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How can you go?

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How can you go?
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How can you go?

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  1. How can you go? "FAR" Objective - Explain LTA Regulations from: • Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (a/k/a Federal Aviation Regulations [FAR]) • Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 830 – Incident & Accident Reporting • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) AAAA Education Foundation

  2. Updates to the FAR/AIM • Changes affecting the regulations can take place daily • The AIM Changes every 6 months • Updates are posted on the ASA website • • Sign up for updates to be emailed to you • FAA website to review • Advisory Circulars (AC) AAAA Education Foundation

  3. Goals • Try to make it A Learning Experience • To keep everyone Engaged for the next 7,200 seconds • Review with you the Parts of 14 CFR, AIM, NTSB info that relates to you & your pilot certificate. AAAA Education Foundation

  4. 14 Part 1: General Definitions, Abbreviations, Symbols and Rules of Construction 14 Part 43: Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance 14 Part 61: Certification - Pilots & Instructors 14 Part 91: General Operating & Flight Rules 49 Part 830: Accident & Incident Reporting Four 14 CFRs for Flying –One 49 CFR for things gone badA Partial Summary of the 470+ Pages of the Regulations - (for Those Who Have Trouble Falling Asleep!) AAAA Education Foundation

  5. Part 1Definitions & Abbreviations 1.1 - General Definitions 1.2 - Abbreviations & Symbols 1.3 - Rules of Construction • “Shall” is used in the imperative sense (action). • “May” is used in an permissive sense to state authority or permission to do the act prescribed. • “Includes” means “includes but is not limited to”. AAAA Education Foundation

  6. Administrator *Aircraft *Balloon **Category Ceiling **Class Commercial Operator Controlled Airspace Crewmember Flight Time Maintenance Night Operate Pilotage Pilot in Command Preventive Maintenance Rating **Type General Definitions AAAA Education Foundation

  7. General Definitions • AIRCRAFT A device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air AAAA Education Foundation

  8. General Definitions • BALLOON A Lighter-Than-Air aircraft that is not engine-driven, and that sustains flight through the use of either gas buoyancy or an airborne heater. AAAA Education Foundation

  9. General Definitions • BALLOON = AIRCRAFT WHENEVER you read the word aircraft in the text of a regulation – that regulation applies to balloons. AAAA Education Foundation

  10. Definitions With respect to the certification, ratings, privileges and limitations of the airman Categories are: airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air Class are by similar operating characteristics: single engine, multiengine, land, water, gyroplane, helicopter, airship, free balloon AAAA Education Foundation

  11. Definitions With respect to the certification of aircraft Categories are grouped based upon intended use: transport, normal, utility, acrobatic, limited, restricted, provisional Class are by similar operating characteristics of propulsion, flight, landing: airplane, rotorcraft, glider, balloon, landplane, seaplane AAAA Education Foundation

  12. Categories of Aircraft / Airman AAAA Education Foundation

  13. Abbreviations • AGL- Above Ground Level • ATC- Air Traffic Control • FAA- Federal Aviation Administration • IFR- Instrument Flight Rules • MSL- Mean Sea Level • VFR- Visual Flight Rules AAAA Education Foundation

  14. Rules of Construction for 14 CFR “Shall - Is used in an imperative sense.” “May - Is used in a permissive sense to state authority or permissions to do the act prescribed.” “Includes - Means included but not limited to.” AAAA Education Foundation

  15. Part 43Maintenance/ Preventive Maintenance • Maintenance – Inspection, overhaul, repair, preservation and the replacement of parts - excludes preventive maintenance. • Preventive Maintenance – Simple or minor preservation operations and the replacement of small parts not involving complex assembly operations. AAAA Education Foundation

  16. 14 CFR 43.3 (g) Preventive Maintenance The holder of a pilot certificate issued under Part 61 may perform preventivemaintenance on any aircraft owned or operated by that pilot which is NOT used under PART 121, 129, or 135 of this chapter. AAAA Education Foundation

  17. 14 CFR 43.9 Maintenance Record Entries • Description of work performed • Completion date • Name, signature, certificate number, and type of certificate of person approving the work i.e. Replaced batteries in flight instruments on February 20, 2007. John Doe, Commercial Pilot #2750055. AAAA Education Foundation

  18. 14 CFR 43.17 Preventive Maintenance • The owner or operator of an aircraft holds primary responsibility for • Maintaining the aircraft in an airworthy condition. • Having required inspections performed • Ensures that maintenance personnel make required eteries in the aircraft maintenance records – approved to return to serive. AAAA Education Foundation

