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Letter & Resume Unit: . Business Letters Cover Letters Resumes. Business Letter Intro: Response Questions. Discuss several occasions for which you might need to write a business letter. Discuss how a business letter is different in form , style , and tone than a personal letter.

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Letter resume unit

Letter & Resume Unit:

Business Letters

Cover Letters


Business letter intro response questions
Business Letter Intro:Response Questions

  • Discuss several occasions for which you might need to write a business letter.

  • Discuss how a business letter is different in form, style, and tone than a personal letter.

  • Turn in when finished.

  • Take out some paper to take notes regarding the first part of this unit

    • This first part will be over business letters only. We will move on to cover letters and resumes later.

Writing business letters

Writing Business Letters


*Copy and place in binders.

Layout purpose of a business letter
Layout & Purpose of a Business Letter

  • A business letter is a formal way of communicating with someone about someone or something.

    • Can be written in the following layouts:

      • Informative – to inform or explain

      • Persuasive – to argue for someone to do or believe something

      • Motivational – to encourage someone to do or believe something

      • Promotional – to promote, sell, or advertise an object or idea

    • Can be used for the following purposes:

      • to apply for a job

      • to request information on someone or something

      • to provide information about someone or something

Elements of a business letter
Elements of a Business Letter

  • Style

    • Use formal language, NOT slang – words like “cool” or excessive use of “like” are unacceptable.

    • Do not use contractions – spell words out instead.

    • Grammar and spelling must be correct. Use complete sentences (no run-on’s or fragments).

  • Clarity

    • Provide all of the information the reader will need

    • Say it clearly and briefly.

  • Tone

    • Be polite (even if you’re writing a complaint letter). You are more likely to get results if you are polite and courteous.

    • Remember, the recipient of the letter is probably someone you do not even know! Be respectful.

  • Vocabulary

    • Use appropriate vocabulary, and words you understand. Do not try and sound smarter through vocabulary, because you may be using it incorrectly.

    • If you use a word or term that the recipient may not understand, you may need to define it for them.

Formatting a business letter
Formatting a Business Letter

  • A business letter MUST follow this format:

    • Heading

      • Your address

      • Date that the letter is written

    • Inside Address

      • Recipient’s title and address

    • Salutation

      • Ex) Dear ________ :

        • ALWAYS use “Dear” and the colon at the end.

    • Body

      • Three brief paragraphs

    • Closing

      • Ex) Sincerely,

      • Always end your salutation with a comma

    • Signature

      • Your name written in cursive – your signature

    • Printed Name

      • Underneath your signature, print or type your name clearly, in case they can’t read your signature.


  • Handout 1

    • You will see the format you just wrote down applied to an actual business letter.

      • Notice that NOTHING is indented – it is all flushed to the left-hand side!

      • Notice the spaces between paragraphs and lines.

      • Read the body paragraphs. Notice the topics of these three body paragraphs.

  • Handout 2

    • You will see two actual business letters.

Business letter parts practice
Business Letter Parts Practice

  • Write the following business letter parts next to the appropriate line or paragraph on the first letter of handout 2 (pg. number at the bottom reads 972).

    • Heading

    • Inside Address

    • Salutation

    • Body Paragraph #1

    • Body Paragraph #2

    • Body Paragraph #3

    • Closing

    • Signature

    • Printed name

  • At the bottom, identify the layout AND purpose of the business letter according to the notes that you haven taken.

More practice

On the back of handout 2 (pg. 973), complete the practice at the bottom.

Respond to Miyamoto’s request by writing a business letter from Judy Realdata to S. K. Miyamoto.

Your name should not be in this letter anywhere… you are writing the reply as if you are Judy.

Complete this on your own sheet of notebook paper.

When finished, turn handout 2 and your business letter. Please staple together, and make sure your name is on the top page.