what is cloud accounting n.
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What is Cloud Accounting? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Cloud Accounting?

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What is Cloud Accounting? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Cloud Accounting?
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  1. What is Cloud Accounting? A SOLUTION FOR YOUR BACK-OFFICE Using today’s technology, we can run your accounting and bookkeeping department from our offices for much less than an internal bookkeeper costs. We can handle all bookkeeping functions: A/P, Check Writing, Sales Invoicing, A/R, Cash Receipts, Payroll, Bank Reconciliations, Credit Card transaction posting, maintain an accurate GL, job costing, etc. Your Accounting Software is hosted on our secure Cloud Server. You and your staff can access your software via internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Next

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  3. Added Benefits • Security. Our Cloud Servers are located in a SAS70 Type II facility, 24 hour monitored, uninterrupted power supply, mirror and off-site backed up nightly. • Anytime. Anywhere. Real-time flexibility. Access you records from any computer, tablet or devise 24 hours a day with real-time accuracy. • Employee Issues. We don’t quit, take vacations, or retire leaving you stranded not knowing how to use a software program or even pay a bill. We keep your business finances confidential. • Protection. We have a multi-level internal control process to prevent theft and can even monitor activity on credit cards or bank accounts and set alerts when transaction amounts exceed a set range. • Accurate. Our team of professional Accountants keep your books on track. Your reports will be correct, no more second guessing. • Affordable. Our fees can be tailored to fit your budget. We don’t require a bookkeepers salary, plus benefits, payroll taxes and workers comp. Next

  4. Get Started! Call Julie for an Evaluation of your Business Accounting Needs 909-982-7180 julieh@cannyandassoc.com 10370 Commerce Center Drive Suite B100 Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730