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Are You Connected? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You Connected?

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Are You Connected?
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Are You Connected?

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  1. Are You Connected?

  2. How to Earn a Better Grade in this Course Using McGraw-Hill digital products to improve your performance The specific resources available for this course and how they will improve your grade Where to purchase your course materials

  3. What Connect Means to YOU Helps you manage your time most effectively Works with you to customize a plan for achieving greater performance Provides feedback and analysis to support your learning needs Average Course Grades C+  B+

  4. Improved Performance with Connect Students who use Connect are: more successfulin the course and receivehigher grades than their peers not using Connect.

  5. What LearnSmart Means to You? LearnSmart is a proven adaptive learning program to help you learn faster, study more efficiently and retain more knowledge.

  6. Improved Performance with LearnSmart Students who use LearnSmart: receive higher grades and spend less time studying than their peers not using LearnSmart.

  7. Your required materials… Tumundo – Irvine Valley Custom edition 1e Connect Plus for Tumundo [Class URL]

  8. You have choices! Visit your campus bookstore for best pricing on print + digital: Print Text + Connect Plus – special package discount . • Includes everything within Connect Plus and the printed textbook Go Fully Digital Connect Plus – lowest price – no print book. • All digital, includes the Connect eBook and access to assignments Connnect Plus codes for all languages are good for up to 24 months so if you continue with Span 2 next semester or next year, you can continue to use this text and Connect Plus.

  9. Get started in 5 easy steps. Go the web address provided by your Instructor. Click the “Register Now”Button. Enter your email address. Enter your access code, select “Buy Online”, or you can “Start Free Trial”if you don’t have an access code. Complete the registration form, click “Submit”

  10. The results: YOU learn faster and moreefficiently YOU get the help you need, when you need it YOU learn more, and earn higher grades

  11. All Product Related Questions: (800) 331-5094 Sun: 10am-9pm pacific time Mon-Thurs: 6am-9pm pacific time Friday 6am-8pm pacific time Saturday 8am-2pm pacific time Call support with any questions. Only contact instructor AFTER you have called and have received a case number from support. Where to Find Help…