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Presentation by the Department of Home Affairs to the Portfolio Committee on the 2005/06 Annual Report 27 March 2007

Presentation by the Department of Home Affairs to the Portfolio Committee on the 2005/06 Annual Report 27 March 2007. OVERVIEW OF THE ANNUAL REPORT: 2005/2006. `2. ANNUAL REPORT. OVERVIEW: 3 SECTIONS General Information Programme Performance Statutory Requirements

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Presentation by the Department of Home Affairs to the Portfolio Committee on the 2005/06 Annual Report 27 March 2007

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  1. Presentation by the Department of Home Affairs to the Portfolio Committee on the 2005/06 Annual Report27 March 2007


  3. ANNUAL REPORT OVERVIEW: 3 SECTIONS • General Information • Programme Performance • Statutory Requirements FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE OF 3 PROGRAMMES • Administration • Delivery of Services • Auxiliary and Associated Services 3

  4. Programme 1: Administration Aim: To conduct the overall management and administration of the DHA & provision of information systems support to line functions. This programme comprises of the following: • Minister • Deputy Minister • Management Services • Corporate Services 4

  5. Programme 2: Delivery of Services Aim: To provide services to citizens by granting rights and powers to members of the population, and dealing with travel and passport matters, citizenship and population registration. This programme comprises of 7 sub-programmes: • Travel Documents and Citizenship • Population Register • Service Delivery • Admissions • Immigration Control • Refugee Affairs • Boards and Committees (consider all appeals made against decisions of the Standing Committee for Refugee Affairs) 5

  6. Programme 3: Auxiliary and Associated Services Aim: To fund the Film and Publication Board, the Government Printing Works and the Independent Electoral Commission. Expenditure for departmental vehicles and capital works is also included in the programme This programme comprises of: • Film and Publication Board • Government Printing Works • Government Motor Transport • Electoral Commission • Property Management 6

  7. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Strategic and Executive Support Services (SESS) Management Services : • Provides a professional, evaluative, planning and coordinative capacity to the Director-General • Enhances effective and efficient management of the diverse and specialist line function entities of the Department 7

  8. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements - SESS • The structure of the Department has been reviewed to align it with the departmental strategy (Head office and Provincial structures reviewed and approved). • A total of 77 Standard Operating Procedures were finalised. • Office expansion plan reports approved indicating 172 additional locations to be established to improve DHA access as well as 482 mobile stop over points - based on HSRC and CSIR survey findings. 8

  9. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Corporate Services Programme comprises of: • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal Services • Counter Corruption and Security • Communication Services • Internal Audit • Governance Relations 9

  10. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Human Resources Achievements: • Launch of name-tags for all officials in the Department • Filling of 634 posts out of 898 identified as critical • Internship programme launched – 734 appointed since launch. (215 secured employment within DHA and 65 in other government departments) 10

  11. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Induction programme for SMS launched. • Draft Reward and Recognition guidelines developed. • HR Service Delivery Model developed. • E-recruitment system implemented. • Draft HR delegations developed (appointment authority for level 1-8) • Concept paper on professionalising DHA developed (Mabalane project). 11

  12. Achievements: Human Resources National Performance Management Development System (PMDS) workshop held in August 2005 to sensitise managers on alignment of individual and organisational performance management. PMDS roll out programme developed to set standards to ensure common understanding of policies. Workshops conducted in EC, Limpopo and KZN. PMDS policies for SMS and other employees developed. Partnership established with Nation Productivity Institute to identify gaps in performance / productivity and ensure consistent application of PMDS policy. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) 12

  13. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) • Employee Relations strategy developed • 40 chairpersons, 120 line managers trained • Induction training as well as for foreign missions • Strategic partners established with all stakeholders • 80% of cases ruled in favour of the Department • Training provided • Training on finance for non financial managers • 12 months training programme for Immigration Officers developed • Middle and Junior management development programmes in place • Generic skills, computer training, line function and customer care • 198 managers attended the emerging and advanced management and development programme • Mentorship training for 78 managers 13

  14. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) • Integrated employee wellness strategy and programme of action developed and implemented (including HIV/AIDS, sports and recreation and Occupational Health and Safety) • Employee wellness calendar distributed • Employee wellness practitioners represented in all offices 14

  15. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Information Technology Achievements: • Two information technology (IT) training centres established and training conducted in IT, Immigration and Civic Services in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). • Initiated connectivity for foreign offices with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). • Knowledge and Information Management Policy and Strategy developed and implemented. • Intranet launched 15

