the jars of feta cheese and the fresh pains-au-chocolat and orange and cinnamon pies.

Inside color palette is cream/yellow and white wood with hand knitted doilies covering some jars – grandma’s pantry-like; it smells of …well, cheese and fresh baked stuff and the crowning touch is an Italian chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

The staff wears long black aprons and white shirts with a dandy looking grey neck scarf and their name printed in Monotype on the shirt.


Very nice. I should be saying you’ve written too much (because you have) but you’re getting away with it because it’s well written and it’s got jokes in it.

One thought - don’t put thinks like this - (??) - if you’re not sure of something, don’t put it in.

What the BRAND is

.. an island

.. reminiscent of Florence in the middle of Finsbury

.. a source of exceptionally good cheese in the country of mild and fat free cheddar (bleach!)

.. a quiet oasis where you can savor different types of goodies without the staff looking at you funny

.. a place to meet interesting people

.. a place to remember mom’s and grandma's kitchen

.. a place for nice conversation

.. a place to make you feel cosmopolitan and sophisticated

.. a connoisseurs’ getaway (??)


Now this is too much.

Who the BRAND is for

  • CLUES:
  • the font used to write the name of the shop and staff
  • the name of the shop: Finsbury's Fromageur
  • the color palette
  • the chandelier
  • the doilies

Summarise. Precis. Distil.

Gary loves cheese (duh!) …  but not just loves it, loves it enough to take the trip to Finsbury when it’s congestion time and park in front of the shop although it’s a no parking zone. He travels a lot. He drinks wine because cheese works with wine. He’s been to the Loire Valley at least once and is thinking of going again. Although he lives no way close to there, he goes to Portobello – busy market in West London - to buy freshly baked olive bread if FF does not have it.

He drives a small and rocky car because he’s not a connoisseur of cars but of cheese and the car was mainly because he felt it was high time to get one. He has a set of great glass wines in the kitchen and can cook certain complicated dishes that involve a lot of spices and herbs. Sometimes he drinks tea but only if it’s in a big bag and not in sachets and always with honey and not with sugar or sweetener


Gary wears jeans most of the time, he has a Chinese lamp in the closet from that time they were traveling and could not help buying it. He likes to take walks in the park and would like to have picnics there but is embarrassed of what people might say.

He sometimes shops for books at Foyle's and drinks coffee in Ray’s jazz café; he is in love with a girl who reads Isabel Allende. He has a couple of very good friends and sometimes they come over for wine and cheese and to plan the next holiday to Spain or Portugal



Gary shops at FF on a regular basis, the staff knows him and sometimes they call him by his last name, Mr. Robson. The time spent in the shop is longer than required because he chats to the staff and discuss the latest arrivals.

He likes to taste, browse and the staff knows that he should be allowed to browse and taste because he’s going to come back. He’s not a one-night-stand.

The staff asks Gary about preferences and offers to order special types of cheese for him, sometimes they mutually recommend types of wine to go with the cheese, sometimes they even talk about personal stuff like kids and mothers, but only chit chat while browsing

The staff never uses the plastic bags for Gary; it’s always the good brown paper bags

You need to take the time to write less.


All good ideas. Especially the newsletter - seems appropriate to the lowtech feel of the shop.

How to improve RELATIONSHIP

  • The shop is far way – build a website and deliver to door
      • must have: vintage delivery van with FF painted on sides and antique horn
      • never do: deliver old cheese or deliver late
  • Prepare newsletter and send it to all people who are willing to drop their card – tell everyone news about new arrivals and tips about cheese preservation, wines that go best with different cheeses
  • Start joint venture with local wine shop and deliver present baskets with cheese and wine
  • Reward loyal customers with picnic baskets

How to improve RELATIONSHIP

Send loyal customers xmas cards with owner’s signature

Organize cheese tasting and invite customers and friends

Start putting out own brands of cheese with FF brand by ordering directly from producers in France and Italy and packaging in house

… most importantly

Think niche

Think small

Don’t become Tesco

You’re getting away with this because you write well, and the ideas are good, but you could have done all this with three slides and it would have been a lot better.