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  1. EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH JASON CULBERTSON Click On The Globe To Continue Click on my name for information about me.

  2. Today, You can choose between Portugal and Egypt Click on one of these countries and let’s GO!!

  3. Portugal is one of the most interesting of European countries. The people and the language are very closely related to Spain although there is not a lot of pro-Spanish sentiment in Portugal for its larger neighbor. Virtually all of the people (97%) are Roman Catholic. The capital is Lisbon(located in the center of the country) and Porto is the second largest city(located more in the north.) The southern region is known for tourism and English is widely spoken.

  4. This is a scene from a university party at Coimbra, one of the oldest cities in Portugal. Each May all of the universities in the cities join together to throw a big street party. The university system in Portugal is much different from the American one. Click ? For more information about the Universities

  5. Portugal also has several ruins that date back to Roman times. The structure above that looks like a bridge is in fact one of the ancient Roman aquifers used to transport water all over the city. These structures are located at Coimbraga which is just a few kilometers south of the city Coimbra seen in the previous slide. There is a museum on this site with many artifacts that were unearthed during the excavations here.

  6. The university atmosphere is much different in Portugal than in the United States. There is less choice in which classes to take, and the students in the same major go to virtually all classes together. This system makes the students in a given major closer to each other.

  7. Egypt Egypt is a land with a long tradition of rich history. The pyramids had dazzled many powerful men including Napoleon Bonaparte, Caesar Augustus, and Jason Culbertson

  8. When most people think of Egypt, they picture mummies and sand. Well, there is a lot of sand, and if you like Indiana Jones you would enjoy a ride around the pyramids.

  9. Click the picture to go to the first page. Hello, my name is Jason and the purpose for this page is to familiarize people with different cultures from distant places. That guy in the picture above is me on a trip to Portugal. I think traveling is one of the best ways to learn about how to deal with people from different backgrounds and societies. I have been fortunate to go to radically different destinations and this page is to bring some of those insights and experiences to you. ENJOY!