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All You Can Write

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All You Can Write
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All You Can Write

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  1. All You Can Write SPI 0601.3.12 Select the most appropriate format for writing a specific work-related text (i.e., instructions, directions, letters, memos, e-mails, reports).

  2. Communication It is important to know how to communicate in different situations. Examples: • When is writing a memo appropriate? • Should I write a formal letter? • Are instructions necessary? • Is an e-mail proper?

  3. Instructions • A message describing how something is to be done • Think of these as orders, commands, advice, or directives. • Instructions lists steps for doing an activity or completing a task. • Instructions should be used to outline the steps to be followed in order to complete an assignment, activity, or project correctly.

  4. Instructions to keep your sister from annoying you: By Katrina, 9, Cardiff, Wales When your sister is screaming at you and and you are feeling down here is what you do. 1. First scream in her ear. 2. Then if that doesn't work imitate her and annoy her. 3. Take her teddy bear. 4. If that doesn't work run away and never come back!

  5. Directions • information, particularly as to how to reach a destination

  6. Directions to Opry Mills Mall • 1. From Lavergne 2. Take the 1st left onto Washington St3. Turn right onto S Lowry St4. Take the TN-266 S/​Sam Ridley Pkwy ramp to I-245. Merge onto TN-266/​Sam Ridley Pkwy E6. Take the ramp onto I-24 W7. Take exit 54 for TN-155/​Briley Pkwy8. Turn right onto TN-155 N/​Briley Pkwy E9. Take exit 11 for Opry Mills Dr10. Continue straight 11. Continue straight onto Opry Mills Dr12. Turn right 13. Turn left

  7. Friendly Letters • In a friendly letter, you write to someone you know, using an informal tone. • A friendly letter often tells about recent events in the writer’s life.

  8. Business Letters Business letters are formal messages following specific formats. They may be addressed to a particular person or organization. A business letter is used between companies, customers, and other people that are not considered friends.

  9. Memos A memo is a document sent within a company or organization. It is presented in short form, highlighting certain aspects. A memo is not signed.

  10. E-mail People write e-mail messages for many different reasons – to chat with friends and family, communicate with coworkers, sometimes apply for a job. Therefore, they can be as informal as note left on the fridge or as formal as a business letter – make sure you get the right tone!

  11. Reports • A written document describing the findings, results, or conclusions of some individual or group • The writing in a report is clear and concise and uses an objective, impersonal tone.

  12. So, when should I write a business letter, a memo, or an email?

  13. Business Letters • Formal Tone • They may be addressed to a particular person or organization. • A business letter is used between companies, customers, and other people that are not considered friends.

  14. Memos • Less formal than letters, yet more formal than e-mails. Use a professional tone. • Presents important information to other members of a company or organization. • Write clearly and concisely. • Contain a header that tells who it is from, who it is to, the date, and the subject.

  15. E-mails Less Formal • Chat with friends or family Formal • Official Business (Submitting work to a teacher or applying for a job)

  16. Sample Test Questions