hypertext system overview
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HYPERTEXT SYSTEM: OVERVIEW. presented by : 1. Erin Komarudin 2. Windawati 3. Desiana 4. Rosnani. Concept of Hypertext. ● Pioneers : BUSH,NELSON and ANZEL

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hypertext system overview

presented by :

1. Erin Komarudin

2. Windawati

3. Desiana

4. Rosnani

concept of hypertext
Concept of Hypertext

● Pioneers : BUSH,NELSON and ANZEL

Concept of hypertext was described by Bush as a system; it was called “MEMEX” (Memory Extender)

Memex was created by Bush based on microfilm and eye-tracking technology to enable users to follow cross-reference with ease

● Nelson who coined the term “hypertext”

Based on Bush’s idea of memex.

What is Hypertext

on-Sequential Information. From the windows displayed  on the screen (“Contents” screen), users can open document D directly instead of opening  document A first, followed by document B and C sequentially. Suppose a user can’t find information he requires in document D , and he wants to open document B, he may access document  B directly. This is because there is a link between the “Contents” windows on the screen and document D, and another link with connects document D and B.

problems with hypertext
Problems with Hypertext

One of the major problems encountered when working with hypertext system is helping the user visualize how the information is linked together. How to show the links between documents, and what sort of information is linked to the document.

Along with this, Smith (1988:39) stated that:

In other word, the system need to answer the question “Where am I?”.  “What information is available?” and “How can I get to it?”.  The process of following links can be disorienting, …..

The advantage of hypertext can be summarized as follows:

• ease of tracing references

• ease of creating new references

• information structuring

• global views

• customized documents

• modularity of information

• consistency of information

• task stacking

• collaboration

Advantages of Hypertext

hypertext application
Hypertext Application

• Some of hypertext applications are listed below


- Product catalogues and advertisements

- Organizational charts and policy manua

- Annual reports and orientation guides

- Resumes/CVs and biographies

- Treaties, contracts, and wills

- Newsletters and new magazines

- Software documentation and code

Hypertext in Language Learning

Hypertext system can be implemented in learning of all language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – and also language aspects (components), such as vocabulary or grammar.  However, the application of hypertext in learning grammar shows the best and most successful result.