  16. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Information Services Security Policy and Standards implemented • Disaster recovery and business continuity in place • Master Information Systems Plan (MISP) compiled. • Connectivity for local offices: 240 out of 263 offices computerised. • Ports of Entry - 6 POEs computerised • Smart Refugee Card introduced. • Tender published to integrate MCS, NPR, IEDMS and AFIS 16

  17. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • A web-based Counter Corruption system developed and to be linked to the Incident Reporting System. • Enterprise architecture, IS policies and standards developed and implemented 17

  18. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Counter Corruption and Security Achievements • Forensic equipment acquired for detecting fraudulent documentation. • Partnerships forged in fighting corruption - National Intelligence Agency (NIA), South African Police Services (SAPS), Directorate of Special Operations (DSO), South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), Department of Social Development. 18

  19. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Physical security improved at all offices, following physical security appraisals in consultation with NIA and SAPS. Tender awarded for all offices in Provinces. • Biometric access control system installed at Head Office as well as 24-hour control room • Internal Security Policy drafted. • SOPs on vetting and Emergency Evacuation Plans developed. 19

  20. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Capacity of Compliance Audit Unit has been increased. • Counter Corruption Plan and Whistle-blowing Policy implemented. • National workshop on Counter Corruption took place from 10-12 October 05. Action plan developed and approved. • Top management vetted. • All service providers screened. 20

  21. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Communication Services Achievements: • 1 million copies of “Know your Rights” Booklet published. • Internal and external communication strategies and programmes developed and implemented. • Staff informed of key issues by e-mail and publications • 46 DHA services posted on government portal • The Public Education Unit was established. • Various campaigns publicized (Lokisa Ditokomane, check your marital status, launch of NIB, launch of mobile units, etc) 21

  22. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Internal Audit Achievements: • Risk Management policy reviewed and updated. • Risk Committee in place at Head Office • Risk assessment exercise conducted • Confidential toll-free number for internal use activated. 22

  23. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Financial & Procurement Services Achievements • Basic Accounting System (BAS) implemented at an additional 46 offices bringing the total to 146 offices in provinces. • Delivery of 491 vehicles of which 323 were sent to provinces and 141 to NIB and 27 to Head Office. • 14 properties under Repair and Maintenance Project (RAMP) repaired. • Procurement policy drafted. • All financial delegations reviewed. 23

  24. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Financial & Procurement Services Achievements • Audit of condition of current state – owned buildings occupied by Department of Home Affairs (DHA) conducted. • Training conducted in provinces on budgeting, capturing of receipts and specific areas of Financial Administration. • Full compliance with Supply Chain Management policies: bid adjudication, bid evaluation, and bid specification committees. • Asset register established 24

  25. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Financial & Procurement Services Achievements • Electronic Asset Management system developed • Access to services increased by deploying 64 mobile units and staffing 58 MPCCs • Pre-determined standards (corporate identity and signage) implemented at a further 108 offices out of 278 identified in provinces • New state of the art office built at Khayelitsha 25

  26. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Governance Relations Achievements: • Aten-year rollout plan of DHA representation abroad, with particular focus on Africa and countries of the South, in place and being implemented. • SMS members placed at missions where SA has expanding tourism / trade links and international representation. • A new Directorate: International Relations established. • Contributed towards SA forum policy objectives, e.g. engagements in DRC, Sudan, direct neighbours and in international organisations (AU, UNHCR and IOM) 26

  27. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Legal Services Achievements: • Finalisation and successful implementation of Immigration Amendment Act and Regulations. • Legislative programme for 2006 was finalised and forwarded to Presidency. • Electronic and hard copy library established 27


  29. Annual Report Highlights PROGRAMME 2: DELIVERY OF SERVICES Seven Sub-Programmes: • Travel Documents and Citizenship issue passports and other travel documents, provides financial assistance to citizens abroad, and determines and grants citizenship and its forfeiture. • Population Register maintains a register of citizens and immigrants who have acquired the right to permanent residence, as well as registers births, deaths and marriages. • Service Delivery develops systems for improving the Department’s service delivery. 29

  30. Annual Report Highlights Seven Sub-Programmes: cont’ • Admissions issues temporary and permanent residence permits. • Immigration Control provides for capturing / recording of travellers’ particulars, movements and status at missions, offices and ports of entry. • Refugee Affairs is tasked with the administration of refugees and asylum seekers. • Board and Committees consider all the appeals made against the decisions of the Standing Committee for Refugee Affairs. 30

