bernotas middle school physical education health n.
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BERNOTAS MIDDLE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH. P.E. Teachers: Heidi Keller, Matt Keller, Joe Komperda and John Krol Health Teacher: Nicole Thompson.

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    1. BERNOTAS MIDDLE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH P.E. Teachers: Heidi Keller, Matt Keller, Joe Komperda and John Krol Health Teacher: Nicole Thompson

    2. Our goal is to provide a quality physical education program, introducing students to a variety of activities throughout the year that will encourage enjoyment of physical activity. We strive to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable them to become a lifelong physically active person. We want the students to understand the importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the lifetime benefits of health and wellness. We hope to keep students active, engaged and feeling successful while emphasizing kindness, cooperation and respect for one another. THIS IS OUR MISSION...

    3. THIS IS WHAT WE DO…. Individual and Team Sports: Badminton Pickleball Track and Field Tumbling Basketball Volleyball Soccer Speedball Team Handball Ultimate Softball Floor Hockey Tchoukball Satryan Ball Lifetime and Recreational Activities: Baggo Bowling Golf Dance Spikeball

    4. FITNESS Fitness Activities: Fitness Walking Circuit Training Fitness Stations Pacer Lap Fitness p90x T25 Fitness Testing: Sit-Ups Flexed Arm Hang Sit and Reach Shuttle Run Mile Run Pacer

    5. Bernotas P.E. uniforms consist of blue shorts and a blue t-shirt. Uniforms are available for purchase at any time during the school year. Shirts cost $9 and shorts are $8. • Students must wear athletic shoes and have them properly tied. • Students are allowed and encouraged to wear sweatpants and/or a sweatshirt under their P.E. uniform when the weather gets colder and class is being held outside. • Rental P.E. uniforms and gym shoes are available in case students forget their P.E. uniform. Rentals may be checked out from the P.E. staff DRESSING FOR P.E.

    6. INJURIES or ILLNESSES Students with a parental or medical request for limited or restricted activity due to injury or illness will be provided with a modified program. Parental notes are good for up to three days; extended excuses need to be issued from a doctor. Students are expected to dress down and participate in the physical activity or modified activity unless notified otherwise.

    7. EFFORT • Gives top effort daily. • Self motivated. • Encourages others. • Committed to improving personal fitness. PARTICIPATION • High level of participation. • Always displays quality movement during activity. • Excellent understanding of skills and strategies. • Stays on task. . ATTITUDE • Shows respect to classmates. • Encourages others to improve. • Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and good sportsmanship. • Works well with others. EXPECTATIONS & GRADING

    8. Mr. Keller Mrs. Keller Mr. Komperda Mr. Krol TEACHER WEBSITES

    9. Mrs. Thompson-Health My web site: E-mail: Best time to contact: 9:30-9:50 & 11:35-12:30

    10. Health Curriculum 6th 7th 8th Health triangle Communication/PP Mental/emotional DMPRefusal skills Alcohol Bullying Decision Making Sexual education Puberty Sleep/caffeine Skeletal system Preventable causes of death Circulatory Tobacco/Drugs HIV

    11. What to expect……. • Students will be learning how to apply what is learned in health to their lives! • Lectures • Activities • Role-plays • Projects • Tests-study guide provided

    12. Journaling-sample questions • 6th:Why is it important to learn how to make good decisions? Give an example of how decisions can affect your life? • 7th:What are 3 goals you have for your life? How could giving in to negative peer-pressure affect your goals? How could giving into peer-pressure effect the 3 sides of your health triangle? • 8th:Explain how you normally react when you are really stressed. Do you think this reaction is healthy or unhealthy? Name at least 3 healthy ways to deal with stress

    13. Requirements • Required for class • 3 ring binder • Dividers- • 8 for 6th grade • 6 for 7th grade • 4 for 8th grade • 2 things to be signed by parents • District 47 letter • Parent health letter