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Operational network and history

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Operational network and history - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operational network and history. At the Directorate. DDG CP reports to DG Posts for Corporate planning and Member Planning for Postal Operations. Operational network. Operational Network. Example. Administrative Set up. Example. Accounting Net work of POs.

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Operational network and history

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at the directorate
At the Directorate

DDG CP reports to DG Posts for Corporate planning and Member Planning for Postal Operations

mail office
Mail Office
  • There are 2 Kinds of Mail Office
    • Sorting Mail Office
      • Deals with contents of mail bags addressed to it as well as closed forward bags without opening them
      • Head Sorting Assistant is in charge of Sorting Mail Office. Mail office situated at R.S. are designated by the name of the R.S. followed by the letter RMS i.e. XXX RMS, Example,Lucknow RMS
      • While those not located at R.S. are designated as Sorting Office i.e. XXX Sorting, Example, Panvel Sorting
    • Transit Mail Office
      • Deals only with closed bags
      • Mail Guard or Mail Agent is in charge of TMO
      • They are named as XXX BSTMO if located in Bus Station, Example, Bangalore Bus Station TMO
      • They are named as XXX APTMOif located at Airport, Example, Chennai Air Port TMO
sorting mail office
Sorting Mail Office
  • Based on the specific kind of work, Sorting Mail Offices are of the following kinds
    • Sorting Office
      • Deals with all kinds of Postal article.
      • Sorting offices have 4 branches
sorting mail office1
Sorting Mail Office
    • Packet Sorting Office:
      • Deals with any second class unregistered mail
    • Registered Packet Sorting Office:
      • Deals with only second class registered articles
    • Press Sorting Office:
      • Deals with registered newspapers and periodicals
  • Note : Depending upon the volume of mail different classes of sorting office will be functioning in a city
types of record offices
Types of Record offices
  • There are 3 types of record offices
    • Head Record Office
    • There is only one HRO in a Division
    • The Mail Offices and Sections of Divisional headquarters are attached to HRO.
    • It is a stationary office of RMS & their Section
    • Staff arrangement for the Mail offices & Sections attached to it
    • It prepares salary and contingent bills for the entire division and maintains accounts connected with it
    • The officer in charge of HRO is called Head Record Officer
types of record offices1
Types of Record Offices
  • Sub Record Office
  • A Sub Record Office is a stationary office of RMS
  • It is situated at the same station as a mail office. A Sub Record Office may or may not have sections attached to it
  • Staff arrangements of the mail office and sections attached to it
  • SRO supplies forms, stationary, bags etc to the Mail Office and Sections if any, attached to it
  • SRO checks the work paper and places them on record
  • The official in charge is called Sub Record Officer
types of record offices2
Types of Record Offices
  • Record Office
  • Record office is a stationary office of RMS
  • The Record Office is situated at a place other than H.Q
  • Only sections are attached to it
  • It supplies forms, bags and stationery to the Sets of Sections.
  • In addition, Record Office files the work papers of Sets and Sections attached to it and places them on record for specified period
  • The official in charge of Record Office is called Record Officer
sets of mail office
Sets Of Mail Office
  • Night Sets
    • Set which works throughout the night does not function on the next day/night.
    • Another night set with same set number, same timings and same mail and sorting pattern will work on next night.
    • These sets are suffixed with words Batch-A and Batch-B after their set number.
    • E.g. Mysore Sorting Set No.2 Batch A

Mysore Sorting Set No.2 Batch B

  • Section is a travelling office of the RMS working on railway lines, dealing with sealed bags only.
  • Mail Agent or Mail Guard is the In charge.
  • Sections are numbered serially and designated by the name of the RMS division followed by serial number.
  • Thus Q-31 denotes a Section of ‘Q’ division
    • Between Bangalore & Harihar
national sorting hub
National Sorting Hub
  • The Processing of Speed Post articles is done at Sorting Hubs
  • There are 2 types of Sorting Hubs
    • National Sorting Hub (NSH)

