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  1. Riddle Me This Identification Moh’s Hardness Scale Soils Going Through Changes 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  2. I am a type of rock which is formed in or near a volcano. What am I?

  3. Igneous

  4. I am the smallest particle found in a rock. Rocks are made up of many different types of me. What am I?

  5. Mineral

  6. I am a type of rock that is formed deep inside the earth. I was once another type of rock, but heat and pressure changed me. What am I?

  7. Metamorphic rock

  8. I am what is left when a rock is broken down or weathered by wind and water. I might contain parts of plants and I make a great substance for growing. What am I?.

  9. Soil

  10. I am a type of rock that is formed in layers. I am the most common type of rock and I also contain the most fossils. What am I?

  11. Sedimentary rock

  12. Carl had two minerals that looked a lot alike. They were the same color and texture. What property would help Carl figure out if the two minerals were the same? A. size B. shape C. weight D. hardness

  13. DHardness will allow Carl to tell if the minerals are alike.

  14. Tommy found a mineral and wants to know what kind it is. What is one thing Tommy can check to help figure it out? A. hardness B. weight C. Temperature D. length

  15. AHardness

  16. Sara found something on the ground. It was heavy, and had many colors. When Sara hit the object with a hammer, it did not break. She could also see two different kinds of crystals in the object.What did Sara find? a rock a fossil a mineral some sand

  17. Sarah found a rock. She knew it was a rock because it had crystals in it. Crystals are MINERALS.

  18. Mrs. Dodge's class is studying minerals. To find the name of each mineral, the student must know A. the shape of the mineral. B. the size of the mineral. C. the color of the mark made on a tile. D. the weight of the mineral.

  19. CThe color of the mark on the tile would be done using a Streak Test.

  20. Which test is used to show the hardness of minerals found in certain rocks? A. scratch test B. streak test C. smell test D.shininesstest

  21. A- Scratch tests show how easy it is to break.

  22. Which mineral will scratch or break a diamond? Corundum Topaz Fluorite No Mineral will scratch a diamond.

  23. D

  24. Which mineral on the chart is the softest or easiest to break? Calcite Feldspar Talc Topaz

  25. c

  26. Which mineral on the chart will scratch feldspar? Gypsum Fluorite Apatite Quartz

  27. D

  28. Which mineral on the chart is hard enough to scratch topaz? Feldspar Calcite Corundum Gypsum

  29. C

  30. Which mineral on the chart is too weak to scratch calcite? Feldspar Quartz Diamond Gypsum

  31. D

  32. Which is NOT a kind of soil?clay mineral loam sand

  33. Mineral

  34. . The best soil in which to grow plants is forest soil. desert soil. beach soil. rocky soil.

  35. Forest soil- It has the most plant matter and nutrients for growing things.

  36. Soil is made up MOSTLY of nitrogen. weathered rock. water. air.

  37. Weathered Rock

  38. Soil is a mix of materials. Which is NOT a part of soil in nature? dead plants dead animals rock pieces plastic pieces

  39. Plastic pieces

  40. Mike took a road trip. During the trip, Mike noticed the ground began to look red. Which type of soil was Mike MOST LIKELY looking at? clay loam sand humus

  41. Clay

  42. Rocks found in rivers are often smooth. Why is this? A. animals in the river smooth down the rocks for shelter B. water flows over the rocks and wears away the rough edges C. water chills the rocks causing the rocks to freeze into smooth shapes D. wind near rivers is strong enough to blow away the rocks rough edges

  43. B

  44. After a hurricane the size of the affected beach is not as large. Which answer explains the reason why this happens? A. the ocean level is higher B. the pollution covers the sand C. erosion of sand by wind and rain D. hurricane rain water covers the sand

  45. C

  46. Susan found some very smooth, round rocks near a small stream. What caused Susan's rocks to be weathered in this way? a. wind b. moving water c. acid in the water d. fish in the stream

  47. B

  48. Which of these carries away the most soil?FiresFloods EarthquakesVolcanoes

  49. Floods

  50. Kate wanted to plant some flowers for her mother. She found a bag of soil in the shed. It was light tan, had big, coarse grains, and when she poured water over it, the water ran right through the soil. What kind of soil did Kate MOST LIKELY find? clay loam sand potting soil