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Kraftwerk K9

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Kraftwerk K9
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Kraftwerk K9

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  1. Kraftwerk K9 Comprises State-Of-The-Art Kennels For Breeding Female Dogs

  2. Kraftwerk K9 was created by Wayne Curry with an aim to provide the dogs with a healthy environment. It is known for offering its customers high breed dogs especially German Shepherds at affordable prices. It has a team of twelve highly skilled experts who actively work for the dogs and puppies.

  3. The firm comprises state-of-the-art kennels for breeding female dogs and has large 6'x16' private, covered, and open air runs. Apart from this, the dogs are provided with their own private runs.

  4. Debi and Tim Shippe, AZ, wrote, "These are our dogs, Maximus who is now 4 years old born on 6/22/2002, and Zeus born 8/13/05. As a puppy Max always let Zeus have a turn to be dominating. Now there are certain items, but very few that they won't share. We are thrilled to have such wonderful dogs in our home.

  5. I recently started a home business and people come in and out on a daily basis. The boys calmly great the newcomers, show more enthusiasm to regulars and then go and lay down nicely. They are still very protective when it is needed. They love to go out in public and give lots of licks (kisses) to anyone I introduce them to. They are particularly fond of children.

  6. Max's attitude towards other animals is very welcoming. Many of our friends have fallen in love with our dogs and are willing to wait until we breed him. I encourage them to go to your website as I did to a man I shared an obedience class with. He now has one of your dogs and it is beautiful. I also attended the Desert Dog K-9 Trials in Mesa this spring.

  7. I saw many beautiful animals there but none could compare to my own. I was repeatedly asked where I got them. When I mentioned your name, my boys were looked at in awe. You are way up on the pedestal of expert breeders. I know I was lucky to find you. Each time I look at Max and Zeus I count my blessings. Again thanks for giving us such wonderful companions."

  8. About Kraftwerk K9 Kraftwerk K9 is a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. This facility was founded by Wayne Curry who himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion.

  9. Here, a dog lover can find puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for more information.

  10. Thank You