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Build your UDL Toolkit: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Build your UDL Toolkit:. Mindy Johnson, social media expert, instructional designer, research associate. Resource: free new book !. UDL Theory and Practice , Anne Meyer, David Rose, David Gordon. Book Builder. UDL Exchange. Work in small groups or independently ~2:30.

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build your udl toolkit
Build your UDL Toolkit:

Mindy Johnson, social media expert, instructional designer, research associate

resource free new book
Resource: free new book!

UDL Theory and Practice,

Anne Meyer, David Rose, David Gordon

@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

udl exchange
UDL Exchange

@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

work in small groups or independently 2 30
Work in small groups or independently ~2:30
  • Explore, create resources for your classroom
  • Identify a lessons & “UDL-ize” it
      • goals, materials, methods, assessment along the lines of the three principles!
  • Develop an action plan to integrate UDL in your practice

@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

whole group share
Whole Group Share
  • What did you work on?
  • What did you learn about UDL and your practice?

@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

summary of workshop series explore prepare
Summary of workshop series: Explore - Prepare
  • Introduction to UDL: theory
    • variability, context
  • UDL Guidelines
  • UDL lesson design process: goals, variability, assessment
  • Theory to practice: application of UDL in your work
what s udl today
What’s UDL today?

What was UDL?


Possible next steps:

  • Try to integrate UDL in ‘small’ doses
  • Talk about UDL with colleagues
  • Participate with CAST
    • Social media
    • More learning
    • Research
    • Contribute your story!
quiet reflection evaluation write draw tweet type build
Quiet reflection, evaluation(write, draw, tweet, type, build…)
  • What was something new you learned?
  • What is one next step you can take?
  • How does UDL align with your goals?
thank you very much
Contact: aposey@cast.orgTHANK YOU VERY MUCH!

@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014