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You can go all. -eyed. looking for some. on the World Wide Web,. brings neighbours together online. Chebucto Community Net is home to many local clubs, organizations and small businesses from your neighbourhood. Here are just a few.

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You can go all


looking for some

on the World Wide Web,

Chebucto Community Net

is home to many local

clubs, organizations and

small businesses from

your neighbourhood.

Here are just a few....

The Commons North Community Association is the online home of residents who live between Cunard and North, and Maynard and Windsor streets. These neighbours are working together to ensure a vibrant, safe and clean place to raise their children.
It seems like everyone is digging up their roots - family histories are being rediscovered on the Internet, and the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia is a great place to start. Sift through this site to find that long-lost ancestor, or research the settlement of the Acadians at this wonderful resource.
The Scottish Culture and Heritage site covers family names, Scottish history and immigration, and much more.
For the adventurous type, Chebucto hosts the website for the Bluenose Soaring Club - a group of gliding enthusiasts from the community of Stanley. This site contains information on learning to glide, and a visual guide to different kinds of gliders.
To Kill A Mockingbird is a standard in English class for all Canadian students. Jane Kansas maintains this all-encompassing collection about the novel, the author, and its place in literary history.
Halifax - and now all of Nova Scotia - has seen explosive growth in the film industry. One hot player these days is Triad Films. Check out their site for pictures and background information on Triad's latest productions.
One of Cape Breton's best social documentary makers is Neal Livingston, whose short films cover the gamut, from the Suet winds of the Cape Breton Highlands to the Toxic Partners at the Sydney tar ponds. Check out Neal’s Black River Productions website!
One metro organization that has had a huge impact on our awareness of nature is the Ecology Action Centre. This site has information on pesticides, organic foods, and encourages citizen action on environmental issues.
The MidWifery Coalition of Nova Scotia promotes the acceptance of Mid-Wives as important contributors to the process of childbirth.

This advocacy site argues for the coverage of MidWife services under the provincial healthcare plan.

The contribution of Black Nova Scotians to the development of our society is recognized by the Black History Month Association. With profiles of prominent members of the black community, this website reminds us of the varied ethnic makeup of our nation and the role they play in Canadian history.
The Upstream Music Association - a not-for-profit professional Arts organization, exists to contribute to the growth of a vibrant cultural community. It nurtures the development and presentation of innovative musical works.
The Irondale Ensemble Project is a theatre company working in communities throughout the province. It promotes the creation of new plays, and the use of theatre as a tool for education through art.
Getting away from it all is a luxury for many... and a great place to hide out for a weekend is at Baile Langan Log Cottages. Located on Highway 215, this is just one of many picturesque locations in Nova Scotia where you can forget city life for a little while.
Get into the swing of things, and drop by the website for the Chebucto Big Band. A collection of professional musicians promoting a popular and unique local sound, this site provides a performance schedule and photo gallery.
Working for positive social development the Men for Change Group supports personal growth, political action, and peer support. It challenges our notions of the roles of men and women in society, in a constructive and encouraging environment. Men for Change holds frequent workshops on current social issues.
All local fans of the CIAU sports world have got to check out this site. The latest scores, and piles upon piles of statistics have made Bob Adams' CIAU SportsPage a fabulous resource for fans. Schedules, historical data, and Canadian Olympic profiles are all available at the click of your mouse.
A few years ago a group of local youth had an idea - which they turned into a learning experience in Egypt. The EDGE group - past participants of Canada World Youth international exchange programmes - created an hour-long documentary on the movement toward environmental tourism in the land of the Pyramids. The Eco-Egypt video is complemented by this website, which provides maps, photos and short clips from the documentary.
If the music moves you, check out the website for Dance Nova Scotia. Here you can find links to dance lessons, performances and other local and national resources.
An informed society leads to a healthy democracy. That's one of the messages found within this webzine created by the Atlantic office of CUSO, an agency which facilitates international volunteer work placements in the developing world. The Sustainable Times covers ethical mortgages, genetically-modified foods, and social protests in its mission to raise our consciousness of vital global issues.
Got a bike? Get to this site, and find friends and fellow riders who share your passion for two wheels. The Velo Halifax Bicycle Club has info on organized rides for all skills, ages and interests.
Learn about the techniques of developing your Whole Mind, and put that brain to good use. What do you know - what can you learn, and how can you accomplish your goals of improved memory, acuity and an agile mind. This is no brain teaser, it's a straightforward website full of interesting features.
Senior women have a wonderful community living option at Victoria Hall. This organization and building of the same name keeps residents active and involved with one another and the community.
Science and Nature are complemented by this watering hole for the Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists. While it brings professionals in this field together, it also encourages training and development of biologists.
Here's a secret for you... the Internet is really just one great big global cookbook! Check out Cyber Chef for a fabulous collection of recipes and more from a connoisseur of the kitchen. It's one of Chebucto's most popular websites.
It's a form of artistic expression ... a martial art... and a meditative exercise. A hot site at Chebucto these days is Yang Style Tai Chi. This resource covers the evolution of Tai Chi, the origins of Taoism, and so much more.
Newfoundland's Grand Banks is a genealogical and historical resource particular to people with family origins in Canada's youngest province. Church records and other official documents, plus many photos, bring the family histories of many alive through this site hosted at Chebucto Community Net.
These are just a few of the many organizations, clubs and small businesses who make up the Chebucto Community Net. You and your organization will find a helpful and reliable home with us, a non-profit agency with community at its core.
Visit our website at

for more information,

or see one of our

representatives at this

event to sign up now!