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Faces of Study Abroad

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Faces of Study Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Faces of Study Abroad
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  1. Faces of Study Abroad

  2. 1st place!Photographer: Stephanie AdamsTrip: Sustainability and Economic Development in Costa Rica Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica • Description:  After a great morning doing community service for a local school, some of the children came out to admire it and help. They collected coconuts from the trees around the school and cracked them open. Most of them didn’t speak English, so instead they just placed coconut piece in our hands to share with us and gestured to our mouths telling us to eat it. Working at the school and with the children made the community service project mean a lot to us. We made an impact on some children’s lives and it was great being able to socialize with the local children and observe what they do for entertainment.

  3. 2nd place!Photographer: Sarah GordonTrip: Practicum II Faculty leader: Drs. Lily Goetz and William Holliday Location: Spain • This photo was taken during the Corpus Christi festival in Spain. The festival is a large celebration held every year to celebrate the Eucharist's procession through the city in 1355. Now, the event is a large parade and host of folkloric activities. The picture is of one of the costumed characters who walks through the streets. This character is one who represents the virtue of having overcome the seven deadly sins.

  4. Photographer: Kathryn GraysonTrip: Art and the Book in London Faculty leader: Erin Devine Location: London, England • Finding The Way: One of the most unique aspects of London is the amazing and complex system of public transport. This photo was taken when we stopped for a minute to review the map and find our way from one stop to the next. Exploring a new city and learning how to navigate the transport system was one of our greatest challenges while studying abroad. 

  5. Photographer: Jamie LeeuwrikTrip: Berber Culture: Ancient, Medieval, Modern Faculty leader: Dr. Steven Isaac Location: AitBenhaddou, Morocco • This picture was taken in a place called AitBenhaddou.  It is a ksar, or a fortified city, located between the Sahara and the city of Marrakech in Morocco.  A Berber woman had invited us into her home for tea, which was a sign of her hospitality and generosity even though it was very visible that she could not afford it.  She was very kind to a group of strangers and as we were leaving she said that if any of us visited Morocco again that we were welcome to visit her.

  6. Photographer: Lydia BerteroTrip: Archaeology of England Faculty leader: Drs. Brian Bates and James Jordan Location: London, England • This picture illustrates the highly detailed outfit of the Yeoman Warders, also known as “Beefeaters.” These bodyguards were able to eat as much beef from the king’s table as they pleased and hence earned the nickname “Beefeaters.” They have a long history starting sometime in the late 1400’s and still guard the Tower of London. The day we visited the tower happened to also be a day when one the Warders daughters was getting married in the chapel on the grounds. All of the Warders were busily giving tours and preparing for the coming wedding. This picture shows the head Warder discussing the days events with one of his fellow Beefeaters.

  7. Photographer: Abby JamesTrip: Semester in Ireland Exchange Institution: Mary Immaculate College Location: Wales • My friends and I decided to take a trip to Wales for sightseeing, cliff jumping and sea kayaking. After a long day of adventures I decided to take one last walk around the area we were staying to explore. I ended up following a small trail near the water and it took me right next to the cliffs edge. I can't explain how beautiful the scene was, the picture doesn't even do it justice. I've never felt so close to nature, to God or myself. It's definitely something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

  8. Photographer: Caleb BriggsTrip: Art and the Book in London Faculty leader: Erin Devine Location: London, England • This photograph was taken during a trip to London, England in March of 2012.  The trip was for "The Art and Book of London" where we learned about multiple mediums of art.  One day of the trip we went on a photo expedition with a professional photographer who taught us the art of street photography.  This photograph was taken on that photo venture near Hyde Park in London.  I saw this gentleman walking down the center of the road and I took the photo simply because I saw it as such an interesting scene.