  19. Appendix A to Part 43 (c) Preventive maintenance 7. …making of small fabric repairs to envelopes not requiring load tape repair or replacement. In accordance with balloon manufactures instructions • Refinishing decorative coating of balloon baskets. • Applying preservative or protective material to components where no disassembly is involved. • Repairing decorative furnishings of balloon basket interior…. AAAA Education Foundation

  20. More Preventive Maintenance • Replacing prefabricated fuel lines. • Replacing and servicing batteries. • Cleaning of balloon burner pilot light and main nozzles …. In accordance with balloon manufactures instructions 27. The interchange of balloon baskets and burners on envelopes when they are designated as interchangeable in balloon type certificate data. AAAA Education Foundation

  21. Part 61Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors • A- General • B- Aircraft Ratings & Pilot Authorizations • C- Students • E- Private Pilots • F- Commercial Pilots AAAA Education Foundation

  22. 61.15 Offenses Involving Drugs or Alcohol • Denial of an application for any certificate rating for up to 1 year after the date of a conviction for the violation • Suspension or revocation of a certificate • Must notify FAA of conviction of the violation within 60 days (written report) AAAA Education Foundation

  23. 61.16 Refusal to Submit to Alcohol Test or to Furnish Results • Denial of an application for any certificate rating for up to 1 year the date of such refusal • Suspension or revocation of certification AAAA Education Foundation

  24. 61.19 Duration of Certificates • Student Certificate good up to • For balloon - 60 calendar after the month of the date issued • Temporary Certificate good up to • 120 days • Permanent Certificategood up to • No specific expiration date AAAA Education Foundation

  25. 61.23(b)(2) Medical Certificates • You are not required to hold a medical certificate for lighter-than-air category airman certificate. • you only have to certify that you have no medical defect that would make you unable to pilot a glider or balloon. If flying outside the U.S., then a 3rd class medical is required. (ICAO Rule) International Civil Aviation Organization AAAA Education Foundation

  26. 61.25 Change of Name • To obtain a new airman certificate that reflects a legal name change, you must appear at an FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) for positive identification  • You must present to an FAA Inspector either a: • Court order, photocopy of marriage license or other valid legal document name change • Current Airman certificate • Court order, marriage certificate • Submitted to an FSDO • 1601 Randolph Rd. SE, (505) 764-1200 Can it be submitted on line? No AAAA Education Foundation

  27. 61.35 Knowledge Test Prerequisites • Endorsement for the written test • From authorized instructor • Ground training • Home study • Proper ID • Photo • Signature • Date of birth AAAA Education Foundation

  28. 61.39 & 61.43Practical Testing Requirements • Passed knowledge test within 24 months • Satisfactorily accomplish required training • Meet age and language requirement • Have endorsement by authorized instructor • Have a completed and signed application • Complete practical test within 60 days after date the practical test was discontinued AAAA Education Foundation

  29. 61.49 Retesting After Failure • Received necessary training from an authorized instructor • Received an endorsement from the same authorized instructor that gave the training AAAA Education Foundation

  30. 61.51 Pilot Logbooks • Training time & aeronautical experience • Includes date, time, description of training or aeronautical experiences required for certificate, rating, flight review, or recent flight experience • For training, need endorsement by instructor with his/her certification number • Must present required documents to Administrator, NTSB, Federal, State or local law enforcement officer. AAAA Education Foundation

  31. 61.56 Flight Review • One hour of flight training • One hour of ground training • Above given within 24 months before the month in which the pilot acts as Pilot-in-Command • Flight Rules Part 91 • Review maneuvers and procedures • Must be given in an aircraft rated for • Must have proper endorsement in logbook AAAA Education Foundation

  32. Trivia Question • Does the satisfactorily completion of one of the levels of the FAA sponsored pilot proficiency award program (WINGS) qualify for a flight review? Yes 14 CFR61.56(e) AAAA Education Foundation

  33. 61.57Recent Flight Experience • Three takeoffs and landings within preceding 90 days • If not current, can not carry passengers • Must be in the category and class aircraft you are flying • Category – Lighter-than-air • Class – Free balloon • Must be the sole manipulator of the controls of the aircraft AAAA Education Foundation

  34. 61.60 Change of Address • Within 30 days of the change • Written notification to: FAA Airman Certificate Branch P.O. Box 25082 Oklahoma City, OK 73125 • Can be submitted on line • Create account on FAA, Login in, do it AAAA Education Foundation

  35. Student Pilot • Eligibility 61.83 • Be at least 14 years of age • Read, speak, write, and understand the English language • Student Pilot Certificates 61.85 • Obtain from Flight Standards District Office • Or from Designated Pilot Examiners • Do you need a student pilot certificate to take training? No • 24 months good for AAAA Education Foundation

