growing tensions between colonies and britain n.
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Growing Tensions Between Colonies and Britain

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Growing Tensions Between Colonies and Britain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing Tensions Between Colonies and Britain. French and Indian War. Britain and France claimed land in the Ohio Valley 1754 George Washington was sent by the British to force the French to leave the ORV (Ohio River Valley). French & Indian War.

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french and indian war
French and Indian War
  • Britain and France claimed land in the Ohio Valley
  • 1754 George Washington was sent by the British to force the French to leave the ORV (Ohio River Valley)
french indian war
French & Indian War

This was the beginning of the French & Indian War which lasted almost 10 yrs.

Britain wore bright red uniforms

proclamation of 1763
Proclamation of 1763
  • Gave all east of the Appalachians to the colonists
  • Lands west were for Nat. Am. “as hunting grounds”
  • Gave Britain fur trade control
  • 1st action to anger colonists
proclamation of 17631
Proclamation of 1763
  • Colonists were not allowed to move west of the Appalachian Mts. because it was reserved for the NA. This angered the colonists, so they continued to west anyway.
the quartering act
The Quartering Act
  • British govt. left soldiers to protect the colonist after the French & Indian War
  • Colonists had to provide housing, food, fuel, candles, and transportation. This outraged the colonists & they treated the soldiers badly
stamp act of 1765
Stamp Act of 1765
  • Colonists had to pay a tax on printed paper such as newspapers, pamphlets, marriage licenses, & playing cards. It had to be stamped blue for proof. Colonists protested until it was repealed!
  • Patrick Henry(burgess)

inspired colonists to protest

stamp act of 17651
Stamp Act of 1765
  • Colonists said it was unfair for Parliament to pass laws like this b/c it was taxation w/o representation
  • March 1766-Parliament repealed the Stamp Act
townshend acts
Townshend Acts
  • Mercy Otis Warren, playwright & poet, encouraged women to give up tea and Britain goods.
  • “a small sacrifice”
townshend acts1
Townshend Acts
  • Taxed glass, paper, tea, paint, & lead imported from Britain. Colonists decided to boycott all British goods.
  • Daughters of Liberty was formed to support the boycott.
boston massacre
Boston Massacre
  • March 5, 1770 violence erupted in Boston
  • Colonists gathered outside the Customs House
  • Crispus Attucks, former slave, yelled, “The way to get rid of these soldiers is to attack the main guard.”
boston tea party
Boston Tea Party
  • Britain govt. repealed all of the unpopular taxes except tea
  • Colonists still refused to buy tea even after lowered cost b/c only could buy from 1 company-Britain East India Company
boston tea party1
Boston Tea Party
  • Dec. 16, 1773 Colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians & dumped chests of tea into the harbor to protest Townshend Acts
intolerable acts
Intolerable Acts

King George & Parliament punished colonists by until all ounce of the tea was paid for…..:

1)Closed the harbor

2) No town mtgs.-banned

3) Quartering Act enforced-

colonists had to provide food

& shelter for soldiers