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Classroom Times

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Classroom Times. Teachers: Mrs. Mills Date: 2/ 28/ 12. Highlights This week in first grade we :

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Classroom Times

Teachers: Mrs. Mills Date: 2/28/12


This week in first grade we:

*focused on the elements of nonfiction texts. First, we prepared ourselves to read a nonfiction text by reading the title, examining the front and back cover, and identifying what we already know about the topic to complete the K (Know) Column of a KWL Chart. Next, we identified what we want to learn from the informational text by formulating questions that the book might answer to complete the W (Want to Know/Wonder) Column of a KWL Chart. Then, we read the book trying to find answers to our questions and identify new information learned from reading the informational text to complete the L (Learned) Column of a KWL Chart.

*had fun brainstorming words with long vowel o and a, then investigating the different letter patterns that make the sound, identified action words, and added the words carry, tell, talk, away, dear, flew, even, and know to the word wall.

*published our pattern books and shared them by participating in a “Gallery Walk”. The students have embarked on our next writing unit, How-To-Books. Ask your child to share with you the features of good How-To-Books.

*continued our study of rules and laws. We discussed safety rules and laws for walking & riding a bike.

*practiced identifying missing numbers and rules using the “Function Machine”, were introduced to the “Fact Table”, explored the concept of collecting equivalent names for numbers using “Name Collection Boxes”, and worked with dominoes to recognize addition/subtraction “Fact Families”.

*began to explore the properties of solids. See if your child can identify a solid and name some of the solid’s properties.


Mrs. Mills

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Looking Ahead

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