  36. Written exam from instructor on: Applicable sections of Parts 61 & 91 Airspace rules and procedures for where solo will occur Flight characteristics and operational limitations of aircraft to use on solo flight Review all incorrect answers with student prior to solo 61.87 Solo Requirements AAAA Education Foundation

  37. Layout and assembly Proper flight preparation Ascents and descents Landing and recovery Emergency procedures Operation of hot air source Use of deflation valves Effects of wind on climb and approaches Obstruction detection and avoidance 61.87(k) Pre-Solo Requirements AAAA Education Foundation

  38. No solo flight without proper endorsements Endorsement on Student Pilot Certificate What if your “student” holds a Private Pilot Certificate? Make & model endorsement from authorized instructor Endorsement in student’s logbook Endorsement good for 90 days PASSENGER CARRYING IS PROHIBITED 61.87(n) & 61.89 Limitations on Student Pilots AAAA Education Foundation

  39. 61.103 Private Pilot Eligibility • Be at least 16 years of age for Glider or Balloon • Able to read, speak, write and understand English • Pass Aeronautical Knowledge (written) Test • Received a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor for • Aeronautical knowledge 61.105 • Flight proficiency 61.107(b)(8) • Aeronautical experience 61.109(h)(1) or (2) AAAA Education Foundation

  40. 61.105 Pvt Pilot Aeronautical Knowledge • Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations • Accident reporting requirements of the NTSB • Use of Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and Advisory Circulars (AC) • Aeronautical charts and VFR navigation • Radio communications • Weather • Safe and efficient operations of aircraft • Aeronautical decision making & judgment AAAA Education Foundation

  41. 61.107(b)(8) Private Pilot Flight Proficiency • Preflight preparation • Preflight procedures • Airport operations • Launch and landings • Performance maneuvers • Navigation • Emergency operations • Post-flight procedures AAAA Education Foundation

  42. 61.109(h)(2)Pvt Pilot Aeronautical Experience • 10 hours of flight training • Six training flights • Two training flights of 1 hr each within the preceding 2 calendar months from the month of the test • One solo flight • At least 1 flight involved a controlled ascent to 2,000 ft. above launch site AAAA Education Foundation

  43. 61.113Private Pilot Limitations • Can not carry passengers or property for compensation or hire • No charitable rides unless you have 500 hours and do lots of paper work (READ § 91.146 (b)(9)) – ?! ?! ?! • Event that raises money for the benefit of a charitable organization recognized by Dept of Transportation. AAAA Education Foundation

  44. 61.123 Commercial Pilot Eligibility • Be at least 18 years of age • Able to read, speak, write and understand English • Pass Aeronautical Knowledge (written) Test • Received a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor for • Aeronautical knowledge 61.125 • Flight proficiency 61.127(b)(8) • Aeronautical experience 61.129(h) AAAA Education Foundation

  45. 61.125 & 61.127Aeronautical Knowledge & Flight Proficiency • Basically same as for Private Pilot EXCEPT Commercial LTA Pilots must also know Fundamentals of Instructing AAAA Education Foundation

  46. 61.129(h) Com Pilot Aeronautical Experience • At least 35 hours of flight time (some require more) • 20 hours in balloons • 10 flights • 2 flights as PIC • 10 hrs of flight training • 10 training flights • 2 training flights of 1 hr within 2 calendar months preceding the month of the test • 2 solo flights • 1 flight involving a controlled ascent to 3,000’ above the launch site AAAA Education Foundation

  47. 61.133Com Pilot Privileges and Limitations • May act as PIC carrying persons or property for compensation or hire • Give flight and ground training • Give endorsements for pilot certification with a balloon rating • Endorse student certificate & logbook for solo balloon flights • Give flight reviews, both ground and flight time, and do endorsements AAAA Education Foundation

  48. 61.189Flight Instructor Records • Instructor must sign logbook after giving instruction (flight or ground) • State tasks or elements of lesson accomplished • Sign name and certificate number • Instructor must maintain records of instruction • With name, date, and endorsements given • (solo, written exam, flight exam) • Instructors shall retain records for 3 years AAAA Education Foundation

  49. A- General Rules B- Flight Rules C- Equipment, Instrument and Certificate Requirements E- Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Alterations Note: SFAR special Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91General Operation & Flight Rules AAAA Education Foundation

  50. 91.3 Responsibility and Authority of the Pilot in Command • Directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of the aircraft • In an emergency may deviate from any rule to meet that emergency • A PIC deviates from a rule shall, upon request of the Administrator, send a written report of that deviation to the Administrator AAAA Education Foundation