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Footprints Orphanage PowerPoint Presentation
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Footprints Orphanage

Footprints Orphanage

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Footprints Orphanage

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  1. Footprints Orphanage Shimba Hills. Kenya Home to 19 Children School for 67 children

  2. Footprints is located in Kenya

  3. Life in the villages around Footprints is very basic – a subsistence existence There are no taps from which to get water Water has to be carried by the women, on their heads, for miles back to where the families live. The water comes from a couple of small muddy springs. The women spend many hours EVERY day carrying water home for cooking and washing.

  4. Houses are made of mud with tree branches used for the roof The houses have no furniture. Usually just a home made bed. The mothers cook in a simple pot placed on a fire on the ground outside the house

  5. The children who come to Footprints are orphaned –that means they have no mother or father to care for them This is Matua. This is where Matua slept before he came to Footprints This is where Uchi slept before she came to Footprints

  6. This is Uchi with Kerry JIGGERS: Uchi’s feet were infested (filled) with tiny worms called Jiggers which, because children are usually bare foot , get in under the skin where the worms live and multiply. The only way to get rid of them is to pull them out one at time.

  7. FOOD Many families do not have enough food to enjoy a meal every day. When the children come to Footprints they are often starving. Many of the local children who attend the Footprints school only have food because of the meals which they get when they come to school. Kerry buys food in a town called Ukunda which is about 10 miles away

  8. Baby George Baby George lost his Mum and Dad in the same week. George weighed less than a bag of sugar at 15 weeks. See how thin his legs are in relation to the mobile phone placed beside them. George is now 3 years old. The children do not have a BIRTH date when they come to Footprints so we give them an official BIRTHDAY. George’s Footprints Birthday is 20th February.

  9. Here are some of the Footprints Children Dotty, Tumani, George

  10. Njoki

  11. Bakari, Jane, Raphael, Mary - inset Jane, Hadija, Eliza, Mary

  12. Ali Eliza Kijana Samwell Matua

  13. Footprints Academy Opened in January 2013 Footprints Academy now has five classrooms in which five Teachers educate 67 children from villages around Footprints Children’s Home