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K9 Web Protection Software

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K9 Web Protection Software. Because you need to protect your computers!!! By: Ashley Hubbard. What is K9 and What Can It Do?. K9 is a free web protecting software that will allow you to set limits and boundaries on your internet.

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k9 web protection software

K9 Web Protection Software

Because you need to protect your computers!!!

By: Ashley Hubbard

what is k9 and what can it do
What is K9 and What Can It Do?

K9 is a free web protecting software that will allow you to set limits and boundaries on your internet.

    • You can create settings that allow you to visit websites based on types or you can set up specific web addresses to allow or forbid.
  • It is used in addition to the school established firewalls that the students are able to bypass.
    • I have not had any students who have been able to get around the K9 settings.
  • It also helps to protect your computer from malware and phishing.
    • It filters out spyware and malware and prevents it from coming in and disrupting your computer.
requesting a license
Requesting a License
  • In order to use K9 you must 1st go to the website:
    • http://www1.k9webprotection.com/
  • Then click on “Get it Now”
  • Fill out the information, including a secure e-mail address
  • A license number will be sent to your e-mail which will allow you to download it to your computers
downloading k9 onto your computers
Downloading K9 Onto Your Computers
  • Once you get your license number, you can download the software onto the computer.
    • Go to the website, click “Download Software” on the sidebar.
    • Choose your operating system (Windows or Mac)
    • Install software
now you ve got it
Now You’ve Got It!
  • Once it is installed, you must customize it to your liking.
    • Click on your start menu and go to the “Bluecoat K9 Web Protection Administration “ tab
    • Clock on setup and type in your password that you chose
    • You can now customize your security settings!
    • You merely click on the setting you want. If you choose to customize your settings, click custom and then choose the websites categories that you want to block or allow. In this category, you can also type in specific websites you want to permit.
  • High – Protects against all default level categories plus social interaction and unrated sites
  • Default – Protects against all adult content, security threats, and sexually suggestive sites
  • Moderate – Protects against adult content, security threats, and illegal activity
  • Minimal – Protects against pornography and security threats
  • Monitor – Allows all categories – only logs traffic
  • Custom – Allows you to select your own categories to block; also allows you to specify certain websites to block or allow
making changes
Making Changes:
  • You can make changes to your K9 settings at any time including your e-mail address and passwords by simply clicking on the sidebar.
    • It is essential that your e-mail address and password are kept private to ensure that your students are not able to make changes to the computers without your knowing
  • Make sure you always click save after making changes to ensure that the computer stores them.
  • At this time you are going to have the opportunity to go on the K9 website, look around, ask questions, and even get started.
  • If you need any help, I would be happy to aid you in any way I can!

Thanks for your attention, and I hope you can utilize this amazing new tool in your classroom!