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Classroom Times

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Classroom Times - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Times. Mrs . Rainge October 3-7, 2011. Reminders. Reading…. Graded papers: Tuesday Math Facts Test: Wednesday Spelling Test: Thursday Weekly Math Quiz, Weekly Reading Assessment: Friday .

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Classroom Times

Mrs. Rainge October 3-7, 2011



  • Graded papers: Tuesday
  • Math Facts Test: Wednesday
  • Spelling Test: Thursday
  • Weekly Math Quiz, Weekly Reading Assessment: Friday

The story for this week is Shiloh. Students will focus on making inferences and monitoring comprehension. Students will continue to review previously learned skills. *Remember to read for 20 minutes each night and have reading log signed. Please encourage your child to reach AR goals and to practice reading aloud to improve fluency.

Vocabulary: injury, mournful, shrieks, sympathy, delivering, slurp, decency, bulletin board


Language Arts & Writing

Students will learn strategies for multiplication of large numbers and long division. Study multiplication and division math facts each night for quizzes beginning this Wednesday. This week: facts up to 7. Next week: 8 and 9.

*Remember to complete practice problems Mon.-Thurs. for homework.*

The students will common and proper nouns. We will continue to practice identifying and fixing run-on sentences combining sentences, complex sentences and writing friendly letters.

Spelling Words

Check out for fun spelling games!

Social Studies…






vice president


  • ice-skating
  • cardboard
  • field trip
  • ninety-one
  • eggshell
  • all right
  • cheerleader
  • armchair
  • earthworm
  • mountaintop
  • flagpole
  • footstep
  • cornmeal

The students will review the states/capitals and practice summarizing with their lessons. They will also practice map skills and Cause/Effect Relationships.

Students will be do experiments on acids and bases. A chart will be done in their journals on Tuesday. Study the notes on Acids and Bases. We will continue to study matter, properties, the scientific method, and chemical and physical changes.


Memory Work

Happy Birthday!

The World stands out on either side,

No wider than the heart is wide,

Above the world is stretched the sky,

No higher than the soul is high.

By Edna St. Vincent Millay

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