Nomenclature of National Sorting Hub is NSH XXX

Ex : NSH Mysore, NSH Bhopal

    • Intra-Circle Hub (ICH)

Nomenclature of Intra-Circle Hub is ICH XXX

Ex : ICH Bikaner


National Sorting Hub

  • 89 National Sorting hubs and 147 Intra circle Hubs are functioning to process the speed post articles
  • Post offices will be mapped to the National Sorting Hub.
  • POs will close TD and NTD bags to their parent NSH
  • Some POs will be mapped to both National Sorting hub and Intra circle hub
  • These POs will close a bag to the intra circle hub in addition to the TD and NTD bag to the parent NSH.
  • All the articles deliverable under parent NSH jurisdiction are TD article and articles addressed to places outside the jurisdiction of their parent NSH are NTD articles.

Parcel Sorting Hub

The processing of parcels is done at the Parcel Sorting Hubs

86 L1 –Parcel Sorting Hubs and 241 L2-Parcel Sorting Hubs are functioning

bag office
Bag Office
  • Every Departmental Post Office is identified as Unit Bag Office (UBO)
  • Minimum/maximum bag balances for UBOs fixed once in a year by the Superintendent of Post Offices – Memo of authorised bag balances
  • POs maintain a day bag book and submit a daily bag balance report (Annexure-C) to its District Bag Office
bag office1
Bag Office
  • The jurisdictional RMS (SRO/HRO) works as District bag office
  • POs get bags from DBO & send excess bags to DBO
  • Circle Bag Office - The Postal Stores Depot situated at the Headquarters of Postal Circle is identified as Circle Bag Office
  • CBO carries out inspection of UBO/DBOs
material management
Material Management
  • Stamps and Certificates







material management1
Material Management
  • Forms/Stationery supply
    • HO/SO will place the indent directly to the PSD (SK-2 form)
    • PSD will supply the stock directly to the PO, if it is approved as per the master schedule issued by the Head of the Circle
    • BO will receive the supply through the Account office
india post logo1
India Post Logo
  • India Post logo a visual link in communication
  • It’s the corporate identity of India Post
  • Wings show conscious efforts to maintain continuity of communication
  • Its represents dynamism, Speed, elevation, aspiration and action
  • BhartiyaDak in Hindi & India Post in English depicts corporate name
  • Red colour its traditional association with postal services & embodies passion, power & commitment
  • Yellow communicates hope, joy & happiness
history pigeon to plane1
History – Pigeon to Plane
  • Use of pigeon in the reign of Mughal Raj
  • Messengers were used by many kingdoms to convey message: Runners (carrying spear with bell)
  • India Post the oldest organization came into existence in 1854 i.e. 158 years old
  • Rest Houses located in town areas were known as Dak Bungalows
  • In the British Era, Collector used to hand over charge of district to the Postmaster
  • Postal Services service started to use the service of railways since 1854 i.e. with starting of Railway service from Thane to Mumbai for carrying mail
  • 1911 – India becomes the first country to carry mail by air from Allahabad to Naini (18-02-1911)
  • 1972 – Introduction of PIN code number
  • 1986 – Introduction of Speed Post
  • 1995 – Introduction of VSAT money order system and RPLI
  • 2008 – Commissioning Project Arrow
  • 2010 – Introduction of MNOP
  • 2012 – India Post 2012 project launched
india post today
India Post - Today
  • Project Arrow – Making Post Office the window to the world for the common man
  • Mail Network Optimization Project- optimizing the mail network from collection to delivery
  • IT modernization project – India Post 2012 which is aimed at providing robust IT solution including infrastructure and applications
let us introspect
Let us introspect
  • What is the need of hour today?
    • Decrease the operational cost-Is it possible?
    • It will affect operational efficiency
    • Increase the revenue-Yes possible
    • But how?
remuneration from savings bank sc
Remuneration from Savings Bank/SC

Amount in Crores

YRM, PTC, Mys-10

  • Exercise 1.2.1