  31. Annual Report Highlights Civic Services Systems Achievements: • 21 101 191 million (70%) of the approximate 30 million manual fingerprint records were digitised - Back Record Conversion (BRC) • 13 001 095 million absorbed into HANIS Registration of Undocumented Citizens • A further 50 on-line birth and death registration services at health facilities were rolled- out in 05/06 bringing the total to 119. • 92 160 births registered • 25 000 deaths registered 31

  32. Annual Report Highlights Achievements (con): • An additional 57 fully computerised mobile units were manufactured bringing the total number of mobile trucks deployed to Provinces to 64 (3 not registered) • 29 641 birth registrations and • 44600 identity document applications collected in the rural areas 32

  33. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Lokisa Ditokomane Campaign continued (correction of incorrectly recorded personal particulars). • 154 701 of 205 924 citizens’ personal details rectified (75%) and; • A further 39 767 applications returned to offices due to lack of sufficient supporting documents (19%) 33

  34. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: Fraudulent Marriages & Registration of Customary Marriages • Fraudulent marriage campaign: • 212 339 enquiries received • 4 455 alleged fraudulent marriages identified • 2 972 fraudulent marriages expunged from the national population register • 442 applications referred to High Court for decision 34

  35. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements: • Customary marriage registration campaign: • Since the launch, 33 021 finalised • Total of 19 622 customary marriages registered during reporting period 35

  36. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements • The HSRC survey finalised and final report provided • Identity Document distribution strategy formulated and distributed to provinces for implementation. • Service Level Agreement (SLA) reached with the South African Post Office (SAPO) for the distribution of uncollected identity documents • Uncollected IDs reduced from 189 079 to 71 228 for February 2006 36

  37. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements • Temporary identity certificates issued free of charge to applicants who did not receive their identity documents on time for the local government elections • Partnership established with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development with regard to the review of the different marriage dispensations with the aim of introducing a single legislative framework 37

  38. Annual Report Highlights (cont’) Achievements • Guidelines to curb fraudulent births and deaths introduced in the Provinces. • Biometric log-on to the national population register introduced to assist in identifying officials involved in fraud. • Manual tracking of identity document applications implemented 38

  39. Statistical Information 39

  40. Statistical Information (cont’) 40

  41. Statistical Information (cont’) 41

  42. Statistical Information (cont’) 42

  43. Annual Report Highlights Programme 2: Delivery of Service– National Immigration Branch(NIB) 43

  44. Annual Report Highlights Programme 2: Delivery of Service– NIB Achievements • A visa agreement with Mozambique was concluded on 15 April 2005. • Illegal foreigners and refugees • A total of 167 137 illegal foreigners were deported in 2004, and 209 988 in 2005 44

  45. Annual Report Highlights Achievements • Immigration legislation • The Immigration Amendment Act 2004 promulgated and Immigration Regulations published on 27 June 2005, came into effect on 01 July 2005 • Delegations signed on 11 August 2005 • Training on the Immigration Amendment Act, 2004 conducted • Review of business processes finalised 45

  46. Annual Report Highlights Achievements: • Refugee Affairs • New integrated web-based refugee system introduced • Comprehensive communication strategy developed – focuses on changing perceptions regarding refugees • Refugee Backlog Project introduced: • Four additional offices acquired and fully equipped to deal with the backlog 46

  47. Annual Report Highlights Achievements: • Refugee Backlog Project introduced (cont): • Additional human resources acquired (178 contract staff and 4 researchers) and training conducted • Telephone translating service identified • Queue management system in place 47

  48. Annual Report Highlights Achievements: • Refugee Backlog Project introduced (cont): • IT system developed to manage front line application process • New Smart ID Cards for refugees purchased – 50 000 • The backlog cases amounted to 111,153 in September 2005 and stood at 103 483 as at the end of March 2006 48

  49. Annual Report Highlights Border Control Achievements: • Coordination of Ports of Entry operations • Personnel component increased at OR Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) in an effort to address the most critical needs. • Movement Control System (MCS) operational at all ports of entry (POE). 49

  50. Annual Report Highlights Achievements: • Xenophobia • Counter Xenophobia strategy developed and adopted. • Awareness programmes presented to 157 immigration trainees 50

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