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How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World PowerPoint Presentation
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How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World

How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World

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How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World

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  1. How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World

  2. Industry Analyst Altimeter How Connected Content Will Change Your (Marketing) World Dan Kimball Chief Marketing Officer, Thismoment Rebecca Lieb

  3. Thismoment and Connected Content Dan Kimball Chief Marketing Officer, Thismoment

  4. Our Roots to Connected Content more than 10 Brand channels with more than 1BILLION MEDIA VIEWS MILLION Brand channels in more than MODERATED UGC SUBMISSIONS 60 more than 1,000 Live streams with 1 MILLION brand channels simultaneous viewers LANGUAGES


  6. Welcome to “Connected Content” After 5 Years and Thousands of Launches • We’ve Learned that Content Marketing… • Isn’t just for top-of-funnel marketing • Has value across numerous enterprise channels • Must work on all devices and be contextually relevant • Is powerful when content is real-time and user-driven • Is even more powerful when personalized with data

  7. The future is connected content Rebecca Lieb Industry Analyst Altimeter

  8. Differentiation between channels is eroding for consumers.

  9. What ties so many disparate touchpoints together?

  10. Omni-channel Connected Content Contextual Participatory Personal

  11. What is connected content? The imperative for brands to connect paid, owned, or earned media across devices, channels, and other relevant customer touchpoints such as location, time-triggered events, loyalty, or even products.

  12. Omni-Channel Content is the unifying element of how brands manifest across all touchpoints. Content is the atomic particle of all brand interactions, on all channels, platforms, and devices, online or offline

  13. Contextual Context is the antidote to endless, noisy media proliferation. Data helps companies better understand customer context down to the individual level, including (but not limited to) personal, location, historical, behavioral, cultural, social, technological, and beyond.

  14. Personal By wielding contextual cues and data, companies can use connected content to create more personal and personalized experiences, not just through resonant storytelling, but through offering services or utility tailored to individual customers’ needs and circumstances.

  15. Participatory By connecting content across channels, harnessing contextual cues for more personalization and ‘right-time’ relevance, connected content is inherently more interactive and participatory. This two-way model helps drive the very workflow and optimization of connected content.

  16. External benefits Benefit Description Relevance right person, right content, right time, right place, right platform Immediacy near real-time, real-time, predictive Relationship-building relevance, credibility, intuitiveness, loyalty, utility, advocacy

  17. Internal benefits Revenue efficiencies Culture & unification Efficiency Stronger sales & retention Customer intelligence

  18. What are the elements of connected content? • A unified content strategy • The 5 W’s • Customer data • Connected customer journey • Content workflow & convergence • Interactivity & two-way channels • Metrics • Culture of content • Tools & technology integration • Real-time agility

  19. 1. A unified content strategy

  20. 2. The 5 W’s Who What Why When Where HOW to determine context

  21. 3. Customer data Connected content must be informed by customer data. This data can be sourced and aggregated from various sources.

  22. MGM Resorts serves up recommendations based on guests’ location, interests Example: MGM Resorts MGM Resorts sends notifications for nearby restaurants, shopping, show deals, coupons, etc., via guests’ smartphones, based on geo-location, loyalty member status, and preferences.

  23. 4. Understand the connected customer journey

  24. 5. Workflow must account for media convergence

  25. As digital explodes into the physicalworld, connected content must be platform agnostic.

  26. Example: Mattel’s year-long Barbie campaign is designed to disseminate and repurpose content Having ‘lived’ in Malibu since Barbie began in 1959, Mattel’s “Barbie is Moving” campaign culminated with a disclosure of her new home by Christmas, 2013.

  27. While Mattel will include some ads, the majority of the campaign budget is going to digital channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube Video Series, Trulia, Trulia’s blog, Instagram, press releases, and more. Mattel creates a content ecosystem, across channels, formats, media, etc.

  28. 6. Connected content requires a two-way communications channel

  29. 7. Relevant metrics (and attribution)

  30. Example: Sony identified a user-submitted troubleshooting post A phone call costs the brand €7; Viewed 42k times in 2 weeks, Sony affixed a value of €294k (€7 x 42k) to a single piece of content, then developed more content to address the pain point.

  31. 8. This requires a Culture of Content

  32. Example: ESPN’s ‘Be Here’

  33. 9. Connected content requires adequate (and integrated) tools & technologies

  34. Example: Home Depot ties shopping cart to in-store experience

  35. 10. Real-time agility

  36. Example: Walgreens responds to in-store Foursquare check-ins with scannable coupon