u s ioos national glider network n.
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U.S. IOOS ® National Glider Network PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. IOOS ® National Glider Network

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U.S. IOOS ® National Glider Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. IOOS ® National Glider Network. Zdenka Willis Director, US IOOS Program Office. U.S. IOOS: Program Overview. WHO. WHAT Observation Data Management Modeling & Analysis Research & Development Education. WHY: 7 Societal Goals, 1 System Predictions of climate change and weather

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u s ioos national glider network

U.S. IOOS® National Glider Network

Zdenka Willis

Director, US IOOS Program Office

u s ioos program overview
U.S. IOOS: Program Overview




Data Management

Modeling & Analysis

Research & Development


    • WHY: 7 Societal Goals, 1 System
  • Predictions of climate changeand weather
  • Safety and efficiency of maritime operations
  • Forecasts of natural hazards
  • Improve homeland security
  • Minimize public health risks
  • Protect and restore healthy coastal ecosystems
  • Sustain living marine resources



Coastal (EEZ to tidal waters)

Enables Decision making and Science

us efforts
US Efforts
  • Navy: 150 Gliders Operational; Glider Operation Center, Naval Oceanographic Office
  • Office of Naval Research: Research efforts through University partners: Rutgers, Scripps, University of Washington
  • NOAA: 2 offices (NCCOS, Climate Observation Division) fund university partners; Scripps, MOTE, USF
  • US IOOS Program Office (in NOAA); funding data management effort, national glider plan, and IOOS Regional Associations
  • NSF: Ocean Observatory Initiative and other University Partners, primarily WHOI and University of Washington
  • Environmental Prediction Agency: Funding US IOOS- MARACOOS
  • NASA: Calibration of Aquarius satellite; university partners
  • BOEM: Supports US-IOOS AOOS/University of Alaska glider operations; also some Gulf of Mexico work
why ioos a growing enterprise
Why IOOS: A Growing Enterprise

* Glider Days provided with support from Federal Agencies including NSF, ONR, NOAA, EPA, state and local governments and private foundations.

glider missions
Glider Missions

Climate/Ecosystem/Fisheries Management/Water Quality


Fish Tracking


The SoCal Niño Index

Response to Oil Spill

Hurricane Forecasting

Deep Water Horizon


hms challenger mission
HMS Challenger Mission

Rutgers Plan for the Challenger Mission: International Education Program for Sustained at-Sea Robotic Global Omni-Presence

Slibo – Drifter

Challenger – back in action

Rutgers University/IOOS Partner

national glider network
National Glider Network

Where are Gliders deployed today!

V1 Comments being Adjudicated

data management
Data Management
  • Will stand up a DAC in 2013
  • National standards to ease exchange of data from regional glider operators
  • Real-time distribution
  • Quality control
  • Archiving
data management efforts
Data Management Efforts
  • NetCDF file format:
    • GROOM/EGO; IMOS;IOOS - similar completely harmonizing is achievable
    • IOOS optimized for web services distribution via THREDDS Data Server
    • Trajectory CF Discrete Sampling Geometry – a must for IOOS baseline
    • IOOS is also working TrajectoryProfile Discrete Sampling Geometry.
  • Proposal: Volunteers from each of the major groups to harmonize the file formats where possible
  • GTS Distribution
    • IOOS formed working group to address a BUFR template
    • Funding NDBC to write encoding software for GTS distribution in two phases: 1) netCDF to TESAC (the older Traditional ASCII Code form which is set to expire 2014) 2) BUFR based on a TBD template created by the JCOMM Task Team on Table Driven Codes
    • Derrick is a member of TT-TDC and has asked the Chair, Dave Berry from Southampton Oceanography Centre to consider Gliders as a top priority.
    • Bob Keeley, former head of JCOMM Data Management Programme Area and TT-TDC is on contract to NOAA/CPO/COD and COD has agreed to lending some of Bob’s time for consultation and advice
  • Proposal: Request commitment to this effort and participation. Require interfacing the IMOS/GROOM/IOOS and the GTS responsible nodes at the national weather services (BoM/UKMET/NDBC respectively).
glider integration is possible
Glider Integration is Possible

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things … and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Opportunity to forge a new path by harmonizing our data efforts